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Custom Meal Plans

Thank you for spending your valuable time having a look around the LEP Fitness site. 

We appreciate you being here, and we want to add enormous value to your life with a custom meal plan! One that delivers results, transforms your life, makes you feel good about yourself, and helps you to achieve the goals that are truly meaningful to you.

Why trust LEP Fitness? 

Before reading on, we want to establish full trust with you. We want to prove that we can back up our claims and deliver results! 

We take enormous pride in our work and are proud to show off the results we’ve achieved. For example, we have hundreds of testimonials on our site. We also have a bunch of success stories – where our clients have transformed and accomplished some amazing things. 

Such as busy and career-focused Ben who lost 20lbs

best personal trainer in Sheffield - LEP Fitness


Emily, who went from never being able to do a pull-up, to being able to do 11 in one go! 


Danny, who lost 84lbs for his big wedding day…

LEP Fitness member Danny loses 84lbs training with a personal trainer in sheffield

Would you like to be our next success story?

Well, with our expertise combined with your commitment…anything is possible! 

Why Most Diets Fail & Why Ours Won’t….

Hands up if you’ve been on a diet before? 

The chances are you’ve been on one of the following at least once in your lifetime:

Did I miss any? 

Of course, I did, because there are thousands of diets on the market! 

The trouble is that most diets set you up to fail…

Have you ever followed a strict diet, lost some weight, but then piled it all back on, and in lots of cases…gained even more weight? 

Most diet plans and programs are unsustainable, lacking in scientific proof, and are endorsed by celebs and smart marketers whose primary concern is making a profit!

Not here! 

Of course, we account for our expertise; after all, it’s taken us years to acquire this level of knowledge and build our reputation, BUT were much more driven than just making profits! 

Our sole focus with every customer is to get results! We can transform your life, and we want you to rave about us to your friends and family members and become part of our tribe! Most of our business (close to 80%) comes through referrals, and we intend to keep things this way! 

A Meal Plan That Delivers The Results You Want

Whether you’re a man or women, old, or young, fit or unfit…as long as you are determined and fully committed, LEP Fitness can design you a meal plan to help you achieve one of the following goals:

#1 Weight Loss Meal Plan

Our weight loss meal plans are about shifting the excess baggage that you no longer want in your life! 

Would you like to lose some life-changing weight? 

When I say life-changing, I mean, where you drop down multiple clothing sizes, and where people compliment you on how great you look – How would that make you feel? 

Weight loss isn’t necessarily about some number on the scales… it’s about being able to look at yourself in the mirror each day and feel happy with what you see staring back at you. It’s about shifting the excess baggage both mentally and physically that’s weighing you down and negatively impacting your self-esteem, relationships, and life! 

Weight loss is about retaking charge of your life and rebuilding both your mind and body, and we want to help you do this! We’ve done it with hundreds of people, and we want to help you too, because it will change your life. 

Whether it’s losing a serious amount of weight (20lbs +) or a smaller amount, LEP Fitness can help you with a bespoke meal plan that works for you and your lifestyle.  

#2 Muscle Building Meal Plan

Would you like to pack on some muscle, so that you look bigger, get stronger, and feel confident both in and out of clothes?

Are you a guy, and would you like to get an impressive V-taper Daniel Craig look, like the one in Casino Royale? 

Perhaps you want some shirt busting arms, a thick back, and broad shoulders? 

Or are you a woman who’s looking to build some lean and sculpted muscle so that you can show off your arms wearing a dress, or like how your bum looks in jeans? 

If you said YES to any of the above, our personal trainers and dieticians are able to design you a custom diet plan that helps you pack on muscle tissue over a short space of time. 

We’ve designed hundreds of muscle building meal plans to help people get amazing results!

If you follow your plan to the letter, you can expect to start seeing muscle appear in a matter of weeks. If you keep this up for 8-12 weeks, you will have a totally new body shape – one that turns heads and makes you look and feel incredible! 

#3 Health & Wellbeing Meal Plan

Not everybody wants to focus on appearance, i.e., weight loss and muscle building! Lots of our clients’ primary focus is on improving health. 

This means neatening up your diet and adding in more nutritious foods, ones that give you energy and help you perform at your very best. 

Popular Health Goals:

Maybe you want to improve your health to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes? Did you know that for every inch of fat that’s around your gut, you are more likely to develop severe health conditions? 

Would you like to have more energy throughout the day, so that you can run around with your children at the park? 

Or to be able to do activities such as walking and playing sport with the people you enjoy spending time with – such as friends and family? 

Do you want to want to escape pain by lowering inflammation, getting rid of conditions such as IBS, joint aches, and pains?

If you said YES, then LEP Fitness can design a meal plan to help you drastically boost your health and lead a more exceptional quality of life. 

Custom Meal Plans For Men & Women 

We explain the packages available to you in greater detail on the pages below:

If you have any questions at any stage, please feel free to get in touch we are very happy to discuss your plans with you and answer any questions you may have.