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10 Tips For Starting To Run (Without Hating It)

10 Tips For Starting To Run (Without Hating It)

Not only does running have a whole host of health benefits, but it’s also free! Maybe you’ve been putting it off or have already tried it but given up? Here are 10 tips to get you started with running and, instead of making you hate it, make you want to stick with it!

Set Realistic Expectations

Lots of new runners give up because they set themselves unrealistic expectations. Don’t expect to be able to run long distances or for long periods of time during your first month. Instead, let go of your ego and any preconceptions you might have about running. Everyone is different so experiment with different running workouts to see which one suits you best. 

Good Running Sneakers

You don’t need fancy gadgets to go running, but you should wear a good pair of trainers. When you are starting out you don’t need to spend lots of money on an expensive or designer pair. However, you should avoid running in really old sneakers as they will lack support and are more likely to lead to injury. 

Start With Walking

If you are just starting out or haven’t exercised for some time, start with brisk walking instead of running. 

“Try starting with a running workout that builds up slowly over time, alternating between walking and running. For instance, one minute of brisk walking followed by one minute of jogging and aim to repeat this about 10 to 15 times. Over time you can build it up so that you are running for 15 minutes and walking for 3 mins, until eventually, you can do a full 30-minute run. Take it at your own pace,” says David Nyman, a sports writer at Lastminutewriting.com and Writinity.com.

Set Small, Achievable Goals

Setting yourself small, achievable goals will not only increase your confidence, but it will make it more likely that you will want to go running. Pick a goal that you can achieve within a week. It could be to complete your run at a faster pace than you did the previous time or to run uphill without stopping. 

Limit Your Weekly Runs

Rather than trying to run every day of the week, aim to run two or three times per week to begin with. Once you have been running for about six weeks you can start to add in an additional running day. This will give your body time to recover and will help to keep you disciplined. 

Run On Non-Consecutive Days

Avoid running two days in a row. Instead, space out your runs evenly throughout the week. Try to run on non-consecutive days in order to give your body time both to rest and to recover from your previous run.

Ignore Speed And Be Consistent

To begin with, don’t worry about your running speed or how far you are running. 

“The main thing new runners should be worried about is sticking to their running schedule and trying to be consistent,” says Thelma Hill, a fitness blogger at Draftbeyond.com and Researchpapersuk.com. “One of the great things about running is that if you are consistent with it, you will see a great improvement in just a few weeks. Within a couple of months of starting to run you’ll find that your breathing is easier, there is less soreness and you’ll find that you’ll need to walk less, meaning you’ll be doing longer runs in a shorter space of time.”

Remember To Warm Up

It’s important to warm-up before a run, but avoid doing static stretches. Instead, get your muscles ready by starting with a quick 5-minute brisk walk and some dynamic stretches or bodyweight movements, such as high knees and butt kicks.

Cool Down And Stretch

At the end of a run make sure to do a complete cooldown, including runner’s stretches to target your calf and thigh muscles. These will help to reduce the chance of injury, as well as help to limit the general soreness you might expect to feel for the next couple of days. 

Get An App

An app is a great tool to provide you with an incentive to keep running and to help you keep track of your progress. Alternatively, you might want to download a running app or some music to keep you focused and prevent boredom from setting in whilst you are running.

Angela J. Bryant is an experienced writer and editor at Luckyassignments.com and Gumessays.com. She specializes in topics related to social media, business and job seeking. Angela’s writing has helped hundreds of people starting out in the world of business and marketing.