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Custom Meal Plans for Women

Taking Out the Guesswork (No More Headaches!)

You want results, and you’ve had enough of going alone! This person says eat this, but this person says eat that! What’s the best diet for me? How much should I eat? How often should I eat? Headche.com!

With so much information out there it can be hard to know what to do for the best, and who to trust.

Firstly let me reassure you that you’ve come to the right place, we’ve helped hundreds of women just like you completely transform their body shape, improve performance and boost health – just ask our clients!

We can help you get the results you want and deserve + save you hrs of time (and a few headaches!) trying to find out the optimal solution. Let us take the guesswork out of it and do all the planning for you.

A Finely Tuned Meal Plan…

Nutrition is often the most important, but the most difficult aspect to address, there’s just so many faddy diets and strategies out there. Low carb! High carb! low fat! high fat! ketogenic diet! Intermittent fasting! Atkins! and about a gazillion more!

When all you want is the best solution for you based on your goals and lifestyle?

Well, whether your looking to build muscle, annihilate body fat, train for an event or sport, or you just want to have an abundance of feel good energy and feel better about yourself…

We have the knowledge, and experience to design you a finely tuned meal plan that works to deliver the results you want and fits within your lifestyle (there’s no use following a diet which is unsustainable and makes you miserable!). Get your meal plan from only £50!

Designed around you

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Personal Road Map

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The things you like to eat


Meet your goals and get fast results


Custom Meal Plan Options:

1 Off Meal Plans

Perfect for those who want a plan of action to take away and follow, without the desire or need to receive continued support.

Ultimate Cavewoman - £50

A pre built framework, giving you over 100 different foods to chose from. The ‘Ultimate Caveman Meal Plan’ is a 12 week program, providing you with 7 days worth of nutrition. You select your own foods within the framework provided. Perfect for those wanting a plan to take away, super fast results and more eating flexibility (more foods to choose from!).

*Not suitable for vegetarians

Ultra Disciplined - £150

A fully customised nutritional plan with 2 days worth of customised nutrition (Training & Non Training Day). This strict plan is designed to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible and leave no stones left unturned.

Flexible Meal Plan - £150

Perfect for those wanting a more sustainable approach and greater eating flexibility.  This plan includes 7 days worth of meals, is tailored towards your goals and takes into consideration your food preferences.

Add Ons (Optional):

We also provide additional services to help those wanting extra support throughout their journey.


Supermarket Sweep – £90
An insightful  tour around your local supermarket with a nutritional expert. This experience will help teach you everything you need to know about what foods you need to eat and the quantities required so that you can reach your goal(s) as quickly as possible. 

What’s involved? A thorough discussion, taking into account your goals, food preferences, and lifestyle, a 1-1 tour around your local supermarket + a practical plan of action to help you on your journey.

*£90 if you live within a 10 mile radius of Sheffield City Centre. If you live further afield additional travel expenses may need to be discussed.    

Face to Face Meet Up – £45
Perfect if you want to pay us a visit and discuss your nutritional plan/strategies in person, asking any question you may have. We find this works well for people who live within travelling distance and want to build a long term relationship with their coach. 

Skype/Phone Hook Up – £45
Perfect for those who live further a field but want that extra support when needed from an experienced professional. 

Weekly Check Ins – £20 per week
Check in with your coach each week via e-mail to ensure you stay on track. Each week you have the opportunity to ask questions and tap into your coaches expertise. We tend to find that members who check in get better results, as it increases accountability + you have the added benefit of ongoing support from your coach.

Discuss your plan first…

We want to make-sure your 100% happy before picking up your plan! If you’re based in Sheffield, you’re welcome to pop down to discuss your custom meal plan, but if you’re further afield, don’t worry. We can talk through everything that’s needed in person, via skype, phone or e-mail. Whatever your preference. It really is that simple…

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