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101 Amazing Fat Loss & Mind Hack Secrets (You Need to Know!) & Don’t Want To Miss…


6 Months of Blood, Sweat & Tears…

Writing 101 Amazing Fat Loss & Mind Hack Secrets has taken me the best part of 6 months to complete! My blood, sweat and tears have gone into this production.  It’s the closet i’ve felt to writing a book! I’ve put 100% effort in, and left no stones unturned.

In this article I’m going to be sharing with you an abundantly generous portion of some of my greatest tips, which i’ve learned over the past 10 years of being fully immersed in the fitness and health industry. I’ve figured out that i’ve spent £60,000 on my fitness, health and personal self development – I’ve invested money, time and effort and I have been fortunate to learn from some of the best coaches and mentors in the business.

Now it’s time for me to share the love, by sharing some of the greatest tips & secrets I’ve learned to help you on your own personal journey. I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed putting it together for you…

Sheffield Personal Trainer - Nick Screeton

101 Amazing Fat Loss Secrets (You Need to Know!) & Don’t Want To Miss…


It all starts with cleaning out your kitchen. Make no mistake: If food you shouldn’t be eating lurks in your fridge, cupboards, or freezers, you will give in at some point or another. You may think you have willpower of steel, but wait until your leptin levels start dropping and hunger clouds your every waking thought, and a few of your dreams! Few people will leave their house to satisfy their taste buds; they’re much more likely to hit the fridge.

2) There’s MUCH More Than Killer Workouts & Rabbit Food!

How much time do you spend on your mindset? by this I mean how much time (in minutes) do you spend each week, reading self development books, meditating, and reflecting? If you said less than 60 minutes your missing a HUGE trick. Factor in some mindset time: listen to podcasts (some of my favourites, London Real, Ben Coomber). Read books and invest time in learning. No time? if you read 1-2 pages every day on the loo you’d get through 1 book per year!. Get your Self Development time in!

3) Aim BIG Start Small

“Lost 14 stone in a day!” – Peter Kay

If I had £1 for every person I’ve spoken to who’s done a crash or juice diet I would have enough money to buy Roman Abromovich’s yacht! (£340,000,000 million!). You wouldn’t climb Mount Everest in day would you?  Set a goal, set it high, however start with baby steps and work up. Be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely). It’ll be more sustainable and you’ll reach your BIGGER goal at a later date.

4) Chuck Your Scales in The Bin!

If your looking to improve your body shape (man or woman!) you NEED to LIFT WEIGHTS (that’s a dead cert!), if your completing a properly structured weights routine (regularly!) then your going to build muscle and scale weight will go up. You may lose 6 lbs of fat, but because you’ve built 3 lbs of muscle the scale weight shows a smaller loss (3 lbs!). Are you a scale addict? If you said YES . . .  check out a popular post I wrote called Why The Scales Lie? 

5) NOW Not Tomorrow

I’ll do it tomorrow, next week, next month or January next year! Too late mate! Strike whilst the iron’s hot, take action immediately. When you’re in the frame of mind to make positive change . . . ACT and act NOW.

6) Stay Close To Nature . . . Be a Caveman

evolution of fat people - LEP Fitness - 101 fat loss secrets by sheffield fitness trainer nick screeton

The further you move from nature the worse off you’ll be. Where possible stick to wholesome, caveman foods such as: meat, fish, vegetables with the occasional serving of rice (bonus tip: brown rice is far superior to white as it contains much more fibre!)

7) Ketogenic Dieting is the Future . . . I’ve Tasted It 

Ketogenic dieting means your diet consists of around 75% fat and 25% protein. For the past 70 or so years we’ve been told fat is bad (hence the low fat yoghurt, low fat cereal, low fat . . . everything!). Truth is it’s a load of cods wallop! I’ve been keto dieting for the past 5 months and my body fat is lowest it’s been (see image below), As well as shifting body fat, my energy levels, skin and overall health are in fantastic knick! I’ve also put a lot of clients on ketogenic plans and the results have been incredible – HOW I LOST 16LBS IN 28 DAYS USING A KETO DIET – READ HERE…

ketogenic dieting - personal trainer sheffield - nick screeton

8) Sleeping Beauty 

Struggling to switch off at night? When your body is absolutely knackered after a hard days graft, but your minds still super charged? Not only will you feel knackered the next day with more mood swings than a teenager! but you’ll also make fat loss come to a grinding halt! Here’s 5 quick tips to boost sleep which intern helps fat loss:

  • Take a magnesium bath 1-2hrs before bed
  • Limit coffee intake – 1 cup per day
  • Avoid TVs, computers, phones at least 1hr before bed – the light emitted disturbs the hormones that help regulate sleep
  • Go to bed before 10.30pm
  • Turn your bedroom in ‘Batmans Cave’ – the darker the room the better

9) Taking Accountability 

I had a . . . **good, bad, boring** (INSERT WORD) day at work so I treated myself to a takeaway! The kids ate ice cream so it was rude not to have one!, I can’t afford to eat healthy. Hands up if you’ve used one of these DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK excuses? (my hands up! I have!). Truth is these excuses will not get you the results you want. The body never lies it’s going to let you know when you have a problem, whether that’s an increase in body fat or a decrease in health (illness, diabetes, skin) the body never lies. Using excuses will justify the reasons and temporarily make you feel better, but your body will not fall for such excuses . . . it will always catch up.

taking charge with LEP Fitness

10) This is Scary…

Did you know that . . .

  • 1/3 of us will get cancer.
  • 200,000 people die each year from heart disease.
  • Nearly 70% of the population are obese or overweight. Current predictions show that by 2030 86% will be obese or overweight. In 1980 only 14% were obese or overweight.
  • According to a recent Daily Mail article – type 2 diabetes alone could bankrupt the NHS by 2020!

If this doesn’t scare you into taking action I don’t know what will!

11) Don’t Worry Be Happy . . .

I’m not talking about the Bobby McFerrin song here! It’s been proven that happy people live longer lives. Happiness and laughter release feel good hormones, which make you feel supercalifragilous expialidocious! I can vouch for this too . . . clients that are content more often than not (we all have our bad days!) get far better results than individuals who are constantly stressed out. Tune into stuff that makes you laugh: watch Happy Gilmore, tune into Billy Connolly, tell a joke, laugh at yourself for being so serious, and the easiest of all. . . smile (if you cant smile hold a pencil between your teeth!)

dont worry be happy with LEP Fitness

12) Listen to Somebody You Trust

There are a lot of Del Boys in the Health & Fitness industry! People trying to sell you magic pills and faddy diets. Also, have you ever noticed your friends suddenly becoming experts? Friends who may have lost a few lbs and completed 10 gym sessions suddenly become gurus and tell you whats best? Before trusting an expert look at their results, what do their testimonials say? Are they genuine testimonials? I like to include a picture of my client as proof on my testimonial page.  Once you find an expert that you trust tune into their advice, if you cannot afford their services connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Watch YouTube videos, and learn what you can. A passionate coach will provide valuable content which will help you get started.

13) Your Not Alone! Body Dysmorphia Affects upto 60% of People 


Suffering with BD? Your not alone. 6 out of 10 people suffer from some type of body dysmorphia, although varying in degrees, this basically means 60% of people are unhappy, hypersensitive and aware of their body image or a specific body part. One of my most popular blog posts to date was when I shared my own negative experience of Suffering with Body Dysmorphia  – Check it out if you can relate.

14) Build Muscle (Men and especially Women!)

If you want to quickly lose body fat and sculpt a more aesthetically pleasing body shape then weight training is the BEST WAY! I can 100% guarantee (providing you do it properly!). Muscle is metabolically active and requires calories in order to sustain it’s mass. The more muscle you have the more calories you can consume and the more you burn. For Men and Women it’s the best style of training you can do for fat loss and body re-sculpturing. If you want some extra help building muscle then you can download my 50 FREE Muscle Building Secrets

15) ‘I Don’t Have Time!’… really means… ‘I’ve Run Out Of Excuses!’

I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t have enough time to workout (they may say they don’t have time – but I soon change that 😉 !). Who said working out has to take sooooo much time? + It’s an investment isn’t it? You’ll hopefully live longer? and gain even more time! If someone says they don’t have the time it just means they don’t want to do it enough.

Let’s take the example of a father who is working from home. His child comes in and says “daddy can I play” and the father says “no, I don’t have the time”. Second scenario, child screams “daddy, I’ve just hurt myself”, so daddy finds time and helps child. Please call BS on your time excuses and have the honest conversation with yourself. You just don’t want it enough. If you’re limited for time either a) make time (get up 10 minutes earlier!) or b) complete short HIIT workouts that you can complete in less than 10 minutes. If your struggling for ideas here’s an 8 minute Fat Burning HIIT Workout I do when I’m pressed for time!

16) Eat Your Greens Kids! Popeye the Sailor Man…


“I’m strong to the finich, cause I eats me spinach. I’m Popeye the Sailor Man.” If it worked for Popeye. . .?? Eating plenty of vegetables (3-5 servings per day!) will flush out fat storing toxins. You’ll also provide your body with a ton of valuable nutrients which help fight illness, infection and boost your immune system. My Top 5 vegetables for boosting health: asparagus, broccoli, sprouts,  green beans, kale.

17) Keep Your Wig On!

Take your time . . . Rome wasn’t built in day! and all that jazz. If you’ve spent the last 10 years working like a nutter, eating a bunch of chemicals, and doing Mars Bar curls 3x per week!. . . Then don’t expect results to happen over night. The longer you’ve neglected your body the longer it’s probably going to take. Accept this and move on, if you don’t it’s only going to get worse, MUCH WORSE! What’s important is that you take action (NOW!), put one foot in front of the other and take the first step. Before you know it you’ll gain momentum and be flying down the path to greater happiness and vitality . . .

18) Detoxify the Body

I designed the FREE 7 Day Detox Plan to help people get kickstarted by cleansing the body ready for long term change. I’ve even thrown in a shopping list to save you time! To download your detox plan (click here to download)

19) Surround Yourself with Like Minded People

If you hang out with a bunch of intellects what do you think will happen to your intelligence? If you hang out with a bunch of alcoholics what do you think will happen to your alcohol consumption? Your environment plays a key role in who you are as a person, it can lift you up or weigh you down.  Even our immediate family and close friends can inadvertently bring us down. It’s not always their fault, they may mean well and have our best interests at heart but paradoxically they are preventing us blossom. Take a hard look at your environment and ask yourself these thought provoking questions:

  • Does it pick me up or pull my down?
  • Are the people I hang out with supportive no matter what?
  • Do I admire/look up to the people I hang out with?

If the answer to any of the above is a ‘NO’ have a think about where you may be in 10 years if you don’t change your environment . . .

20) TOO Much Sugar Will Make You FAT and that’s a FACT!

If your carrying excess winter timbre! then sugar is going to make you gain more body fat. If your going to consume carbohydrate/ sugary based foods the best time to consume them would be around weight training workouts (pre, intra or post workout), your more likely to use the fuel for energy and recovery. As a general rule of thumb low carb dieting works best for rapid fat loss, so ditch the sugars and stick to protein and fat based foods for more energy and MORE FAT LOSS.

21) Ditch FRUIT!

I thought fruit was good for you? Fruit is a carbohydrate and contains fructose, your body can only process a limited amount of fructose, any excess can be converted into body fat. Fruit will provide you with some awesome nutrients and health benefits, however the trade off can be excess body fat storage. You can get the same minerals and nutrients from vegetables and supplements. The leaner you get the more fruit you’ll be able to handle. If you want to know more about the downside of fruit check out my most controversial post to date . . . Why Fruit Is Making You Fat! 

22) Set A 90 Day Target

Where do you want to be in 90 days from now? put a time frame on it! and commit! be specific, the more specific the better. Losing 2 stone (very common kind of goal!) is not great because . . . It’s not the numbers on the scale that will make you happy . . . but your new body shape and the new found feelings and confidence that comes with it! Ditch the scales! Your starting with the end in mind, without a time frame, your trying to climb mount Everest in a day! it’s probably not gonna happen! Remember AIM BIG start small!

A more specific goal would be . . .I would like to lose body fat, 1-2lbs per week would be nice but it’s not the be all and end all. Most importantly i’m going to take charge and make good things happen . . .I’m going to do that by . . . seeing a personal trainer 1x per week, weight training 3x per week, walking to work, eating X, Y and Z. I’m going to monitor my progress by taking weekly pictures, and monthly weigh ins and body measurements. I know that if i continue to take these actions I will make progress and my body shape will continue to improve. You can now begin to work towards your goal because you have set a time frame and have smaller targets to aim for.

23) Listen to the Experts!

Listen to a highly qualified fat loss coach who gets results and knows what they’re talking about not some marketer trying to sell you Herbal Life! I’ve been in this industry for many years and excellent coaches are few and far between. Phil Learney, Nick Mitchell, Mark Coles, Phil Graham, and Ben Coomber are all fantastic coaches and can be found easily via FB and Twitter.

24) Drink Like A Thirsty Camel in the Sahara Desert!


We all know the benefits of water (hydration, stronger mental focus, curbs hunger, healthier skin, helps with digestion, etc) all these things will help you when it comes to fat loss and feeling better mentally and physically.  Consume a minimum of 3 litres per day and take a water bottle with you everywhere you go!

25) Get Your Priorities Straight 

What’s most important in your life? where does you health feature on that list? where would you be without your health? When you put yourself first and prioritise  your health and well-being everybody else benefits too. You have more energy to play with your kids, your in a better mood, your conversation becomes more interesting, you attract awesome people into your life, you sleep better, you feel better, you’ve got more confidence. Prioritise you health, figure out exactly what you want and make it happen by taking action, every single day, whether that’s reading, watching a video, training, cooking a recipe from a cook book, just take action (BIG or small!) every single day!

CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve made it 1/4 of the way through.

26) Your Fears Are Holding You Back

If someone’s not taking action, often it’s easy to believe that is something else rather than the core problem which most of the time can lead back to fear. Fear about what others will think, fear of failure, it’s a problem that many people suffer with and if you’re not where you want to be then chances are fear and resistance are playing their game with you without you even knowing about it. What’s the opposite of this? Well of course, confidence and while you may find yourself confident in certain situations you may have 0 confidence when it comes to how you feel about your body. One thing I can promise is that you can do this,  because I have witnessed hundreds of people just like you make the transformation.

27) It’s Okay to Not be Okay . . . Okay?  

We all have off days. It’s normal. Crikey , I talk about mine all the time, about my struggles, my problems – suffering with Body Dysmophia. People connect with you more if you’re authentic and real than if you’re trying to hide the real you. Personally I want people to be attracted to the real me, not some fake persona. So, I’ll openly admit I’m still growing in many areas of my life, I still struggle with stuff but each time I overcome something I share what I did and how I managed to get over it. It’s leadership when you think about your clients and prospects in this way. It’s okay not to be okay… okay?

28) Mind Your Own Business

What other people think of you is none of your business, it’s theirs! Think about this provocative statement. . .WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! You cannot control what others think so don’t play the game. Whether your over weight, skinny, or muscular somebody is going to judge you, after all do you not judge others? it’s human nature. Don’t let others define you, define yourself. When I posted my Cristiano Ronaldo transformation pic on a recent blog…

Cristiano Ronaldo 12 Week Body Transformation

I received a ton of positive feedback: from clients, and friends, to people who read my blogs. Guess what? I also received a long winded, negative e-mail saying I am a douche bag that takes steroids and has no brains! lol! you just have to laugh. People’s judgements are often a reflection of how that person see’s themselves. Haters gonna Hate! Accept people for who they are and move on. . .

P.S. A great book to add into your Amazon wish list is called Loving What Is by Byron Katie – talks all about this stuff!

29) Tap Into The Power of the Internet 

There’s so much cool information out there which you can access at the click of a button. You can find tasty recipe’s, watch workouts, (check out my YouTube Channel), read articles, listen to podcasts, download books, you name it. Tune into the resources that are right in front of you, learn and take action.

30) The Power Of Now

How many of you regularly think about the past? + try to predict the future? hands up! I do, it’s a constant challenge for me to live in the present but it’s the best way. It’s fantastic to look back, reflect and it’s also important to look into the future but what about today? what about right this second? things are constantly changing all around you, we don’t know how long we’ve got on this planet, or when the last time we’ll see someone alive. With each second were all a little bit closer to death. Morbid much? yep but it’s true, look at the present, look how lucky you are, appreciate what you have, maybe it’s : a roof over your head, a loving partner, the ability to see and hear, to walk and talk, there’s so much we take for granted.

31) Supplement Hype

Supplements taken alongside a robust eating plan can make a humongous difference to your overall health and aid fat loss. My favourite supplements for fat loss would be: magnesium glycerinate, zinc, multivitamin, digestive enzymes and probiotics.

32) Get Mickey Involved! 

fitness coach sheffield - fitness trainer - online fitness coach

Don’t know where to start? Neither did I 10 years ago! Some of the best career decisions i’ve made have been hiring coaches that know more than me. I’ve absorbed the information and learned from the best in the business which has helped me grow my own business! Hiring a coach is an investment that will pay huge dividends and potentially change your life. If your looking for legal advice who do you see? Looking for financial advice? Looking for medical advice?  so why do so many of us take health and fitness into our own hands? Hiring a coach is like buying a fast track pass at Alton Towers, you’ll get on the rides much quicker and save yourself a load of time!    

33) Eat Fat To Lose Fat

Eating fat does not make you fat! huh? yes it’s true! How do I know? well i’ve completed over 6,000 coaching sessions and worked with 100s of people  using high fat and protein based nutritional programming. The results have been phenomenal. Yep eating fat is a great way to boost hormones that are important for building muscle and burning fat. Here’s some fantastic fatty food choices: salmon, mackerel, brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, olive oil, butter, and eggs.

34) Get Ahead Of The Game 

meal prep with LEP Fitness - sheffield personal trainer

What do you need before going into business? a business plan! It’s the same on your fat loss journey you must be organised and have a plan of action. Once you have a nutritional plan to follow, it’s time to prepare meals – this will save you time and prevent you from eating cr*p! Once you receive your nutritional plan. . . commit to buying in 1-2 weeks worth of food and cooking 1-3 days in advance. I use one hob to cook my chicken, another hob to cook my fish, another for vegetables, another for rice! Once cooked I store my food in tupperware boxes and put them in the fridge. It takes me 30 minutes 2x per week. I only spend 60 minutes a week in the kitchen and this gets me 28 meals designed for fat loss! BOOOM! Hows that for BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

35) Support The Community

If you buy food from the super market you’ll spend a small fortune each week + put a load of dosh into Tesco shareholder pockets! You can laugh but one of the best things i’ve discovered. . . is that going to the butchers will save you money, save you time! and support local business in your community! win win win! The quality of meat is much better and a helpful butcher will weigh out your foods to the gram which will save you time preparing meals.

BONUS: If you live in Sheffield and want discount on your meats go to Antony Andrews (Sheffield Indoor Market) and they will give you discount if you say you train with LEP Fitness!

36) Managing Expectations 

Imagine for 4 weeks you have Arnold Schwarzenegger as your personal trainer and Jamie Oliver as your chef! Despite having two outstanding professionals working to help you how much do you think you could actually achieve in 4 weeks? You could certainly make some progress but 4 weeks is 4 weeks (not a lot of time!). Stating the obvious right? But in other contexts we expect too much from ourselves, setting our standards too high for the time frame we give ourselves, when we fail to meet the standard we then beat ourselves up and shut up shop! Set yourself a BIG goal and then break it down into small segments, accept that real progress takes time and consistent effort which brings me onto my next point . . .

37) C  Stands for . . . CONSISTENCY 

I’ve done a Mens Health diet for 4 weeks now and still don’t look like Brad Pitt! Sounds silly but how many of you have followed a program from a magazine? (5 minute abs!) and been disappointed by the end result? Ok . . . How many of you have consistently (80% of the time) stuck to a plan for 4-6 months? hmmmmm I can sense a high drop off rate! Consistency is one of the KEY ingredient to any fat loss endeavour. If you are consistently doing the right things over and over you will get results it’s that simple.

38) Ups & Downs – Riding Emotional Weather Storms

Emotions are like the weather, always present and ever changing, one minute it’s glorious sunshine and everything is peachy, the next minute it’s dark, rainy and things look bleak (can you tell I live in the UK??? lol). Just like everyday life there are ups and downs, you have good days and bad days and sometimes you have both good and bad all in the same day? Your fat loss endeavour is no different, hopefully most of the time results will be heading in the direction you want, however other times things may stall or regress. It’s happened to me and it happens to us all! What’s most important is that your making good overall progress (look at the BIG picture).

I had a client join me last year who was currently bench pressing 60kg but wanted to bench press his body weight (80kg) for 10 reps within 12 months. . . 10 months later he benches 85kg! for 10 reps! TARGET SMASHED!  We then set a new target which was 90kg for 8 reps however we didn’t quite make it. He was disappointed so I had to remind him of how far he had come in 12 months. It’s human nature to always want more but remember how far you’ve come and take credit for taking action and trying to better yourself.

LEP Fitness - ethos - sheffield personal trainer

39) Train Your ABS like Bruce Lee 

Abs not only look cool but they help stabilise your spine and help support overall posture. My favourite ab exercise is the plank, simply because it strengthens your entire abdominal section and you can do it with 0 equipment. Check out my 10 minute ab workout . . . word of caution . . .get ready for the BURN!

40) Be Resourceful – Use Sledgehammers  

Who says you need to train at the gym? I remember 1 year as a student (when I was absolutely skint!) I quit my gym membership and bought a pair of dumbbells . . .  all I did for the year was body weight circuits, free weights and Greg Plitt inspired sledge hammer workouts!

Think outside the box . . .

greg plitt workout using sledge hammers

41) Kit Out An Inspiration Haven 

Pick a place in your house, it could be a room, an office, or even just somewhere on a wall or kitchen fridge where you have a collage of pictures reflecting your dreams, ambitions or goals. On my collage at the moment there’s my dream house, a picture of my family (who I love dearly), a picture of Lake Como (I want to stay in the Grand Hotel for a 1 week!), Richard Branson (love this guy!), Greg Plitt (my fitness idol) and a diamond wedding ring!!!! (which some how made its way onto the board! I blame my girlfriend Sally!).

Nick screeton - owner of LEP Fitness

When times are tough and you don’t want to complete some monitions task look at your board and remember the reasons why you are doing what your doing! It really helps me stay motivated and I know it will help you too.

42) Join A Fitness Community

Being part of a community is extremely fulfilling, especially when that community is looking to better themselves and has full support behind them. Here at LEP Fitness we call it a Tribe and were proud to be part of it. Find a community in your area and join, you’ll be surprised to find many of the people are just like you, wanting to improve and dealing with similar issues. Community is only ever grown well from someone who understands the benefit of being a part of a community. Have you experienced it?

Sheffield personal trainer - Sheffield personal training - sheffield personal trainers - nick screeton - lep fitness - LEP Fitness

43) Heston Blumenthal! Get Creative . . . 

Diets are boring and repetitive, when you put someone on a strict diet your basically saying . . . all these foods on your diet plan are good and you should only eat them! anything off plan is BAD and should be avoided. This usually never ends well because it’s just not sustainable! if I couldn’t do it why should I expect somebody else to?That’s why with most of my clients I prefer to do a pick ’n’ mix style plan which gives the client plenty of variety (over 120 foods to choose from). It’s important to have plenty of options available to you. Instead of seeing RESTRICTION everywhere . . . you can now see all the nutritious, taste bud tingling foods you can have that will also help you torch body fat and make you feel awesome! Mix up how you cook your food: fry, grill, steam, boil, try using new spices, new recipes, marinate, etc. Let me help you get your creative juices flowing . . . with this cool Ice Lolly recipe

healthy ice lollie by Sheffield PT Nick screeton

44)  5 MUST USE Fat Burning Exercises in The Gym 

  1. Front squat
  2. Incline DB row
  3. Deadlift (using trap bar)
  4. Lying Leg Curl
  5. DB bench press

45) Keep Rest Periods SUPER Short

If fat burning is the no 1 goal keep your rest periods short (no longer than 45s between each set). The shorter rest periods will keep your heart beating, raise body temperature and make way for an awesome fat burning session. Try this quick push up workout: Complete 10 sets of push ups perforning AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible), only resting 30s between each set. If you struggle to complete full push ups then do them on your knees.

46) Prevent Planet Burn Out

I’ve burnt myself out more times than I care remember, trying to do too much at once. There was once a time when I was working 70hrs, and training 10x per week! I managed 8 weeks before hitting a BRICK WALL the size of Everest! I could barely move for 5 days straight (no joke!) I was in bed and felt like I’d been 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. Take time to relax, book a massage, go on holiday, go for a walk with your family, read a book, meditate, reflect, take a magnesium bath. Make-sure you factor in some down time. You can’t go 100 mph all the time! Work hard, play hard, CHILL HARD.

47) Tune Into Pain

What happens if you don’t reach your goal? how does that make you feel? What happens in 10 years from now if you don’t get of you bottom? diabetes? heart attack? poor quality of life? lower self esteem? Humans are motivated by pleasure and pain. Paradoxically many of us are motivated by pain . . . The fear of missing out, the fear of loss, the fear of something bad happening . . .Use pain to help drive and propel you in the direction you want to go.

48) 10 Minutes A Day Goes Along Way

A great way to get the pendulum swinging! If you completed 10 minutes of training 5 days a week, all year round that would total 2,600 minutes a year! I’ve done this with plenty of people who’ve been out of training for a long time and the end result usually ends up in them doing much more, especially when results start to show and you feel the benefit it has on uplifting your mood and mindset. So tomorrow (or today?) what 10 minutes of training are you going to do?

49) What Level of Action Taker are You

There’s something I talk about which is the level of action taker someone is. You’re either a non-action taker which means you don’t take much action on what you learn at all. Few are here. Then there’s the part action taker. This is where most people sit. You take information, take some action but don’t follow through and revert back to a comfort zone (strangely why people don’t get results, hint hint). Then there’s the action taker who follows through on most of what they learn. These are the few that become very successful. A job of a mentor / coach as you are is to take someone who is a part-action taker and make them a majority action taker. Who is helping you do this on your fat loss journey?

50) The Grass Is Not Always Greener 

When people go on a diet all they think about are foods that are out of bounds, suddenly foods you never craved you crave! Then when we go off diet we feel rubbish and want to be healthy again! confused much? It’s a vicious cycle I see all to often. It’s ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE to keep plenty of food variety and remember that binging or eating cr*p will make you feel cr*p and then you’ll want to eat more cr*p and feel even cr*pper! (there’s a whole load of crap in there! lol) It’s the Yo-yo dieting culture! Remember that you are in control you have plenty of  choices available, and like anything in life it can be as boring or as exciting as you make it. If you eat lettuce and chicken everyday of course your going to get bored?If your looking for plenty of variety check out my Pick ’N’ Mix Nutritional Plans.

CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve made it 2/4 of the way through.


Are you overwhelmed? If so it normally means you’re not chunking things down enough into small sized pieces, which leads to procrastination. For example this blog is a bit of a hefty task to create. 101 tips and I’ve not written them all in one sitting. Instead I’ve been writing 5-10 in a row and then taking a break, and spreading it out over the course of a few weeks. This way it still gets done but it’s manageable. So instead at looking at your new project as HUGE and unreachable, chunk that bad boy down into bite size bits! This brings me onto my next point . . .

52) Chipping Away

Make good Sh*t happen! 3 years ago I had just started my business, I had 0 website, 0 clients, 0 blogs, 0 confidence and had no idea where to start! 3 years later LEP Fitness has 35 members, a website, and over 100 blogs! Did this happen over night? absolutely not. It happened over the course of 1,095 days! I could spend all day telling you about my anxieties, self doubts, set backs, and confusion over the past 3 years! I’ve had more than my fair share of set backs but I’ve taken action everyday and learnt along the way. Take small action every single day and you’ll build momentum too. Tune into what you want and CHIP CHIP AWAY.

53) Learning How to Lift

There’s much more to lifting weights than going from A to B. If your like most and looking to improve your body shape you need to be able to contract certain muscles and keep them under tension for a long enough period so you can stimulate muscle growth. This is the same for both men and women if you want to enhance your look . . . contract weights under tension!

54) Variety is the Spice Of Life

As well as varying your foods make-sure to vary your workouts at least every 4-8 weeks. This will help keep you body guessing and burning body fat. You could vary your sets, reps, rest, tempo, exercise selection, and volume. Word of WARNING though don’t change them all at once, pick one variable and asses progress . . . is it working? if the answer is YES then keep going, if the answer is NO maybe it’s time to switch things up. Your body provides a constant feedback loop if somethings wrong find out what it is and make change.

55) Music For Better Workouts 

In my opinion there’s nothing better than blasting out some music during a workout. One day it may be some heavy metal (like SlipKnot!), another day rap (Dre Dre), dance, pop (Spice Girls – that’s a joke!) hip hop, house, you name it. Music can lift your mood and give you energy! Music is a quick way to get you motivated and can really enhance the energy and productivity of your workout. So grab your headphones and I Pod and get pumping!

56) Don’t Skip Leg Day!

dont skip leg day - LEP Fitness - sheffield personal trainer

The gluteus maximus (more commonly know as your butt!) is the largest muscle in the body. Training legs is key when it comes to annihilating body fat due to high caloric expenditure. Throw a leg exercise into every workout: front squats, leg press, lying hamstring curls, and the Romanian dead lift are all excellent choices. If you’re tired of walking around with chicken legs then check out this post . . . click here

57) Less Is More…

When it comes to training most people think the more the better. However quality beats quantity any day of the week! 3 intense workouts far surpasses  5-6 half hearted workouts. You can get great results by training 3x per week, you just have to be smart and get hold of the right plan.

58) Start The Day How You Mean To Go On

Are you a carb breakfast junky? cereal, bagels, bread type of person? These breakfasts may test good but they’ll send your blood sugar levels up and down like a yo-yo and make you crave more carbs throughout the day. When your blood sugar levels go low you’ll grab the carbs! Much better to select a high fat/high protein breakfast, foods such as: eggs, steak, sausages, and bacon with a side portion of vegetables will give you awesome energy + a robust mental edge throughout the morning.

59) Prioritise Weights over cardio

If your goal is to blitz body fat and enhance your body shape . . . . lift weights. I must have mentioned this at least 10x in this post and over 1,000,00000000 times in my blogs. But I say it for a good reason . . . it works 😉 . If you have time for cardio as well then great but 30 minutes of weight training 3x per week hits the spot and gets results.

60) No Carbs Before Marbs

You may have heard carbs are the enemy? there really not! however for the over weight person looking to lose body fat . . . spending time on a low carb diet can be hugely beneficial. It will allow your body to switch from burning carbs to burning fat! sounds good right? Where most people go wrong is when they go low carb for too long and they fail to replace carbohydrates with other fuels (fats and proteins). Imagine trying to drive from Scotland to London with half a tank of petrol? your just not gonna make it!

61) Flip It

There are going to be days when sh*t hits the fan, and you feel like giving up. Life will throw curve balls at you (that’s just life!). Drowning in self pity may get you sympathy but it wont sort the problem. Learn to flip a negative situation and turn it into a positive. When I first started LEP Fitness (3 years ago) It would annoy me when a member would cancel last minute. It was frustrating after all I had booked my time to help this person…Very quickly I came to realise that getting frustrated served absolutely no purpose so I decided that next time a client cancelled I would spend that time writing posts for the LEP Facebook Page instead. I also designed a cancellation policy to prevent this happening in the future, which has been a great success. See i flipped the situation into a positive! When cr*p does hit the fan ask yourself these questions . . . how can I turn this into a positive? what’s good about this situation? can I learn from this? What could I do next time it happens?

62) Deal or No Deal 

Being healthy and working out isn’t something you do for a few months, it’s a continuous lifestyle that you must invest in. There are going to be times when you do fall short of equilibrium but a longterm healthy, balanced lifestyle is always the end goal. Remember . . . if you don’t use it . . . you lose it!

63) Keeping a Record 

Tracking progress is key, so make-sure you start logging your workouts and monitoring improvements. I would advise that you first have a plan that’s tailored to your goals and level of fitness. Once that’s been arranged and you start your new program start logging each workout (exercises, sets, reps, rest, tempo, etc). I use this Gym Diary – which lays out a template, containing all you need to track your workouts + it pops nicely into your gym bag!

64) Resistance Band Hype

I’m a huge fan of training with resistance bands, because they’re small (can fit into a sock!), inexpensive (£2.99), and you can hit every muscle using them. Whenever I’m on the road and want a workout I pack them in my suitcase. Check out my FREE workout video . . . this is the workout I used on holiday! BONUS . . . it only takes 10 minutes to complete!

65) Have a Break Have A Kit Kat

When you get into the routine of training frequently it’s important to factor in recovery strategies to help your body and mind repair. Training can be a huge stress on the CNS (Central Nervous System). If you fail to implement recovery strategies, you’ll find yourself on a one way ticket to planet burn out! I’ve been there, trust me . . . it sucks! Everything is an effort (even brushing your teeth saps the life out of you!).

How can I recover from training? Listen to your body. It will let you know when you need to back of, listen to it, drop the warrior mentality – you wont be battling for very long if you ignore the signs. Eat adequate amounts of protein (between 1-2g per kg of body weight). Protein will help repair muscle damage. Factor in chill time – take a bath, go for a light walk, back of from training (take a week off every now and then), read, spend time with friends, family, etc. There’s much more to life than training . . . don’t be one of those obsessed gym junkies that misses every social occasion to eat chicken and broccoli!

66) Meat & Two Veg!

You can’t go wrong really if you eat meat and vegetables, proper cave man food! Red meats are high in iron (energy boost), zinc (helps build a robust immune system), and B – Vitamins (healthy skin, eyes, and digestion). Some great red meat choices: steak (all varieties), liver, beef, ostrich, venison. White meats such as chicken and turkey are also excellent choices and provide a whopping 45g of protein per 150g serving! (remember you need protein to build and repair your body!).

67) Fasting like Gandhi 

I’m a BIG fan of fasting once in a while because it gives your digestive system a break. Every time you eat the digestive organs are responsible for breaking down food before sending it where it needs to go! Alongside resting your digestive system, fasting can also create an opportunity to burn fat (in the right context). I use fasting with a handful of LEP members, we may do a mini fast i.e. skip breakfast 1 day a week, or a medium fast (breakfast and lunch) or a 24 hr fast (it depends on a number of factors). I certainly wouldn’t recommend fasting if your calories are already too low (but that’s a story for different day…)

68) Scribble Out The Word ‘Excuse’

Scribble out the word ‘Excuse’ from you dictionary and eradicate the word your vocabulary! Lack of time, tiredness and excuses like these won’t get you the results you want. Stay focused, chip away every day and enjoy the journey!

69) HIIT em Up and Stop Taking the LISS!

I know I go on a lot about weights being the best method for sculpting and transforming body composition but cardio does have it’s place. There are 2 main types of cardio for fat loss 1) HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) and 2) LISS cardio (Low Intensity Steady State). The benefit of HIIT training is that your workouts are much shorter, the downside is that it’s much more intense and pretty brutal on the body! The benefits of LISS . . . intensity is lower (more casual), the downside is you feel like you’ve had less of a workout and it takes a longer. Both types of cardio can be very effective for fat loss.

70) Food Conveyer Belt

Food allergies are very common and cause uncomfortable symptoms, placing the body under stress which ultimately affects your bodies ability to burn fat. Back in 2011 I was told I had the equivalent of 23 Jelly Babies stuffed up my nose! That’s no joke. I had ‘nasal polyps’ – over growths within the nose that make nasal breathing near enough impossible! they made me sound like Darth Vader and feel like dog cr*p. Since that time i’ve had 4 sinus surgeries!

I’ve since learned i’m allergic to cats (meow), grass (hay fever – achoo!!), and a handful of foods that contain salicylates (grapes, blueberries, broccoli, strawberries).I’ve learned a ton of information on allergy and food intolerances the past few years.  They are extremely common and maybe effecting you to. If you notice any of these symptoms after eating foods you may have an allergy or food intolerance: headaches, sneezing, wheezing, anxiety, brain fog, mood swings, depression, bloating , water retention, itchy eyes. To prevent future food allergies developing make-sure you regularly rotate your foods. Make-sure to keep a well balanced diet. If your unsure of whether or not you have a food allergy then pay attention to how you feel after each meal and seek medical advice.

71) As You Thinkethh

“All that you achieve and all that you fail to achieve is the direct result of your own thoughts. In a justly ordered universe, where loss of equilibrium would mean total destruction, individual responsibility must be absolute. Your weakness and strength, your purity and impurity, are your own, and not anyone else’s. They can only be altered by yourself, never by one else. Your condition is also your own, and not anyones else’s. Your suffering and your happiness are evolved from within. As you think, so you are: as you continue to think, so you remain.” – Taken from the book ‘As You Think’ by James Allen

72) Friends Halt Fat Loss . . . 

fat friends - halting your progress

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

If your friends go out and party at the weekends, get drunk, eat take-aways, then what are you likely to do? It’s human nature to want to be liked and be part of a group. It’s a built in survival mechanism, having a troop feels safer than being without. Thats all well and good if you have a healthy troop. But if you have a bad one . . .Your in trouble! Drinking coffee, eating cake, going out for some drinks and partying does not make you a bad person. However . . . If you want to get healthy, lose weight, drop inches, blitzzzz body fat are you putting yourself in the best environment? If you really want to improve your body and change old habits you have to take look at your surroundings. If you do not change your environment you will constantly be fighting a losing battle.

73) Don’t be a Copy Cat!

What works for one person may not work for you. We are idiosyncratic humans, individually unique and special! A One size fits all approach doesn’t exist. What coaches like myself have is a tool box of secret weapons that can be used according to the clients needs. For example the plans I prescribe depend on the clients fitness level, training experience, food tolerance, psychology, stress levels, to name but a few factors. I can then dip into my tool box of tricks to help the individual based on my experience and expertise. Make-sure to always purchase a plan specifically tailored towards your goals. Otherwise you may not get the results you were hoping for!

74) ‘AlcoHELL!’ . . . I mean Alcohol!

“Went ‘tut’ pub had 10 pints!”

Unlike macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats, alcohol supplies what nutritionists often refer to as empty calories: calories without nutrition! To make matters worse, it’s the first fuel to be used by the body, postponing the fat-burning process and contributing to greater fat storage. Alcohell! also lowers testosterone and causes damage to the stomach, kidneys and liver! It’s ‘okie cokey’ to drink once in a while, but remember if fat loss is the goal, you may want to re-asses your weekly drinking habits. Bonus: check out this post for the best alcohol choices – click here

75) Reward Yourself 

If you hit your fat loss journey with maximum effort, then you should reward yourself for your hard work. Also this is great for when you hit targets. When you give yourself rewards you reinforce your success and you’ll be more inspired to keep on hitting through your other goals. It doesn’t have to be a big reward, or it could be something awesome. Set your goal, set the reward for hitting that goal and then set your next goal!

CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve made it 3/4 of the way through.

76) Rev Up the Fat Burn by using Black Coffee 

Drinking 1-2 cups of black coffee within two hours of working out can really help you burn body fat. Skip the cream and ditch the sugar (which add unwanted calories and fat). Avoid drinking coffee at other times of the day; doing so can desensitize you to the fat-burning effects of caffeine.

77) Under Eating will make you Fatter!

“It’s scientifically proven that the more you diet the fatter you end up” –

What? yep! you heard me! When you under eat (crash diet) you may drop ‘weight’. However, most of this weight drop will come from water, and muscle loss. You also feel absolutely miserable! am I right? When you crash diet and calories become too low your metabolism slows down (because it doesn’t need to work as hard). Crash diets are not sustainable so when you return to normal eating (or binge) your metabolism has lost the capacity (which it had before), failing to meet the higher demand.

Your metabolism is now overwhelmed, your body has gone into survival mode, so it’s now storing every calorie under the sun! layering fat down near vital organs (such as the stomach, and thighs!)  and you end up with even more body fat than you had before! This means only 1 thing. . . Time to crash diet again? NOOOOOOO for crying out loud! Please don’t put yourself through this misery ever again “pretty please!” You need a certain amount of daily calories in order to function properly (thinking, breathing!). Let alone for working out, and other activities. If your unsure of how many calories you need check out my Custom Meal Plan page Here’s to NO MORE MISERY! “bye bye crash diets!”

78) The Problem Is Rarely What You Think It Is

In the MAJORITY of cases, what you think is the problem on your fat loss journey is not the problem. Most believe it to be one thing and that is far from the actual core issue which can come down to personal motivational drivers, confidence, self-worth and fat loss strategy. Everybody is unique and as soon as the REAL reason is identified, the floodgates can open.


single ingredient food - LEP Fitness

A quality diet tip for fat loss is to only eat single-ingredient foods. If you use this guiding rule, you’ll immediately cut out all the processed, unhealthy foods that can quickly put a stop to weight loss and have you feeling unwell. Single ingredient foods are in their most natural state and will contain the most nutrition to help keep your body healthy throughout the weight-loss process; they’ll leave you energized as well!

80) Put Your Hood Up and Train Like a Gangster!

Throw on a hoodie before working out, not only will you look ‘super cool’ but when your muscles are warm, you actually burn more calories. Use a piece of cardio equipment in your warm up (wearing a hoodie) for 10 minutes before going into your workout. Whilst warming up focus on what you want to achieve in your session and how great you’re going to feel after!

81) Cross Trainers = More Fat Loss

When choosing cardio equipment opt in for machinery which involves both the upper and lower body. Equipment such as the cross trainer and rowing machine are excellent choices. You’ll recruit more muscles in your arms and legs + burn more overall calories! You’ll also improve circulation and increase the likely hood of burning body fat evenly.

82) MyFitnessPal

Tap into the power of free apps! MyFitnessPal  allows you to track your overall food consumption, record and monitor protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre, and vitamin intake,  set calorie targets, weight loss targets, track exercise, calories burnt, and much more.

83) Do Something Mental!

Did you know that rock climbing and canoeing can burn up to 800 calories per hour? If you enjoy a thrill then get out of your comfort zone and ‘do something mental!’. Training doesn’t have to be in a gym, it could be done in a park, on a rock face, in a swimming pool, riding a bike, on a boat, and many other places. A few years ago me and my friend decided to do a mental workout, doing pull ups on bridges, and sprints on train tracks! See video below – don’t try this at home!)

84) Woof Woof!

Buy a dog (or borrow your girlfriends!). Taking a dog for a walk 20 minutes a day can help you shed 14 lbs a year according to Mens Fitness  

85) Skippy Longstocking

LEP Nick skipping

1-3 sessions of skipping per week will really help you melt that extra layer of abdomen fat. Using a jump rope for just 10 minutes burns the same number of calories as a 15 minute jog! If your comfortable with skipping try this… put your I pod on shuffle, the first song that comes on – skip for the duration of the song! (fingers crossed a Mozart album doesn’t come on!) If your new to skipping, see how long you can  skip for in one go, then for the next 6 weeks aim to add between 10-30s of skipping per week.

86) Steam Engine on Heat

Use a steam or sauna room after working out! The heat and increased metabolism in the steam room helps blood vessels to expand, thereby allowing for smoother blood flow and better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to vital organs. This improves overall health and fitness, while also boosting the immune system. In terms of reaping the benefits for your skin, the sauna is better for muscle relaxation and lowering blood pressure whereas the steam room will help with overall detoxification of the body—the preference is yours. Saunas use dry heat whereas steam rooms use more moist heat.

87) Burpees

Just the thought of a burpee is enough to send shivers down your spine and trembles down your legs hey? I have been asked before what’s my number 1 favourite exercise? well this is it . . . BURPEES! From an overall fitness perspective the burpee targets the legs, stomach, arms and provides an awesome cardio work out! making it tick all boxes for me + you can take it anywhere! (you don’t need any equipment).

88) Fitbit!

Fitbits are the real deal! There’s an entire range of stylish watches which allow you to track steps, distance, calories burned, and also monitor how well you sleep. Fitbits feel smooth on the wrist, look super cool and help monitor progress but they also force you to be more accountable (you can’t hide!) – the watch will encourage you to take more action. Here at LEP Fitness we’ve had great success with clients that use the Fitbit Flex.  We’ve found that clients who wear fit bits complete on average 25% more steps per day (hello more fat loss!).

89) Push It Real Good! 

Do push-ups every morning. It’ll jump-start your day, and it gets in some additional upper-body training. Push ups are one of the mac daddy’s when it comes to building a strong upper body. They target the pecs, shoulders, triceps and stimulate the core muscles. Go wide to hit the chest, and narrow to hit the triceps. Set a weekly target i.e. 140 push ups over 7 days (20 per day), then every 2-4 weeks add another 10 reps to your weekly target.

90)  Lifting Partner 

I’m not talking about a partner that chats about Coronation St and what he got upto at the weekend! I’m referring to a partner who’s focused on getting results! Aim to train with a partner who’s either the same level or slightly better than you are. A good lifting partner will provide support, and enhance your workout – allowing you to get more reps, and lift more (make-sure they know how to spot properly!).

91) Lean Mean Cleaning Machine

A whahhhh? I hear you say! Doing household chores burns a ton of calories. Mowing the lawn burns 346 calories per hour, raking leaves (230), and washing your car (269). Doing a weekly clean up could help you burn an additional 1,000-2,000 calories per week. Clean home and more fat loss = Win Win!

92) Training Split

I’ve found the most effective training split for beginners and intermediates is to separate workouts into upper and lower body sessions. Select 6 exercises per workout and perform 3 working sets of each (18 sets per workout). Vary your rep ranges from 6-10 to 11-15. Pick the most bang for your buck exercises such as: bench press, back rows, military press, dips, squats, front squats, deadlifts, pull ups, leg press, etc

93) Regular Visits to the B ROOOOM!

Are you regularly visiting the bathroom? If your drinking enough fluids and consuming enough fibre you should be visiting the bathroom regularly and emptying your bowls at least once a day. Staying hydrated (minimum of 2 litres of water per day) and consuming adequate amounts of fibre (between 25-40g) per day will help flush out toxins and remove body fat. Foods high in fibre are: nuts, brown rice, beans, vegetables, and porridge. Adding in a fibre supplement can also help you reach your 25-40g target much more easily.

94) Beach Bum – Sunshine!

If your like me (living in the UK) chances are your not getting enough Vitamin D (we get 14 days worth of sun each year – and that’s if were lucky!). Vitamin D is important as it helps us maintain healthy bones, teeth and provides a protective effect against multiple diseases and conditions such as cancer and type 1 diabetes! Vitamin D deficiency is also associated with a higher risk of obesity. How can I get more vitamin D? Foods high in vit D are: salmon, sardines, egg yolk, shrimp. However to get adequate amounts you would be best to use a supplement and spend more time in the sun.

95) Take Away the Take Away (Tongue Twister!)

If you fancy some take away food then make the home made healthier equivalent. Fancy something sweet make some protein pancakes. Something savoury? a home made curry. You can get the same satisfaction and taste without the added preservatives, and empty calories.

96) Elimante Energy Sapping Foods!

Today I want you to clear all the junk from your fridge, freezer and cupboards. This includes all processed ready meals, refined sugars, fizzy drinks, snacks and booze. Why? By removing junk from your life you will avoid daily temptations and finally give your body the chance to start burning stored fat.

97) Yoga = Less Stress = More Fat loss

Combating stress is another must-do for success and fat loss, and there’s no better way to do so than by taking yoga classes. Not only will you crush stress, but you put yourself more in touch with your body and healthy living, which can help you make wiser choices when it comes to your nutritional plan. Furthermore, yoga will help to ease muscle soreness by lengthening the muscles and reducing pent up tension.

98) Giving Out the Right Energy for success… 

99) Sprinting Up the Fat Loss Ladder

There’s nothing more demanding than sprinting using maximum effort. Sprints are a fantastic exercise for fat loss when done correctly. Providing you don’t suffer from knee or back pain (or any pain that effects running!). Pick an inclined slope (10-20 degrees) and sprint 50-100m as fast as possible, walk back down the slope focusing on slow deep breaths (this is your chance to recover) and then repeat the sprint once at the bottom. Repeat this circuit 5-10x and perform at least 1x per week.

100) Just Do Something…

I’ve recently started a new system with LEPers. I’ll give them some homework to do outside of sessions (home or gym workout) but i’ll do 3 variations of the same workout:

  • Variation 1: Easy
  • Variation 2: Medium
  • Variation 3: Difficult

The workout will be exactly the same but the sets and reps will vary, obviously the Difficult workout will take longer and be more challenging and the easier workout is shorter and easier. See I want people to have choices, so it can fit within their lifestyle. In an ideal world you would train 3-5x per week and for 30-60 minutes, but I understand not everyone can or is set up for this especially straight away. From my experience (over 6,000 coaching sessions!) people are either completely on it! or completely off it! what about middle ground? Even training for 5 minutes is much better than nothing. Always have a short back up workout that you can do anywhere and complete in under 5 minutes. Build momentum up slowly and my favourite saying… chip chip chip away!

101 Amazing Fat Loss & Mind Hack Secrets - LEP Fitness - Nick Screeton - owner of LEP Fitness - sheffield PT - sheffield personal trainers

101) If at First You Don’t Succeed . . .

“Dust Yourself of and try again!”. Life’s a marathon not a sprint. Would you expect to set up a million pound company in 6 months? or build the house of your dreams from scratch in a few weeks? if you said yes . . . I would class you as the class joker! or call you barking mad!

Fat loss takes time, get a plan in place, give it your best, adapt when you need to but most importantly do not stop trying. I’ve lost count the amount of times i’ve struggled and so have my clients, you just need to pull out another trick from your tool box and keep trying until you find what works. Save this post ‘book mark it!’ and refer to it when you need a refresh. Don’t hesitate to give me a holla if you need any help. I love helping others, it’s taken me 6 months to put this post together! Can’t you tell . . . . I love what I do! and want to help as many people as possible.

CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve made it ALL of the way through. If you would like to not miss my blog updates simply.

Well, that wasn’t the quickest post to write, but I sincerely hope you got a lot from it.

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