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10 ‘Pulling Exercises’ You Need to add into your workout routine…


Too much ‘Push’ not enough ‘Pull’!!!


When it comes to losing weight, boosting fitness and improving body composition, there’s lots of focus on cardio (in my opinion too much!). Weight training is slowly getting the credit it deserves (but still not enough!). Those who do lift weights well done, your onto a winner, especially if you perfect techniques and keep at it.

One thing I see all too often is people spending all their time training the mirror muscles, you know like the chest, thighs and abs! But what about the rear? The posterior chain of muscles like the glutes, back and hamstrings which are responsible for your posture, and which if trained properly can give you a well rounded, aesthetically pleasing physique.

Ok so how do I train these muscles? Well you just need to know what to do and that’s why I’ve included an infographic in this post with 10 ‘Pulling Exercises’ You Need to add into your workout routine next time your in the gym. There’s also a FREE combo workout for you to try using both ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ exercises – so you get the best of both worlds!

Pulling Exercises… 

Some of the exercises below may look familiar, for example the dumbbell row, others may look less familiar. New exercises can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be! This graphic below demonstrates several exercises that you can do to greatly enhance the shape and functionality of your body.

Save this post in your phone or print out the blog so you can take it with you into the gym. First practice getting used to the techniques and then you can fully incorporate them into your new routine. If you want to know more on this important topic please check out this awesome post – The Importance of Pulling Exercises