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I appreciate you spending your valuable time having a look around my site, and I promise not to waste your time! 

Five years ago, I was probably in a similar position to where you are now, a student at Sheffield Hallam University! I know the challenges that you face – exams, course work, social occasions, financial constraints, etc!

It can be challenging trying to keep everything in balance, and often your health, and fitness are the first to suffer! When this happens, you feel tired and sluggish! It can also negatively impact your confidence because you’re unhappy with how your body looks and feels. 

I know this feeling all too well! BUT I also know how to overcome these types of problems, and I want to help you to do the same! 


Let me assure you that you’re in excellent hands! 

Years of studying and completing well over 10,000 personal training sessions mean that I know exactly what I’m doing!

I’ve helped hundreds of Sheffield Hallam & Sheffield University students just like you to transform their body shape and boost fitness! BUT, don’t just take my word for it… check out the hundreds of testimonials on my site! 

As long as you are fully committed and serious about getting results, I want to help YOU, and I promise to support you every step of the way! 


Whether you want to:

#1 Lose Weight & Burn Body Fat

Would you like to drop some weight? Whether that’s a small amount (5-10lbs) so that you can fit into a smaller pair of jeans. Or whether you want to lose some head-turning weight and look like a different person (in a good way!), I can help you to blitz body fat, upgrade your body shape and boost your inner and outer confidence! 

#2 Tone Muscle & Enhance Body Shape 

Maybe you’d like to improve the definition of your arms, shoulders, stomach, back, legs, or a combination of all of them? I can help you to firm up the muscles that you want to be more toned – so that you look and feel amazing!  

#3 Improve Athletic Performance 

Do you play for a University sports team? And would you like to take your performance to the next level? Whether you want to improve in football, netball, rugby, hockey, swimming, or athletics, I can help you with a sports specific program that is guaranteed to take your performance to new heights. We will work on whatever components of fitness that your sport requires – so that you can perform at your very best! 

#4 Boost Fitness & Feel Awesome!

Is improving your fitness your number one priority? Maybe you’re tired of walking up a flight of stairs and getting out of breath? Or have you decided that your fitness isn’t up to scratch, and you need to do something quickly before it gets worse?

Whether you want to improve your cardio, muscular endurance, core strength, mobility, flexibility, posture, or a combination of them all! We will focus on the areas that matter to you. 

*Start Your Journey Today*


I will share with you my knowledge and secrets so that you can avoid common mistakes, and instead jump the queue when it comes to getting fantastic results! I will get you in the best shape of your life in the fastest time possible. 


You’re going to receive full support and guidance from a coach who truly cares about getting you results and enhancing your life. 

I will supply you with everything you need (and more!) to achieve a successful transformation! 

Results are 100% guaranteed, providing we work together as a team and stick to the plan!

Student Personal Training Packages: 

There are four tailored personal training packages to help you, depending on your goal: 


  • Lose Weight In A Matter Of Weeks!
  • Drop a dress (or two! or three!)
  • Burn Fat From Stubborn Areas (legs, bum, stomach)
  • Firm Up Your Muscles
  • Boost Inner & Outer Confidence
  • Fat Loss Personal Training Sessions
  • Custom Meal Plan
  • Recipe Books – Over 180 Tasty Recipes!

The Fat Furnace program is by far the most popular package to date!

This particular program is famous for destroying body fat and boosting confidence (both inside and out!). 


How would you feel if in less than 3 weeks your jeans started to feel looser because you lost an inch or two from your waist? 

Also, your skin starts to radiate with a healthier glow, and you have so much more energy – a well-needed boost! 

How would you feel in 3-6 months being able to treat yourself to a new wardrobe? Buying new clothes that make you look and feel amazing!

Well, with your commitment and my expertise, this can be made a reality – and I will show you the way. 

By following the ‘Fat Furnace’ program, you’ll start to feel better in a matter of weeks. You’ll notice a significant improvement to your physical well-being, BUT also your mental well-being too, as you start to feel empowered psychologically and much more confident! 

In 3-6 months, you’ll be looking and feeling like a different person (in a good way!). 


  • Tone & Firm Muscles 
  • Look Great, Feel Amazing! 
  • Enhance Body Shape
  • Boost Inner & Outer Confidence
  • One To One Personalised Coaching 
  • Custom Meal Plan
  • Recipe Books – Over 180 Tasty Recipes!
  • Full Support From Start To Finish

It’s no longer taboo for women to lift weights! It’s actually super trendy! 

The old days where women would wear Jane Fonda lycra shorts and do a few leg lifts and step box training are long gone! 

Thankfully myths such as ‘weight training makes women bulky’ have been dispelled!

You only have to go on Instagram to see how trendy and fashionable it is for women to lift weights. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Miley Cyrus have all boasted about doing exercises such as deadlifts, squats, push-ups, and pull-ups – and for a good reason too! These exercises don’t make you masculine or bulky, in fact, quite the opposite…they make you toned, and help you to develop a leaner, stronger, and more sculpted body. 

If you’d like to improve your muscle definition, whether that’s your arms, legs, stomach, or a combination of all of them… the Muscle Sculptor Program focuses on improving the areas that matter to you the most. 

I can guarantee that the ‘Muscle Sculpting’ program will boost your confidence and enhance your body shape – so that you look and feel fantastic both inside and out!


  • Boost Your Performance
  • Improve Athletism 
  • Stand Out From The Crowd 
  • Beat The Competition 
  • Peak Performance Personal Training Sessions
  • Custom Workout & Meal Program
  • Recipe Books (180 Tasty Recipes!)

The ‘Peak Performance’ program is ideal for women wanting to improve their sporting/athletic performance, or train towards a specific event/competition. 


Would you like to improve your cardiovascular fitness so that you can run around the hockey, football, or netball pitch with ease?

Perhaps you would like to improve your agility, strength, speed, or power?

Whether you play hockey, football, netball, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, do athletics, etc. I can help you work on specific aspects of your training to help you optimise your performance and take your performance to a whole new level. 


I come from a sporting background myself, and I know exactly what’s required to improve your athletic performance. 

I played Ice Hockey for 12 years, playing at a high standard in Ontario, Canada, back in 2006. While I was there, I acquired a vast amount of knowledge on ‘sports conditioning’ thanks to the fantastic college system they have there. I want to share this knowledge with you to help you in your sport! 

Alongside my own high-level sporting experience, I’ve also coached players in ice hockey, football, rugby, tennis, cricket, and a professional basketball player, who I coached for one year, back in 2017. 


  • Boost Your Fitness!
  • Improve Mobility, Endurance, And Athletism  
  • Fitness Focused Personal Training Sessions
  • Custom Workout & Meal Guides
  • Recipe Books (180 Tasty Recipes!)

The Fitness Boost program is perfect if your main goal is improving your fitness. 

Maybe you’re embarrassed about your current level of fitness, and want to walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath?

Perhaps you want to improve your cardio, muscular endurance, strength, speed, agility, mobility, or a combination of all of them? 

Have you set yourself a goal to run a marathon, or do the Sheffield 10k, or complete a Tough Mudder? Or maybe some other event that requires you to improve on a specific component of your fitness? 

Improving The Areas That Matter To You

I will help you work on the areas that you want to improve. I’ll show you the best exercises for your goals, demonstrating and teaching you techniques, and helping you to progress each week. 

I’ll create you additional plans to follow outside of your personal training sessions, that when followed, are guaranteed to take your fitness to new heights!


Once I have gained clarity on your goals and know exactly what you want to achieve, I will go away and create a plan of action. 

I will reverse engineer to where you are now, designing a plan that suits your current level of fitness, AND one that ensures that you keep improving. Then as you get fitter, I’ll take you to the next stage, and the one after that, and we’ll keep going until you accomplish your goal!  


Each student personal training package includes:

#1 One To One Private Coaching 

You will receive private and personalised coaching – sessions that are 100% tailored toward your goals! I will share with you the best exercises to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck and start to see results in a matter of weeks!

#2 Extra Workout & Meal Plans

Alongside your personal training sessions, you’ll also receive a custom workout and meal plan to follow outside of your sessions – this is to help speed up your results! This is optional by the way, not everybody needs or wants an extra workout/meal plan, BUT if you do, I’ll create you one! 

#3 Recipe Books

You’ll receive a copy of our famous LEP Recipe Books – which are popular worldwide and contain 180 DELICIOUS RECIPES! These recipes are perfect for students because lots of the meals are quick and easy to make, and affordable! 

There are recipes for smoothies, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts! LEP members love the recipe books, and I’m super confident that you will too! 

#4 Restaurant Guides 

Do you like going out for food? How about eating out at places like Nandos, Five Guys, Strada, Yo Sushi, Wagamama, Costa Coffee, McDonald’s, Subway? What about ordering a Dominoes Pizza on a Friday night? 

Unlike most personal trainers, I won’t ban any foods – unless you have a food allergy or intolerance! 

When you join LEP Fitness, you’ll receive 30 Restaurant Guides. In these guides, I share with you the foods each restaurant supplies, and the number of calories in each meal. This enables you to choose meals that are more conducive to your goals! It also means you can still eat out, or order takeout, BUT without feeling guilty about it! 

I promise that I’m not going to restrict your life, and make you go on some bland diet! I’ll make your diet work for you, not against you! 

#5 Full Support – 7 Days A Week! 

It’s not just your personal training sessions, meal plans, recipe books, and restaurant guides… you’ll also receive extra help and support whenever you need it!

I’m on hand seven days a week (Yes, Monday-Sunday!), and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have during the week. We can communicate via Skype, WhatsApp, text, email, or whatever your preferred form of communication! 

My priority is YOU, and I will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals. If I have to wake up at 6 am on Sunday (which I often do!) to design a new plan for you, I will, because your results matter to me! 


I am continually cultivating relationships with local businesses, so students benefit by receiving discounts and freebies relating to health and fitness products.

  • LEP Fitness provides a 10% discount on all services for College and University students who study in Sheffield.
  • As a bonus, you’ll also receive discounts from stalls at the Sheffield Indoor Market, saving you up to 20% at a handful of shops (butchers and fruit and vegetable shops).

Private Personal Training Studio 

When you join LEP Fitness, you get to train in a beautiful and private personal training studio, located in Sheffield.

The LEP studio is full of the best gym equipment! It’s like training in a commercial gym, BUT without having to queue for machines! And you also have an expert personal trainer guiding you every step of the way. 

Equipment Includes:

Cardio Machines – rowing machine, assault bike, ski machine, and battle ropes to help you boost your fitness, and burn a whopping number of calories!

Resistance Equipment – dumbells (which go up to 45kg!), barbells, Olympic weights, squat rack, kettlebells (which go up to 32kg!), TRX trainer, medicine balls, slam balls, pull up station, resistance bands, ab roller, etc. 

There’s absolutely everything you need (and more!) to achieve a successful fitness and body transformation. 


When you arrive at each session, I will make you feel extremely welcome!

If you need a drink, I’ll happily fetch you an ice-cold glass of water, or some squash to quench your thirst! 

If you’d like a caffeine boost to help you focus and give you more energy, then I’ll make you a tea or coffee. 

I’ll also give you a soft, fresh towel – for that extra bit of comfort!  

I will ask you about your music preferences and what you’d like me to play during your sessions. I’m happy to play whatever music genre you want – rap, house, hip hop, electronic, pop, rock, whatever your preference! If you like…I can also create you a custom playlist full of your favorite tracks and artists?

YOUR RESULTS are extremely important to me, BUT so too is your experience! Everything is well thought out and designed to make you feel well looked after and comfortable. I promise that once you start, you won’t want to stop! 


Alongside myself (Nick!), other personal trainers work for LEP Fitness. There are appointments throughout the day, whether you want to work out:

#1 Early In The Morning (6-9am) to give yourself a feel-good endorphin high before starting your studies.  

#2 During The Day  (9am-5pm) – when you have a gap between seminars/lectures. 

#3 In The Evening (5-9pm) to blow of some steam and finish the day off strong! 

There are personal trainers on hand to accommodate your time preferences and suit your weekly availability. 


If you work hard and follow your step-by-step programs, then I can guarantee that you’ll start to see results in a matter of weeks.

If you are 100% serious and fully committed to getting results, please get in touch today!

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