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First of all, thank you for landing on this page!

You’ve already taken your first BIG step – so well done.

I can assure you that you’ve come to the right place. LEP Fitness can guide you through your fitness journey – supporting every step of the way.


Whether you want to….

#1 Annihilate Body Fat 

From your entire body (and specific areas like the legs, stomach, and bingo wings!).

#2 Build Muscle 

And develop a lean and athletic beach body, or how about some head-turning muscle mass? 

#3 Boost Your Fitness

Increase your cardio fitness, muscular endurance, mobility, flexibility, and make yourself feel 10x more energised, happier, healthier, and more confident…

If you said YES, to any of the above, then we can help you. 

We’ve helped hundreds of men and women just like you to achieve and surpass their fitness ambitions. BUT don’t just take our word for it… check out the hundreds of testimonials on our site for proof!

We’ve also shared plenty of client case studies to back up our claims even further.


Over 12 years of experience has helped us to develop a deep understanding of what our clients want and need, and we want to help YOU.

We have years of experience working with a wide range of people: doctors, nurses, dentists, office workers, businessmen and women, mums, dads, police/fire service, teachers, sportsmen and women, writers, you name it!

With our famous group personal training sessions we’ve coached:

Husbands and Wives – who workout together and have fun!

Family Members – mums who train with their daughter(s), dads who workout with their son(s), siblings, and all sorts of mixtures!

Friends – best friends who motivate one another, but also have a good laugh too!

Specific Events– groups working towards specific events/competitions; Tough Mudder, Sheffield Half Marathon, etc

Pairing – If you want to participate in group personal training BUT haven’t got a partner or friend to train with, we can pair you with someone. We will match you based on your fitness goals and training availability.


Group personal training has many benefits:

1) Get Results Together!

2) Social Benefits – added motivation, push one another, have fun! 

3) Affordability – We can offer our expertise more affordably – you can share your investment.


When you join LEP Fitness and follow our guidance, we can guarantee that you will:

1) Transform Your Health, Fitness, and Body Shape – with the freedom to lead a happy, flexible, and fun lifestyle.

2) Guaranteed Results – start seeing/noticing changes in a matter of weeks! We will help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

3) Train In A Positive, Friendly, and Fun Environment – we love our work! We care about our clients, and we are highly skilled in bringing out the best in people.


We’ll support you every step of the way!

It’s not just your group personal training sessions, BUT we’ll also support you outside of your sessions too. We will create meal plans, extra workout programs, and provide as much help and support as you need. 

We’ll also be on hand seven days a week. You can contact your personal trainer via text, email, WhatsApp (or whatever your preferred form of communication!). There’s never a question too BIG or small that we won’t be delighted to answer!


Our Group Personal Training Sessions are adapted to suit each individual’s needs and personal goals. Providing you with the same individual attention you would expect from a one to one personal training session, BUT with the added benefits of doubling results, and sharing your investment!

We also promise that if you don’t have fun during your session, that we’ll give you your next session free! (this has yet to happen in over 10,000 sessions!). Get In Touch Today


Alongside your group personal training sessions, meal plan(s), and additional workout programs, we’ll also share with you our AMAZING RECIPE BOOKS, which contain 180 delicious recipes to choose from: smoothies, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners, and desserts!


We’ve developed 4 tailored group personal training packages to help you:


  • Burn Fat From Problematic Areas!
  • Firm Up Muscles 
  • Rapid Weight Loss 
  • Boost Your Inner & Outer Confidence 
  • Private Group Personal Training
  • Extra Support – Meal Plan, Workout Programs
  • Recipe Books – 180 Delicious Recipes!  

The Fat Annihilation Program is by far our most popular package to date!

It’s famous for annihilating body fat, inducing rapid weight loss, while enhancing the overall look, shape, and feel of your body. 

The Fat Annihilation Program

Whether you want to shed a few lbs (4-6lbs) so that you can drop a dress/jean size, or whether you want to ‘say goodbye’ to some serious life-changing weight…28lbs or more! The Fat Annihilation program is perfect for you. 

Guaranteed Results 

We’ll show you exercises that burn a whopping number of calories, and give you the most bang for your buck!  

Your personal trainer will take you through a series of fat loss personal training sessions. These sessions are guaranteed to blast body fat and improve muscle definition. 

Alongside your group personal training sessions, we will give you extra workouts to follow outside of your coaching sessions – to speed up results. We will also provide you with advice on nutrition, and send you our famous recipe books. 

We promise to provide you with every bit of help and support that you need to successfully lose weight and boost both your inner and outer confidence. 


  • Firm & Sculpt Muscles Quickly!
  • Look Amazing, Feel Great!
  • Enhance Body Shape
  • Boost Your Confidence (Inside & Out!) 
  • Private Group Personal Training Sessions
  • Personalised Food Plan
  • Custom Workout Programs 
  • Recipe Books – 180 Tasty Recipes!

Would you like a leaner and more athletic body? One where you feel confident in your clothes, or on the beach? 

Muscle Sculptor Program 

The Muscle Sculptor Program is ideal if improving the look of your body shape is your number one focus. 

Let Us Guide You

We will show you exercises that will start to shape your muscles in a matter of weeks. We’ll teach you how to perform each exercise correctly so that you get the most bang for your buck, and results come quickly. 

We’ll target areas that you want to improve, whether that’s your stomach, legs, arms, back, you name it! We will sit down and formulate a plan of action to ensure that you get results that make you look great on the outside and feel confident on the inside. 


  • Fitness Boost!
  • Improve Performance 
  • Increase Mobility – Move Pain-Free! 
  • Daily Vitality – Feel Great!
  • Private Group Personal Training Sessions 
  • Extra Workout Plan(s) – For Faster Results!

Fitness Focus

The Fitness Focus program is perfect for you if improving your general fitness, health, and well-being is of primary importance. 

For example, perhaps you want to get fitter so that you can run around the park with your children? 

Maybe, you’re tired of getting out of breath just walking up a flight of stairs? And have finally had enough of feeling rubbish about your lack of fitness.

Perhaps you’re tired of feeling sluggish, tight, and stiff in your muscles and joints and want to improve how you move and how your body feels? 

Specific Plan Tailored Towards Your Needs

It all depends on the areas which you’d like to focus on improving. It may be cardio fitness, strength, flexibility, mobility, or a combination of everything!

We will sit down and discuss your goal(s) and then formulate a plan of action. We will coach you through your private group personal training sessions, showing you the best exercises to do based on your goals. 

Your personal trainer will demonstrate techniques, motivate and educate, and be with you every step of the way. 

With the right program in place, you will start to feel fitter in a matter of weeks!


  • Boost Your Performance!
  • Improve Athleticism 
  • Workout Optimisation – getting you the most bang for your buck!
  • Beat the Competition
  • Group Personal Training
  • Personalised Food Plan
  • Recipe Books – Over 180 Delicious Recipes!


If you play for a sports team or are looking to complete a specific fitness event, then this package is for you.

Your Group Personal Training Sessions will be tailored to meet the specifics of your sport. We will focus on aspects such as athleticism, endurance, strength, speed, power, flexibility, agility, and reactions, depending on what your sport/event requires and the areas you wish to improve. 

We will also look at aspects such as technique, training periodization, nutrition, and recovery. We will make sure that you stand out from the crowd and reach peak performance when you need it the most!

*Start Your Journey Here*


When you train with LEP Fitness, you get to workout in a luxurious private personal training studio in Sheffield.

Our facility is clean, welcoming, and has been built from scratch to ensure that you get the best results possible! 

The studio is full to the brim with top of the range equipment (rowing machine, ski machine, assault bike, dumbbells (which go up to 45kg!), squat rack, pull up bars, TRX, resistance bands, medicine balls, benches, step box, and much much more!

The LEP Fitness personal training studio is like training in a mini commercial gym, BUT without any queues for machines! Or people staring at you while you workout!

Workout with 2-4 people!

Whether you want to train as a pair: with your husband or wife, friend, colleague, sports teammate, daughter, son, or whether you’d like to work out in a larger group (3-4 people!), all can be arranged!

We do limit each group personal training session to four people because we’ve found that any more than this, and we can’t give you enough individual attention. We want to ensure that you get high-quality individual personal coaching throughout your group session(s).

Choose From The Best Personal Trainers In Sheffield

We have personal trainers on hand to accommodate sessions all hours of the day, whether you want to:

Train first thing in the morning before work? Giving you a boost for the day!

Work out in the evening to blow off some steam after a long day’s work?

Perhaps, you’d like to work out during the daytime? Or at the weekend?

Choose From The Best Personal Trainers In Sheffield – We have personal trainers on hand each day of the week and availability to suit your needs.

If you are ready to start your transformation, and not look back, please get in touch!

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