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10 things I look for when taking on new clients…


Attracting the Right Client Base…

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I’m very fusy when it comes to taking on new clients. I want to make-sure they are 100% ready and have the correct mindset to become part of the LEP Tribe. Here’s 10 things I look for when taking on new members…

1) BURNING DESIRE – You have to want to change so much more than you want to stay the same! You have to be prepared to do whatever is necessary to get the results you want.

2) HEART – You have to be willing to give your best, make sacrifices and put in the work.

3) ACCOUNTABILITY – You have to eradicate the word ‘excuse’ and accept responsibility for your own actions, you’ll have my full support along the way, but I don’t have a magic wand! it’s down to you.

4) HOMEWORK – You have to be willing to complete tasks, challenges and workouts outside of our coaching sessions.

5) QUALITY – You don’t base your decision on price or try and negotiate down the cost 🙈🙈🙈

6) GROWTH MINDSET – You have to either already have or be prepared to develop a growth mindset – a positive outlook and the belief that you have the power to change

7) RIGHT INTENTIONS – You have to do this for you. Not for anybody else.

8) LISTEN – The capacity to listen, learn and follow a plan to the best of your ability.

9) RESPECT – turning up on time, paying on time, adhering to the ‘fairness policy’, respecting the service, and the other LEP members.

10) ATTITUDE – to always strive to bring the best version of you to each and every session.

Making sure the right clients are onboard is KEY to any coaching business and something I take enormous pride in.

Only those with the heart of a lion ❤ and desire to make some good sh💩t happen can jump aboard the LEP ship 🚢

Are you ready to become part of the Tribe?

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