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Skype Consultation

Expert Advice To Solve Your Problems…

Skype calls with Nick are perfect if you’re looking for some expert advice from a coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

10,000 Hours Worth of Hands-On Experience

To date, Nick has completed over 10,000 x 1-1 coaching sessions and has a wealth of knowledge on both the mind and body. 

Alongside practical experience, Nick has also read over 300 hundred books on personal development and has worked with some of the best coaches in the country to acquire an impressive level of knowledge, which he now shares with his clients. 

A 30-60 minute Skype call could be all you need to gain clarity and knowledge – so that you can positively move forward and achieve the goals that genuinely matter to you. 

Stop Trying To Figure Out Everything For Yourself!  

It’s been said that to become a master in any particular field, you need to spend 10,000 hours worth of concentrated effort! 

Now you can either go away and study the mind and body and become an expert…


You can go and hire somebody with that experience, who knows precisely what you need to do!

Investing in high-quality coaching is guaranteed to speed up your results and save you lots of time and stress!

Hiring A Mentor Is The Best Investment You Can Make

Founder of LEP Fitness ‘Nick Screeton‘ has figured out that to date, he’s spent over £100,000 on his education. The money spent includes hiring mentors, business coaches, personal trainers, attending courses, purchasing books, audiobooks, etc. 

Nick says it’s the best money he’s ever spent because the knowledge acquired has enabled him to grow himself as a person, grow LEP Fitness, and help a far greater number of people to achieve goals that are truly meaningful to them.

Investing in a high-quality coach can be the best investment you ever make!

Body Transformations & Business Advice…

There are two types of people Nick can help:

#1 Body Transformations

If you have a specific health and fitness goal, for example: 

Nick can help advise you on the best and quickest way to achieve your goal. He can give you advice on both training and nutrition, and also help you overcome any mental barriers, which are often the reasons why most people fail to accomplish their goals. 

Nick is a master craftsman with both the mind and body, and he will help you to connect the missing dots so that you leave your Skype session feeling motivated and have complete clarity on what needs to be done so that you can go away and accomplish your goal(s).

#2 Personal Trainers

Nick also mentors personal trainers, helping fellow personal trainers to build a successful personal training business from the ground up.  

If you’re a PT and want a full diary of paying clients, then it’s worth consulting with an expert who’s been where you are now and knows exactly what you need to do to get to where you want to be. 

Nick can advise on the following subjects:

Lead Generation – how to get more enquiries than you can handle 

Client Results – helping clients to get head-turning results

Branding Building – Building a PT business that attracts tons of paying clients and get’s people talking about you

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation to rank highly on Google and generate tons of leads for your personal training business 

Planning – creating a business plan, sales funnels, time management, etc

Systems – to save you time and run an efficient business

Content Creation – how to boost engagement and build relationships through targeted written and visual content

Passive Income Streams – how to make money while you sleep 

Business Growth – how to make money as an online personal trainer, through fitness blogging, and expanding your team of personal trainers

And much more!