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10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About LEP Fitness


It’s been 3 years since the creation of LEP Fitness, wowzaaa has it flown! This post is dedicated to all the LEP members who have participated in sessions, I would like to thank you for your continued support and for making my dream come true.

Here are 10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About LEP Fitness . . .


1) 4,688 personal training sessions have taken place in just 3 years!

2) LEP Fitness started with funding of just 500.00 (GBP) which was granted from the Sheffield Hallam Business Centre in the summer of 2012.

3) The average LEP client age . . .


4) The first piece of marketing material was a copy of the Dominoes Pizza leaflet! Me and two of my best friends (Jamie & Ryan) helped to design and write the content. We handed out 500 leaflets, and got attacked by plenty of excited dog letter box jumpers in the process! I also managed to pick up a couple of clients to get the business rolling. Phew!


5) The very 1st LEP client I took on was a friend!

6) The planning and preparation started 1 year before setting up LEP Fitness and it took me the best part of 6 months to design a business plan, which also happened to be my final year Dissertation.

7) The total number of pieces of equipment . . .


8) Most sessions completed in 1 week . . .


9) Longest standing client . . .

2 years and 8 months!

10) Training sessions initially started at Endcliffe Park. I had to walk 2 miles with a pair of 16kg kettle bells, 2 x 3kg dumbells, a fitness mat and a skipping rope. Safe to say the first 2 months I slept like a baby and made Quasimodo’s back look straight! After 8 weeks I decided to stash my weights in a bush, 2 weeks later they got stollen! Gutted! Then one day I had an epiphany to start training at the house, spoke to the neighbours and now all sessions are held at 16 Priory Road!

If you would like to read more about how I set up LEP Fitness please check out the post I wrote a few months back . . . What it is like to be a Personal Trainer in Sheffield.

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