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15 Free Life Changing Fitness & Diet Tips


Here are 15 Free Life Changing Fitness & Diet Tips Which You Can Start Using Today . . .

1) 12 Foods You Must Add Into Your Shopping Basket This Week To Torch Body Fat

1) spinach
2) onions
3) avocados
4) mushrooms
5) cucumber
6) celery
7) chicken
8) minced beef
9) steak
10) salmon
11) olive oil
12) coconut oil


2) 3 Things You MUST To Do Guarantee Yourself Results

1) Weight training and cardio (a right blend needed here)

2) Good recovery (i’m taking 7-8hrs sleep every night! and reducing stresses)

3) The Correct Nutritional strategy (see Custom Meal Plan)

If you do the 3 things above consistently (at least 80% of the time) you will 100% get results.



3) 5 Cheap Ingredients To Boost Your Metabolism 

1) Cayenne Pepper
2) Cinnamon
3) Ginger
4) Mustard
5) Water

4) 3 Things You May Not Know About Core Training

1) Improves reaction speed and mental function. Your spine is the messenger between body and brain. Having a stable and aligned spine allows your brain to receive messages more efficiently.

2) A strong core makes you less vulnerable to back injuries!

3) The stronger your core, the taller and leaner you will look because this muscular scaffolding holds your belly and lengthens your skeleton.


5) Quick Tips For Females Wanting A Toned Backside!

Focus more on glute and hamstring exercises in your workouts.

Best exercises would include:

1) Stiff legged deadlifts

2) Seated/standing leg curls

3) Glute raises

4) Back extensions (using hamstrings to contract instead of lower back)


6) Super Fast Muscle Building Tip . . .

Focus on the lowering phase of each rep.

Take 4s on the lowering phase and make-sure to squeeze the muscle as hard as possible throughout the set.

Your muscles will be on fire!

The Quality of reps is what truly counts.


7) Why Food Is Making You Feel Like Horse Crap!

Most of our neuro transmitters (signals to the brain) are held in the gut. 95% of serotonin (helps to maintain mood balance) is stored in the digestive system! Thoughts, moods and feelings are all affected by the foods we put into our bodies.

It’s pretty simple…

Eat crap = Feel Crap

We then eat crap again to make us feel good!



8) FATTY Foods Are Awesome & Here Is Why . . .

FINALLY the media has caught on….

With full fat back on the menu people are reaching for the ‘healthy oils’. But not all bottles are created equal.

Ones to Avoid:
Sunflower Oil
Omega blends

Oils to pop into your shopping basket next time:
Krill Oil
Extra Virgin Olive


9) 5 Quick Solutions To Help You Recover From Stress

1) Take a bath and soak in some Epsom salts (eases aches and speeds repair after the gym)

2) Book yourself in for a massage

3) Foam roll your muscles

4) Ice Bath

5) Wear compression tights


10) Food Variety Is A Key Ingredient To Amazing Results

Here’s a Quick, tasty way to mix up your breakfast . . .

Switch Hen eggs for either….



11) 6 Foods You Can Start Eating Today To Make Yourself Smarter

1) Garlic (high in vitamin B6)
2) Carrots (high in beta carotene : which slows down mental decline)
3) Rye Bread (low GI carbs)
4) Plum tomatoes (contains lutein which aids learning and memory)
5) Wild Salmon (Brain fog clearing! packed in Vitamin D)
6) Blueberries (high in antioxidants)


12) Constantly Failing To Lose Your Squiggy Tummy Role?

Here’s what you may be doing wrong!

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13) Do You Know What The Best Diet Plan Is To Lose Fat? 

I do. . .

It is not what you think!

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14) The 5 Best UK Fitness Coaches To Follow In 2015

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15) Do You Want To Be Chubby And Out Of Shape Again Next Year?

You do? ok . . . .  probably best to leave this page!

If you have had enough and so desperately want to change . . .

Here are some tips to help you stay on track

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Hope you enjoyed the highlights for this month and learned a thing or two . . .

Any questions you may have I would love to hear from you, you can contact me by clicking here