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The LEP Fitness online personal training service has been in operation since 2015. Our online personal training has been built on the back of our very successful 1-1 personal training business, which is based in Sheffield, UK.

Founder of LEP Fitness and head coach Nick Screeton started doing online coaching to help even more people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Online personal training enables people who don’t live locally to experience the high quality and results-driven service that LEP Fitness has to offer.


Any business can make bold claims, BUT we can back up our claims with hundreds of testimonials, a large portfolio of results, and success stories of what our clients have achieved while working with us.

For example, take Ben, who lost 20lbs of fat and built a lean and athletic beach body in less than 90 days! read the full story here


Emily, who blitzed 13lbs of unwanted body fat, shaved 3 inches off her waist and transformed her body shape! She also went from never being able to do a pull-up… to being able to do 11 full pull-ups! Oh, and 60 full push-ups! Read Emily’s full story here

It’s not just the results that matter to us, but how we treat you as a valued customer. We receive equal satisfaction from testimonials such as…


“I’ve been under Nick’s care now for the past six months and cannot recommend him highly enough. I started with the ’90 Day Challenge’ and also had a few 1-1 Skype sessions with Nick to help guide me through and ask specific questions – this was a big help.

Nick listens to you, has your best interest at heart. It’s nice to know he’s got your back, and he genuinely takes pride in seeing your progress and develop as a person, not just physically but mentally.”


Fliss online training with LEP Fitness

“I experienced a personal low this year, but with Nicks help, his fitness programs, and nutrition support, I feel so much better. I began online coaching with LEP Fitness in May (7 months!) and have found the experience far outweighs my original expectations!

The results have been amazing. The plans are very easy to follow, and Nick keeps me motivated. The program works for me and my lifestyle, it’s sustainable, and I love it. I am fitter, my figure has improved, and most of all, I feel more confident about myself and what I can achieve.”


Our mission is to get you results BUT to also treat with the care you deserve!

We value all of our clients and appreciate that we wouldn’t be able to do what we love without people investing in us.

We’re not here to make a quick buck like so many online personal trainers. We want to be around for decades to come, having changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives! The only way to do this is by providing a 5 STAR SERVICE and delivering EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS.

Elliott loses 4 stone with Sheffield personal trainer LEP Fitness
Julie results with LEP Fitness | Sheffield PT


When you join LEP Fitness, you don’t just receive a service, it’s an experience! One that will transform your life give you confidence and take you on a new path that will make you feel fantastic, both mentally and physically!

With your commitment and our expertise, anything is possible. If you follow our advice and fully commit, it’s impossible not to get results! We’re so confident that you’ll get results that if you don’t, we’ll give you your money back!


We take enormous pride in our work and work around the clock to keep our customers happy.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our business and continue to invest time and money into our education and on resources to enable us to serve you best.

For example, last year we created six new recipe books for our clients, these recipes include foods such as an oreo protein smoothie, homemade curry, healthy Xmas dinners/treats, vegan recipes, and much more! We now have 180 deliciously tasting recipes that we share with our members.

The High Performance Recipe Book

Alongside tangible resources like the above, we also spend thousands of pounds each year on our education. We do this by attending courses and gaining new qualifications – this ensures that we stay at the very top of our profession.


From the moment your journey starts until the moment it ends, you will receive help and support.

Not only will you receive a custom workout, meal plan, and hundreds of recipes, but you’ll also get regular support from your online personal trainer.

Your Online PT will be checking in with you frequently and answering any questions you may have along the way. Your online personal trainer will help educate and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.


There are lots of online personal trainers out there who’s only concern is to make a quick buck! They will take on anybody and everyone as long as they’re willing to pay them money!

They’ll sell you the dream, so you sign up, BUT then they’ll send you a copy and pasted diet plan from the internet! And then never get back in touch! They’ll do the bare minimum to take your money, and they don’t care about anyone but their own ego!

We know all of this because we’ve had clients come to us and share their online PT horror stories!

Unlike these cowboy online personal trainers! We work professionally, and we can guarantee the following:

Fully Customised Plans (no two plans are the same)

Deliver your programs on time (often much earlier)

Do what we promise (and much more!)

Do whatever it takes to help you achieve results

Hold you accountable

Support you throughout your journey ( there’s never a question too big or small that we’re not happy to answer)

Offer a money-back guarantee

But don’t just take our word for it – check out the hundreds of testimonials on our website. We would also be happy to offer you a free consultation either via telephone or Skype – to discuss any questions you may have before joining the LEP Fitness online personal training program.


While we’re a business and committed to growth, we don’t work with anybody and everyone. We know who we can help and who we can’t – we stick to what we are best at, which is ‘body transformations’ and ‘fitness improvement’ – anything else, and we refer out to other specialists.

When you work with us, It’s a two-way agreement…

For You – You want results and the best return on your investment.

For Us – We want to work with committed clients who are focused on getting results.

We need to make sure you’re the right fit and the right type of person to benefit from our service. We need to know that you’re’ fully committed and are ready for what’s ahead.

We will listen to what you want to achieve, and we will tell you exactly what’s required from you in order to achieve your desired results.


We will be fully transparent with you from the very start.

While we’d love to say we have a magic wand and that you can get results with 5-minute workouts and binging at the weekends…

Unfortunately, that’s not the case!

Your transformation will require lots of hard work, effort, and sacrifices. We will talk to you about both the pros and cons before undertaking your journey and make sure you are ready.

For example, If you want a head-turning 3-month transformation, it’s going to require far more discipline compared to doing it over a six-month time frame. We will share our expertise and experience and advise you on the best course of action to take.

The most important quality we look for when taking on online personal training clients is ATTITUDE – this is the attitude to want to change and to be prepared to put in the work, leaving all excuses behind. One of our favourite saying here at LEP Fitness is, “you can either have results or excuses, BUT not both.”

If we work together as a team – we do our job (which we always do!), and you do your job, then guess what? An amazing transformation will unfold.


A 3-6 month transformation is impressive. BUT what’s more impressive is when our clients get back in touch a year after having worked with LEP Fitness saying that they have either:

#1 Maintained their results and newfound healthy habits


#2 Have continued to keep improving!

This is when we know we’ve done our job! It’s our ultimate goal with all clients. We want life-changing results that stand the test of time.

We’re on a mission to get you results, you do need to be 100% committed (we can only help you as much as you want to be helped!) BUT if you take on board our advice and follow your plan to the letter…results are guaranteed.

If you want to start transforming your body and apply for online personal training with LEP Fitness, please get in touch below.