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For being the type of guy who is willing to invest a few minutes of your valuable time having a look around our site. 

I value your time and promise to give you the no fluff version of my online personal training service and how I can help you accomplish the results you want, and are truly capable of achieving. 

Annihilate Body Fat, Build Muscle & Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life! 

I’ve helped hundreds of guys just like YOU to destroy body fat, get lean, build muscle and drastically boost fitness – BUT don’t just take my word for it – please check out the hundreds of testimonials on my website.

If you are fully committed to being a better version of yourself and want to improve how your body looks, moves, and feels, then I want to work with you. 

With my expertise and your hard work, anything is possible.  

10,000 Hours Worth Of Coaching Experience

The LEP Fitness online personal training service has been built off the back of our famous 1-1 personal training business, which is located in Sheffield, UK. 

I (Nick Screeton) founded LEP Fitness back in 2012 and quickly established myself as one of the most sought after personal trainers in the north of England. 

Since starting LEP Fitness, I’ve completed over 10,000 x 1-1 coaching sessions. I have a wealth of hands-on experience working with a wide range of clients: doctors, dentists, teachers, police officers, entrepreneurs, writers, athletes, to name but a few.

Due to the demand for LEP 1-1 coaching services, and reaching maximum capacity for the last five years running, it was only natural to move to online personal training – where I’ve committed to establishing myself as one of the best online personal trainers in the UK.  

World-Class Online Personal Training 

The 10,000 hours of coaching experience that I’ve accumulated allows me to get quick results with the clients I coach. I do this by sharing my knowledge and wisdom – guiding you through your transformational journey.

I will support you from start to finish and provide you with everything you need, workout plans, recipes, nutritional plans, Skype call mentoring, and if you need me at any point – I’m only ever an email, text, or phone/Skype call away.

Not only am I committed to designing your bespoke programs that deliver results, but I’m also committed to educating and inspiring you to become the best version of yourself. 

My Commitment To You

While we work together, you have my full promise that I will deliver everything I say I will and more. 

I’ll deliver your custom plans on time, and I’ll get back to every question you ask. There’s never a question too big or small that I’m not happy to answer. We can communicate via Skype, Whatsapp, email, text, phone, or whatever form of communication that suits you best. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m that confident with my knowledge and high level of service that if you’re not entirely happy at any stage of the process, I’ll offer you a refund – this has yet to happen in 8 years of being in business.

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Results Focused – How Badly Do You Want It? 

I’m on a mission to get you results, and I won’t stop until we get there. 

That said, while I do supply you with everything you need, it’s important to realise that I don’t have a magic wand.

I wish I could click my fingers and give you the body of your dreams, BUT the reality is that you need to work hard and be fully committed to following the advice and programs I provide. If we get this right and work together as a team, the sky is the limit! When this happens, you’ll get maximum results in minimal time.  

What To Expect From Online Personal Training with LEP Fitness… 

#1 Results 

If you listen to my advice and follow the plans which I create, you are guaranteed results – I’ll bet money on it.

I’ve completed over 10,000 x coaching sessions. I have worked with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, with varying fitness levels and personality types (introvert, extrovert, and everything in between). 

I know what works and what doesn’t! I know how to help people overcome challenges, because I’ve done so myself, and with hundreds of other men just like you. 

I’m also that confident in myself and coaching skills that if you’re not happy at any point during the time we work together, I’ll give you a refund – no questions asked.

#2 High Level Of Service 

Results and service are the two things I pride myself on the most. The question I ask of myself with every single client is, “what do I need to do to get this person results, and how can I provide the best customer experience possible?”. 

It’s questions like these, and high standards that I set for myself that make me get up at 5 am most days. I wake up with relentless drive and focus – I genuinely care about my clients and will do whatever it takes to help you accomplish your goals. 

#3 Fully Customised Programs

Your program will be 100% unique, designed, and tailored to suit your needs. I’ll develop your plan based on your goals, current level of fitness, training experience, the number of times per week you can train, gym equipment available, etc.

I’ll take into consideration your lifestyle, food preferences, and what you value most so that your program works for your life, rather than against it. 

#4 Professionalism 

I believe one of the areas where most coaches fail is that they build a friendship with clients, rather than establishing a professional coaching relationship. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely friendly and easy to get along with, however, I’m here to get you results, and be your coach. I won’t always tell you what you want to hear, and I’ll be 100% honest. I’ll hold you accountable, and I’ll ask challenging questions to ensure that you keep progressing both mentally and physically. 

As much as I wish I could tell you things will be easy and to keep on living the same way…we both know that’s not going to cut it – otherwise, you wouldn’t be here right now…you’d be doing this by yourself.

You need a coach to see your blind spots and to help you overcome both physical and mindset issues that are stopping you from reaching your full potential. 

I’m a professional coach, with high standards, and I intend to bring out the very best in you.

#5 Regular Communication 

I’m on hand seven days a week, regularly communicating with clients via varying channels – text, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, email, etc. While we work together, I will give you full support from start to finish. 

#6 Constant And Never Ending Improvement

Some people work to live. I live to work! I love my career, and it’s evident by how much time I spend developing LEP Fitness. 

Every day I want to be better, which is why I read a personal development book for at least 1 hour every day and why I am always on the hunt for new ways to improve client results and the service I deliver to members. 

Last month I bought 54 new books and booked onto three new training courses to keep me sharp and at the top of my profession. I’m addicted to learning and 100% committed to adding more and more value to the lives of the people I work with. 

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Benefits Of Online Fitness Coaching With LEP Fitness…

#1 Work With Me Anywhere In The World 

80% of the online personal training clients I work with are based in the UK. However, I do also work with people in America and Australia – regardless of the time zones, we can factor in a time that suits both our schedules and work closely together despite being miles apart.

#2 More Affordable 

Online personal training is a fraction of the cost compared to what it costs to work with me on a one to one coaching basis. Due to having efficient systems in place, and having little overheads, it makes hiring me as an online coach much more affordable. 

#3 Sustained Results & Longevity

I want you to sustain your results long after we’ve finished working together. I will give you the tools to prosper and continue to progress in the future, without the need for my continued support. 

My end goal with every client that I work with is to empower you to become independent and confident enough without the need to rely on ongoing coaching. 

Many of my previous online personal training clients still check in with me every 3-12 months to let me know that they’re continuing to progress without my assistance – when this happens, I know I’ve done my job exceptionally well.

Gaining Clarity On Your Vision – Results Driven 

Before we start working together, I want to hear about your goals and what you want to achieve and also establish whether I can help and that I’m the right coach for you. 

I’m 100% honest, and I won’t take on anybody just because they are willing to pay me – it’s taken me years to build up my reputation, and I’m not prepared to throw it all away to make a quick buck – unlike lots of online personal trainers.

I’m only interested in getting results, and working with my ‘ideal clients’ who I know will get results and whom I can help. 

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Ideal Client – Who I Work With And Why? 

Back when I started LEP Fitness in 2012, I worked with as many people as I could, regardless of their goal. I did this because I genuinely believed I could help everyone. 

I would spend hours writing meal/workout plans and motivating people, but then they’d come to their next session having not applied anything that I had said/given them! This is a waste of a client’s money and also a waste of my time.

The reality is that while lots of people want to change, they’re not necessarily ready.

I quickly started to define my Ideal Client, and here’s how that looks:

#1 Fully Committed 

Extremely important. If you want to get in the best shape of your life, then you must be fully committed and make this one of your top priorities. 

The more you prioritise, the better your results will be. Success comes to those who put in the work and are consistent.  

#2 The Right Attitude 

You need to have a burning desire to make a positive change and be driven. I can teach you everything else, but I need you fully on board. 

I need you to develop a ‘growth mindset’ while we work together. 

A growth mindset is where we look for ‘what we can do’ rather than what we can’t – it’s about flipping everything into a positive and leaving excuses behind. 

There’s a famous saying, ” you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. I can teach you the skills and provide the road map, but you must have the desire to follow through – without the right attitude, you won’t improve. 

#3 Effort & Hard Work  

Both of these traits are what I look for with online clients. I praise ‘effort’ and ‘hard work’ more than results because I know that if you continue to put in the effort and work hard, your results are guaranteed anyway. 

#4 Organised 

You’ll need to be very organised. I’ll be setting you daily, weekly, and monthly goals, giving you action steps that will guarantee results. 

There are 168 hours each week, and I need you to commit a chunk of that time to work towards your health and fitness goals. 

You’ll need to factor in time each week to buy food, do food prep (potentially! not everyone needs to do this), complete your workouts, and do your check-ins with me.  

#5 Progress Driven

I understand that people progress at different rates. The person who commits 100% achieves results much faster than the person who commits 70-80%. You’ll get out of this process what you put in. 

That said, I understand that some people prefer to change over a more extended period – that’s fine. Whether it takes you 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months, as long as progress is happening throughout, and I can see through your actions that you’re fully committed, then I’m happy to work with you.

Get The Ball Rolling – Starting Your Online Personal Training Journey

The first step is to get in touch and book in for your consultation. Our initial chat is often done via a video call, i.e., Skype or Zoom. I always like to speak to people before they invest to make sure that we’ll be a good fit before working together. 

I will also send you a questionnaire so I can get a clear idea of your current lifestyle. I’ll ask you about things such as your eating behaviours, work, stress, sleep, exercise regime, and much more. 

The initial discussion(s) and questionnaires are to help me gain clarity on your vision and current starting position. It’s then my job to reverse engineer to where you are now and provide you with a step-by-step road map to get you to your end goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Online Personal Training Packages:

The below packages are tailored towards your specific goals; the three main areas which I cover are fat loss, muscle building, and fitness performance. 

Before signing up for any online personal training you will receive a free Skype/Zoom call where we will sit down and discuss your goals in great detail.

I will advise on what’s going to be required from you to achieve your goals, and happily answer any questions you have. I don’t put a limit on the initial Skype call, but typically calls will last anything from 15-30 minutes. 

Then all things being well, we can start working together and chasing down those results! 

Service Options:

One Off Skype Call - £75

If you want to pick my brains and book in for a one-off Skype call when you need help, this service is perfect.

A one-off Skype call means you don’t necessarily need ongoing support, but you do want some advice.

Maybe you’ve hit a training plateau, or your weight isn’t going down? Perhaps your strength has come to a grinding halt, and it’s frustrating you? Are you struggling with a mindset/motivational issue?

If you said YES, then let’s jump on a call and let me help you. I’ll listen to what you’re struggling with and provide solutions. I’ll share my knowledge and expertise so that you bust out of your rut and get the most bang for your buck when it comes to training and nutrition.

If you have lots of questions that you want me to cover, all I ask is that you send them to me before our Skype call so I can prepare and provide you with the most value during the time we spend together.

3-6 Months Online Personal Training £150-£300 per month

This is where you and I work together as a team for 3-6 months.

After speaking with you and gaining clarity on your goals, I’ll advise you on what you need to do to achieve your desired outcome. For example, you may need:

  • Workout Plan
  • Meal Plan
  • Recipe Books
  • Skype Calls
  • Extra Support
  • 12 Week Habit-Forming Program

Or maybe just a handful of the above! What you need will depend on your goals.

I’ll let you know how many times per week you need to train (typically 3-6x per week), what you need to do (weights, cardio, mobility, or a combo of all 3!). I will be fully transparent of what’s required and discuss what we’re going to do, so that you feel 100% confident before investing.

The package and price will depend on what’s needed to help you achieve your goals. Typically online personal training packages range from £150-£300 per month. I’ll give you a quote during our Skype call.


I’ve never trained before – Can I still do online personal training? 

To be honest, if you’re entirely new to training, you’d be better off hiring a face to face coach. Doing 6-12 weeks with a highly skilled coach will put you in a much better place before going to online personal training. 

How quickly will I get results? 

It all depends! It all depends on how much you stick to the plan and commit to progress. I’ve had people lose 12lbs in 2 weeks because they followed everything I set to the letter.

Your results will depend on training intensity/frequency, training experience and skill, recovery, stress management, and nutrition. If we work on improving all of these areas, then your results will be rapid. 

I’ve had a bad experience with online personal trainers. Why is working with you going to different?

Great question, for one, I’m that confident in myself and the service I offer that If you’re unhappy at any point, I will refund you. I also have a bunch of testimonials (over 100!) on my site to back up my claims.

Finally, before investing any money, you can be your own judge of my knowledge, skill, and passion when we speak via a free Skype call. I’m very confident that after speaking with me in person, you’ll feel extremely reassured.

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