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10 Ways To Beat Depression In Less Than 24 Hours…

10 Ways To Beat Depression In Less Than 24 Hours | LEP Fitness

According to National Statistics, 1 in 4 people suffer from depression – that’s pretty scary, right? 

Depression can be linked to lots of different reasons. Some people would argue that it’s a chemical imbalance that’s inherited or triggered, while others say that it’s a psychosomatic illness brought on by one’s own thoughts and perceptions. 

Both arguments are fascinating, but I tend to lean more towards the psychosomatic route based on what I’ve read from books. 

Dr. John Martini says that depression is often brought about by either:

#1 Unfulfillment 

Unfulfillment and depression

For example, a person who’s not leading a fulfilling life that’s truly meaningful to them. They’re in a job to please their parents or to make ends meet, but they hate it! Other areas could include being in an unhealthy relationship.  

If the person were to change what they do each day, and instead choose activities and people that align with what they value the most, the depression would begin to lift and eventually go away. Over time emotions and thoughts would become more stable. 

Basically…when a person feels fulfilled and does what they enjoy, they don’t get depressed. So go and find the things that genuinely make you happy. If you don’t fulfill your own needs, you may become depressed and resentful. 

#2 Wrong Perceptions & Fantasies 

A person’s perceptions are wrong. The depressed person is living in a fantasy where how they feel and what their life currently demonstrates doesn’t fit with the fantasy in their head of how they should be. 

For example, a young girl may go on Instagram and get depressed because of a model she follows. She may compare the number of ‘likes’ she has compared to her idol. Or she may look at the model’s page and see a portrait of a perfect life, smiley pictures, designer clothes, etc. 

Then she looks back at her own life and compares it… and it doesn’t match up. She has fewer followers, she isn’t as pretty, doesn’t have as much money, and will never be as good as the person she is comparing herself to… so what’s the point? Then the depression kicks in. 

When, in reality, this is just a fantasy that isn’t real. The girl who is depressed is comparing herself to something that’s an illusion. She is setting herself up to feel depressed. Once we break down these fantasies, depression will lift. 

I would highly recommend reading the following books by Dr. John Martini to learn more about the above: 

  • Values Factor
  • Inspired Destiny 
  • The Riches Within
  • The Heart Of Love 

The Intention Of This Article:

This post intends to suggest ten ways to lift depression over the next 24 hours. These are strategies that I use myself and with my 1-1 coaching clients. 

Often just small tweaks and doing a bunch of simple exercises can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health over a short time frame. 

For lots of you reading this, the tips/activities that I’m about to share will lead to a significant improvement. For others, they’ll have less of an impact, and if you’re severely depressed, then you will need more help than what I can offer in this article.  

The tips and exercises that I’m about to recommend will get you to focus on things that make you feel better. Then once in this frame of mind, your depression will start to lift, and you can gain a better balance. 


I must point out that expecting to be happy forever and never to feel depressed again is an illusion. It’s very normal to have fluctuations, highs, lows, and everything in between. 

Life is always changing, and emotions and moods can change like the four seasons. Each chapter of life comes with its supports (percieved good things), but each also comes with its challenges (perceived bad things). You can’t have one without the other, as the famous saying goes, “there can be no light without darkness”. 

There isn’t a single book or teacher that can solve all of your perceived problems – it’s a working progress that will take you time, BUT the most important part is taking steps, and learning along the way. Reading, learning, journaling, reflecting, hiring a mentor, whatever it may be! As time goes on, you’ll gain a deeper understanding, appreciation, and acceptance for who you are and why you deserve peace, happiness, and to be loved. 

The aim for most people suffering from depression is to develop strategies to prevent going to the extremes, or if you do go to extremes, you have tools available that you can call upon to get you to a more balanced emotional standpoint. 

Often it’s not about going from depression to joy. That’s often impossible! What it’s about… is getting into a more balanced headspace – so that you can begin to move forward more positively, and you can start to feel better.

It’s about learning to ride the waves of life. 

Anyhow without further ado…

Let’s dive in!

10 Ways To Beat Depression In Less Than 24 Hours…

10 Ways To Beat Depression In Less Than 24 Hours by LEP Fitness

#1 Walk In The Fresh Air

One of the best ways to clear your head and recentre your emotions is to go out for a walk.

In the next 24 hours, get out of the house into natural daylight. Try and walk for at least 30 minutes. The longer, the better really – with 2 hour walks being of the most significant benefit. 

If you can, get out in nature, go to the countryside, or walk along the beach, stroll through the woods, basically any place outside of the busy city. 

Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the benefits of nature. It heals the mind, body, and spirit. I’ve yet to meet anybody who doesn’t feel better after a decent length walk. 

#2 Gratitude Diary

Gratitude Diary | LEP Fitness

Take out a pen and paper, or write a note on your phone. Write down 20 things that you are grateful for. You may struggle with this exercise, especially if you’re feeling very depressed, but here are some ideas that you may relate to:

  • your own house
  • a roof over your head
  • food in the cupboards
  • loving spouse or family member
  • pet
  • a computer, or phone (what are you reading this article on?)
  • water to drink 
  • a loyal friend 
  • the location where you live
  • a nice view
  • a good job 
  • money in the bank 
  • books to read
  • central heating
  • a fantastic doctor
  • beautiful children 
  • a supportive personal trainer
  • TV to watch 
  • Magazines to read
  • a nice car to drive
  • comfy clothes
  • a holiday home

The above are just some examples, write down ones that are truly meaningful to you. If you can write more than 20 (let’s say 50!), you’ll feel even better. 

#3 Drink Tons Of Water

Water cleanses the body. It’s wonderful. Not only can it be used to wash away dirt and cleanse the skin, but it hydrates the body and helps you to perform at your very best. 

Make-sure that over the next 24 hours, you fully hydrate your body. Buy a 5-litre bottle of water and sip on it throughout the day. This water will help cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. It will help you flush out toxins, keep you full, and help improve cognitive functioning – lifting your mood and giving you more vitality. 

#4 Fast For 24 Hours 

Avoiding eating for 24 hours can do wonders for your stomach. Many of you reading this will have digestive issues brought on through psychosomatic stress and poor eating/drinking behaviors. 

If you’ve been eating lots of rubbish food i.e., gluten, wheat, dairy products, processed foods, sugars, etc… then you’re body will be inflamed. 

Poor eating choices and lots of psychological stress, where the amygdala (fight or flight response) is continually being stimulated, will cause digestive issues, such as a leaky gut, brain fog, bloating, etc. 

If you don’t eat for 24 hours, and instead drink lots of water, it’s an opportunity for your gut to start healing. Your stomach will feel better even after just 12 hours. 

Then once your 24 hour fast finishes, you could opt to do intermittent fasting, where you fast for 16 hours each day, and eat 1-2 meals within 8 hours. Fasting like this has incredible benefits on both mental and physical health. 

#5 Happy Memories 

Happy Memories helping to fight depression

Take your phone, set a timer for 10 minutes, and close your eyes. If you can, go and sit down in a comfy chair or on your bed. Close your eyes and take ten deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through the mouth. Take slow and deep breaths. Now close your eyes and think of 1-3 happy memories. Replay the story in your mind, here are some ideas:

  • happy childhood memory 
  • trip to the seaside 
  • a compliment you received 
  • the time you did an impressive presentation at work
  • when you scored a goal on the football field 
  • your best friends wedding speech 
  • a holiday 
  • a special Christmas 

The above are just some ideas. Give yourself 10 minutes and think about some of your fondest memories. Remember the sounds involved, the colours, the smells, the people, location, how things felt to touch, etc. Go deep into the memory and enjoy it like it’s happening all over again. 

#6 Do A Good Deed

Do A Good Deed to lift depression

Over the next 24 hours, go and do something for somebody else. Something that you may not ordinarily do, for example, some ideas could be:

  • to buy a sandwich for a homeless person
  • to call up a loved one and tell them you love them
  • help a friend in need
  • let somebody go before you in the cue
  • to open a door for a stranger 
  • buy a coffee for the person next in line 
  • give somebody a genuine compliment, “you look nice”… ” I love your new hair,” – etc. 
  • donate some clothes to a charity shop 
  • Offer your expertise to help somebody 
  • Give away your time to someone who needs it

Again, the above are just a few examples, pick something that you value and think could help somebody. When you’re in pain, one of the best things to do is help somebody else. It helps the other person, and it helps you. It’s good to be altruistic, and it will instantly make you feel better. 

#7 Prioritise Sleep 

How to get the best nights sleep you’ve had in 10 years

Sleep is the most powerful healer of all. It’s when we process the day’s events and our emotions. It’s when our body heals, and we recharge the batteries. 

Most of us are sleep deprived, either not getting enough sleep, or not getting good quality sleep, or often a mixture of both!

On a quick side tangent, I’d recommend reading Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker – it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I would recommend it to everybody – incredible! 

Anyway, I digress…

Tonight, try your best to get 8 hours of quality sleep, here are some tips to encourage this happens:

  • Turn off all electrical appliances 2 hours before bed (phone, TV, laptop, etc.) 
  • Make your room as dark as possible – the darker, the better. 
  • Buy some magnesium tablets and take 300mg 1 hour before bed. 
  • Take a warm bath before bed (more on this shortly!) 

#8 Take A Warm Bath

The chances are that your muscles are tense, especially when you’re stressed or depressed. Taking a bath will help your muscles to relax and allow your body to heal. 

If you can, purchase some magnesium salts, and have a bath this evening for 20-30 minutes. Let your muscles soak, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Let yourself relax. Keep topping up the bath with hot water when you need it.

#9 Set Some Goals That Excite You

When you feel depressed, one of the common issues is that you don’t have many goals that excite you. Often you want things to change and to feel better, but the same thoughts circulate your mind, and your daily actions stay the same… so guess what happens?… your reality remains the same, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that can be hard to shake off!

The quality of your life is often dependent on the questions you ask of yourself. For example:

  • What makes you happy? 
  • What goals inspire you? 
  • What gets you excited? 
  • Where do you like spending money? 
  • What do you like spending your time on? 

If you had an extra 30-60 minutes each day to pursue a hobby – what would it be? 

Once you know the answers to the above, you can then set some goals. For example:

Maybe you want to get into the best shape of your life or travel the world. Perhaps you want to write a new book or start a new career. 

Either way, think about setting some goals that excite you. Don’t worry about how you will achieve them – the most important thing is that you set them. 

Then write down 20 reasons why fulfilling your specific goals would make you happy. 

#10 Read A Chapter Of A Personal Development Book 

10 Life Changing Books That Every Personal Trainer Must Read

One of the things that’s helped me the most over the last ten years is working on personal development – doing things such as meditation, affirmations, filling out a gratitude diary, and reading. Most mornings, I’ll do: 

  • 10 minutes of meditating – using the Calm App
  • 10 minutes of reading – a personal development book 
  • Affirmations – reading 80 empowering statements
  • Gratitude Diary – writing down three things that I’m grateful for each day

Doing the above routine has helped me enormously, and it’s the best way to start the day (in my opinion!). Alongside reading in the morning, I will also try to read for another 30-60 minutes throughout the day i.e., at lunch or in the evening. 

I’ve read some fantastic books, which have helped me to improve my life, and the clients I work with. If there’s one thing I’d recommend you do in the next 24 hours, it’s to buy a personal development book and read at least one full chapter. 

Once the 24 hours have finished, continue to make reading a daily priority, reading for at least 10 minutes each day. 

Here are some amazing book recommendations:

  • Dr. John Martini – Values Factor, Heart Of Love, The Riches Within, Inspired Destiny 
  • Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow Rich 
  • Carol Dweck – Mindset
  • Dale Carnegie – How To Win Friends And Influence People 
  • Steve Peters – The Chimp Paradox 
  • Wayne Dyer – Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life
  • Joe Vitalie – Zero Limits 
  • Teal Swan – Shadows Before Daws, The Completion Process, The Anatomy Of Loneliness
  • Esther Hicks – Ask And It Is Given 
  • Haemin Sunim – Love For Imperfect Things 

Thanks for reading,

Nick Screeton

About The Author:

Nick Screeton is 31 years old and lives with his wife (Sally) and two children (Noah – 2) and Darcy (2 days old) in Sheffield.

He’s the founder of LEP Fitness, a business that helps people improve both their mental and physical fitness. Nick has read over 300 books on personal development and shares his knowledge on the LEP Fitness Blog and with his 1-1 clients.

He has also completed over 11,000 x 1-1 personal training sessions giving him a wealth of experience when it comes to helping people transform their body shape and boost physical fitness.

Nick believes that the mind and body go hand in hand, and both must be developed for optimal results.

If you’d like to work with Nick or have a question, please get in touch below.