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12 year old doesn’t go in the pool because she’s fat!


12 year old doesn’t go in the pool because she’s fat!

depressed girl

I’d just sat down on the sun-lounger with my book, as my lunch began to digest (pizza and chips!) I heard a young girl (I’d guess 12-15) say to her mum she wouldn’t get in the pool because she’s fat!

I couldn’t believe it! Shocked I looked up, this girl was a normal size, she most definitely wasn’t fat.

I was shocked to hear a lady so young talk about herself in this way.

No doubt this is affecting her in all areas of life too; at home, at school, etc. My heart melted and a sudden wave of sadness came over me.

I looked up at this youngster, who’s head was down and her facial expression lacked confidence. I didn’t have to be a psychologist to figure out what was going through her mind.

It got me thinking where has this belief about herself come from?

– the media?
– friends?
– family?

Either way it’s a great shame.

You only have to buy a celeb magazine or follow famous people on Instagram to realise what a shallow world we live in. Our youngsters (wow I sound like an old man!) are constantly comparing themselves to these body beautiful’s. The sculpted beach bodies and airbrushed photos.

I know a large majority of people have body hangups (me included) but it’s important not to let this beat you down.

There’s a way through…

1) You have the power to change. Through exercise, and through diet you can change your body shape. That’s a fact. If you don’t know what to do seek professional help and hire a coach.

2) There’s much more to you than your body image. If your sole identity is based on looks your going to be greatly disappointed.

Ladies there’s always going to be someone with bigger eyes, thicker hair, a slimmer waist and fancier clothes.

Guys there’s always a guy bigger, stronger, taller, etc.

Your body is a part of you but it doesn’t define you. It’s great to strive for a better looking body, but it’s far more important to work on what matters.

Getting to know yourself, accept your flaws (warts and all) and Improving self confidence go much further. Everything starts within, work on that sh*t first and the rest will follow.

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