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10 Tips For Getting Lean …


For the Guys Who Want to Get Lean, here are 10 FREE take home tips. . .

1) Build a physique first – don’t try and get lean until you’ve built some muscle

2) Take your time : getting lean does not happen over night, your better doing it slowly. I usually like to diet for a minimum of 16 weeks (so I can still enjoy a few treats!).

3) Use one tool at a time : cardio, calorie reduction, and supps will all help aid fat loss but don’t use them all at once. Neatening up your diet alone will start you of nicely.

4) Stay hydrated : it’s easy to confuse hunger with dehydration. Up your water = curb appetite

5) Clean foods : eat 80% clean and get lean. Meat, fish and plenty of veg = boom fat loss

6) Rest : train hard. . . sleep hard! You don’t grow in the gym, you grow when you rest and feed vital nutrients to your body. Take a magnesium bath and get a minimum 7hrs sleep per night

7) Compound : stick to heavy compound movements such as the squat, front squat, RDL, bench press, military press, pull ups, dips

8) Increase Fibre : consume plenty of veg to help flush out toxins and speed up fat loss

9) Be consistent : “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” take your time, be consistent and chip away each day. Know this. . . If you consistently follow the right plan your results will happen. Patience is Key.

10) You vs you : there’s always going to be somebody leaner, hencher, smarter, wealthier, you name it! Focus on you… “How others see you means nothing how you see yourself means everything”