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10 ‘Cringe Things’ You Should Never Do at the Gym…

10 'Cringe Things' You Should Never Do at the Gym…

1) DON’T Lift your top up and tense your abs

Sorry but this is the ultimate cringe. Every time I see a guy do this I automatically think “total douchbag!” and so does everyone in the gym.

2) DON’T Drive into the gym car park blaring rap music (thinking you’re a gangsta!)

You’re not at Wembley stadium rapping with Jay Z, you’re going to the gym, act that way.

3) DON’T Wear gloves

Ok I’ll let ladies off with this one, especially if you spend your hard earned cash on manicures. If however your a bloke who wears gloves…

funny gym meme

4) DON’T Be one of those people who stresses if they don’t have a protein shake within 30s of their workout finishing!

Protein is key after training there’s no doubt about that. As long as you feed your body within 1hr of working out all will be good, don’t worry or lose hair if you miss your shake!

5) DON’T Wear a full ‘Gym Shark’ tracksuit

gym shark tracksuit

Ok I think Gym Shark are a pretty cool brand, but just because you wear a full tracksuit and have a decent pair of arms does not make you a sponsored athlete! No more than 1 item of gym shark clothing per workout please.

6) DON’T Walk around the pool area in speedos 

We’re not in the 1970’s please don’t show your package in public! There are families, and I don’t think they want to see your Crown Jewels.

fitness meme

7) DON’T Wear a snapback cap 

It doesn’t matter whether you wear it forward, to the side or backwards, you look like a donut! Your hat only restricts your workout and makes you look like Dappy from N Dubz (a totally wombat!)

8) DON’T Use vibrating plates 

Probably the worst machine in the gym. If you want to waste time, get a weak massage and make your face wobble like you’re on a bucking bronco then be my guest.

9) DON’T ever use words like “spot me brah” or “mirin”

Need I say more? You don’t sound cool, in fact quite the opposite – you just sound like you can’t speak English and have no education.

10) DON’T Dry your private parts with a hairdryer (trust me this happens! you should be ashamed! lol)

I’ve seen this happen many times, some gyms even have a sign… “please don’t use hairdryers to dry private areas!” haha. In my opinion anyone that does this should be fined £100 on the spot and banned from all public gyms for at least 10 years!

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