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Skype Consultation for Women

Would You Like Some Expert Advice? 

How about some guidance from a coach with over 10,000 hours worth of experience?

In fact, by the end of this year, I’ll have completed over 11,000 x 1-1 personal training sessions!

I have worked with hundreds of women just like you, both face-to-face and online – either via online personal training or Skype Consulting. 

How Do Skype Calls Work & How Can They Benefit You? 

Skype Consultations are where you hire me for an hour and pick my brains! 

It’s a fantastic service for people who can’t come to visit me in person, due to travel distance! 

I work with people all over the world – mainly in the UK; however, I do also consult with people in America, Australia, and Europe. 

Pick My Brains And Get Rapid Results!

Hiring an expert is the quickest way to make improvements. It’s been said that to become an expert requires over 10,000 hours worth of practice. Rather than trying to learn/do everything yourself…why not just pay somebody with that experience? 

It will save you lots of time! After all, don’t you want the fastest results possible?  

My job is to take the guesswork out and answer your questions directly.

I’ll save you hours and hours scrolling the internet and give you clarity so that you can positively move forward and reach your goal(s).

I’ll stop you from doubting yourself – wondering whether or not you’re following the right plan of action. 

I’ll give you tips and strategies that are guaranteed to start helping you immediately.  

I promise you that you’ll learn more from a 1-hour consult with me than you would reading any online article or book! 

I’ll give you the Knowlege that’s relevant to you! AND if you’re not happy with your Skype call, I’ll give you a full refund… no questions asked! This has yet to happen in all the Skypes Calls I’ve completed (approx 1,000 calls to date!).

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Who I Work With:

The two main people I help via Skype Consulting are:

#1 The Everyday Person 

Who wants to achieve a successful body transformation, i.e., weight loss, improving muscle definition, and boosting overall health and fitness! 

I will answer your questions and advise you on specific subjects, sharing my knowledge and wisdom with you – which is then guaranteed to help you progress.

#2 Personal Trainers 

Are you a personal trainer, and do you want to grow your business and get a full diary of paying clients?

If you said YES, I can help you because I’ve achieved this result myself. I know exactly what’s required and what steps you need to take. 

I love sharing my business experience and continue to help lots of coaches build both their 1-1 and online coaching businesses.  

I can advise on sales, marketing, SEO, content creation, cancellations policies (saving you thousands each year!), financial planning/management, payment strategies, expanding your business, and much more! 

Skype consultations are perfect if you have:

#1 Specific questions relating to health and fitness and want to know the answer? 

Do you have some areas that you’re struggling with and want to know ways to get better results?

For example, questions relating to diet, training methods, program design, periodization, exercise selection/execution, fat loss, muscle building, improving performance, sleep, supplements, mobility, etc.

I will sit down with you and discuss via a Skype call – you can ask me anything you like relating to health and fitness, and I will give you a detailed answer and give you a solution that’s guaranteed to help! BUT don’t just take my word for it – check out the hundreds of testimonials from the women I’ve coached. 

#2 Would You Like Me To Help You Improve Your Mindset? 

The other area I’m highly skilled in and which sets me apart from other coaches… is PSYCHOLOGY. 

The human mind is something I’ve been interested in and studied extensively for the last eight years, reading hundreds of books, attending multiple training courses, and learning from hands-on experience with my online and 1-1 personal training clients. 

I can help you breakdown mental barriers and overcome self-imposed limitations by helping you improve your mindset. 

The strategies I use aren’t some wishy-washy ‘think positive’ – schemes! BUT instead, practical ways to develop and improve your mindset, which will empower and inspire you to lead a greater quality of life.  

I will help you establish your ‘values’ the things that are truly important to you and help you breakdown your goal(s) into small bite-sized chunks. This is so that you don’t feel overwhelmed BUT instead empowered to take daily action that will eventually lead you towards your desired result. 

#3 Building Your Personal Training Business 

If you’re a personal trainer who wants to grow your business, then I can help you!

I’ve successfully built up LEP Fitness from scratch – I started with no clients, and had zero funds! I started with just some old rusty weights and pop up gazebo – where I did all of my coaching outside! 

Now I have my own personal training studio, complete 35 x 1-1 sessions per week, and have other trainers working for me. I also have a successful health and fitness blog, and online coaching business – I want to help you accomplish the same results with your business!

If you want help with your business, please get in touch, and I will guide you through the obstacles that all personal trainers face. I’ll also give you a copy of my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Personal Training Business – 85 pages of knowledge bombs to take your business to the next level and get you fully booked up!  

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I’ve worked with hundreds of women just like you, and have completed over 10,000 x 1-1 coaching sessions – giving me a wealth of experience! I also have a large portfolio of results and hundreds of testimonials and success stories to back up my claims. 

Alongside helping people to lose weight, build muscle, improve performance, and achieve visible results…

I have also helped people overcome the following:

Overcoming Unhealthy Relationships With Food 

Binging and bulimia. I have had lots of experience working with women who have unhealthy relationships with food. 

I myself (Nick Screeton) had a harmful binging habit around ten years ago! I would go to the shop and buy 10+ chocolate bars and scoff them down within 5 minutes! I know what it’s like to use food for comfort and self-sabotage. I’ve learned how to overcome this! I now help other women to do the same. 

Overcoming Mindset Issues 

The mind is the most powerful tool you own. When it works for you… you are unstoppable, BUT when it works against you…nothing gets done, you get frustrated and in some cases feel depressed and helpless. 

I can help you overcome these mindset blocks. Again, I’ve had to overcome my own mental barriers. Looking back, they’ve all been a blessing in disguise because they’ve led me on a path of rediscovery, reading hundreds of books, improving my life, and building a successful business. 

I can teach you how to turn your pain into pleasure – flipping negative experiences into positive ones. 

When your mindset changes, your results will flourish! I’ve experienced it myself and have seen it with the people I coach…

For example, women who’ve failed to lose weight (or keep it off) for years, BUT then they’ve have had an instant mindset shift… and all of a sudden achieved incredible results in a short space of time! 

Remember this saying…”Work on your mind, and your body will follow”. 

Most people focus too much on the physical rather than the mental/spiritual field. The truth is that your mindset holds the key to achieving the physical results you desire. Work on this component, and the rest will follow – trust me!

I’m highly skilled at bringing the best out of people. I know what questions to ask and how to create deep, long-lasting, and meaningful change that will totally transform your life!

Pay As You Go

Unlike lots of other online personal trainers, I don’t tie you into long term contracts, where you have to sign up to 3 months in advance or pay for block bookings! 

Instead, I offer a Pay As You Go Service – meaning that we arrange a call whenever you need to pick my brains! Some people only need one call, and they’re good to go! Others may need a handful of calls (2-10), and then some people like regular mentoring throughout the year – it’s entirely up to you. I will work with you for as long as you are receiving value!

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