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Caroline’s Astonishing Transformation . . .


Caroline Ashworth - Sheffield Personal trainer - Sheffield - Nick Screeton - Custom meal plan - 1-1 training - 1 year physical transformation

Caroline Ashworth started training with LEP Fitness in May 2012, and she has been on one heck of a journey.

I would like to share with you Caroline’s Astonishing Transformation written in her own words, to help inspire anybody looking to transform their own body.

This story is proof that we all have the ability to change, we just need to have a plan and make it happen. . . .LEP Fitness transformation

Before & After . . .

Caroline Ashworth - Sheffield Personal trainer - Sheffield - Nick Screeton - Custom meal plan - 1-1 training - 1 year physical transformation

When you see these pictures you can’t help but be impressed.

I mean this transformation is absolutely incredible. However, what pictures fail to show you is the work that’s involved to reach this accomplishment.

Physical transformation like anything in life has it’s ups and downs.  There are good and bad days, days when you feel your making progress and days when you feel  your regressing. It can be tough going, and as much as i would like to tell you it’s easy and there is such a thing as a magic wand, unfortunately there is not.

Physical transformation requires certain attributes and strategies including, commitment, hardwork, expert guidance, and consistency, to name but a few. Why many people fail on their endeavours has nothing to do with genetic limitations, lack of money, or lack of time.

Where people fall short is often to do with habits and sustainability. You have to look at your health from all angles and change what are often life long habits in order for the real change to take place. They say it takes 3 weeks to make something a habit, and from experience i would agree. However to really instil long term habits you need to get right to the route of the problem.

You need to be willing to be honest with yourself and expose areas that you may feel uncomfortable with. A good coach will help guide you through your journey and get to the bottom of what maybe holding you back, physically and emotionally. To help you select the right coach i have written an article Get The Best From Your Personal Training Experience.

Many people will use food as a way to mitigate emotions. Emotional eaters will eat when happy, when bored and when sad. Food is at your fingertips and has the power to make you feel good very quickly. We all know however that the feeling is short lived and you eventually have to pick up the pieces, usually extra bodyfat and feeling like crap!  For me the number 1 issue holding people back is peoples relationship with foods and lack of understanding with regards to how it is making them feel and function.

When looking to transform of course it’s important to look at the end result, but equally important is looking at the entire picture. It’s about being more stable emotionally, sleeping better, having healthier skin, having better moods, thinking clearer, more energy. and a ton of other benefits.

When a client comes to see me and they communicate transparently and we work through a plan, it’s amazing to see a new person form. The physical transformation is of course visually impressive, but when the client’s social, family and work life have improved and smiles are more frequent, that for me is the best part.

Congratulations to Caroline!

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