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10 things you need to know about yourself and life…


#1 You Are Special

You are unique, there’s nobody out there in the world like you. 

#2 you have a good life

You may not think so, but if you’re able to read this that means you have eye sight, a phone or computer. It also means you have access to the internet. There are people out there who don’t have food, water or a roof over their head.

#3 you are not perfect BUT neither is anybody else

Who says it’s bad to have a wonky nose, a spot on your forehead, a bald head, grey hair, wrinkles. Marketing prays on our vulnerabilities and coerces us to confirm to some silly belief that we have to look like Barbie & Ken. Bollocks to that! lol .

#4 don’t rely on anybody to make you happy

The only person that holds the key to happiness is you. Waiting for your knight in shining armour, fancy sports car, or designer handbag to make you happy is a recipe for disaster. These things don’t make you happy unless you’re already happy.

#5 all things pass – good and bad

Having a bad day? It will pass. Having the time of your life? Enjoy it, tough times await. This is life, ever changing, ever challenging, you can’t have the good without the bad. Life moves in cycles. Everything comes to an end.  

#6 love wins everytime

If you’re struggling always come back to the feeling of love. Love for yourself, love for others. Love is the most powerful emotion, it will overpower any negative emotion.

#7 don’t sweat the small stuff

We all do it, remind yourself when it happens to put things in perspective, dust of your shoulder and focus on what’s important: family, friends, your kids, inner peace, happiness. 

#8 the best things in life are free

Fresh air, sunshine, green grass, flowers, the noise of birds in trees, a smile, a hug. 

#9 it’s not about ‘likes’ or ‘followers’

Don’t let social media make you feel unworthy, it’s a highlight real of the best bits of peoples lives. Stop seeking approval from others and start seeking approval from yourself. Learn to love yourself and you’ll be one strong mo fo!

#10 life is short – Appreciate as many moments as possible

One day your mother and father will no longer be around. You never know when will be the last time you say good bye to a friend. One day your kids will be grown up, you won’t be able to pick them up, kiss them and spin them around in the park. Life moves at a rapid pace, people come and go. We age. Circumstances change. Enjoy each chapter and appreciate all those fine moments while you have them. 

Much love to you all,

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Nick 🙂