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2.5 Stone down! and still going strong…

2.5 Stone down! and still going strong

I started working with Fahd back in January 2018, in total we did 30 sessions over the course of 12 weeks. During our time together he lost a whopping 2 stone! 

Alongside the impressive weight loss he also managed to build some lean muscle:  legs, arms, chest and back, whilst also managing to achieve a leaner, flatter midsection. 

We stopped training after 3 months due to Fahd’s work commitments but have stayed in touch since…

Last week I received a text…

Saying he was still going strong, still going to the gym and had managed to lose another half a stone (around 8lbs!). He also sent me a picture of himself in a suit (looking mighty dapper!) to show off his body transformation. 

Longterm Results…

As much as I love to help clients transform their health, fitness and body shape, the greatest achievement for me personally is whether or not they manage to keep their results in the future without my help.

That’s when I know i’ve done my job. 

It’s one thing putting a client through an intensive 3-6 month program and helping them along the way, it’s another thing teaching them and providing them with the tools they need to maintain their new found healthy lifestyle long after we’ve ceased working together. 

When seeing a client 2-3x per week it’s pretty easy to get results because there’s frequent contact and you can motivate them to train. But behind closed doors and when their personal trainers not around any longer what happens then? 

Unfortunately lots of people naturally gravitate back to old ways! 

8 Keys To A Successful Coaching Transformation…

There are 8 things I try to do with clients whilst working together. I don’t use all of them with everybody, but these are some of the most important…

#1 Exercise Execution – I will break down exercises into small chunks and teach clients how to retract, and depress shoulder blades, hinge at the hip, and other essential movement patters to help exercises such as the squat, bench press, and deadlifts, to name but a few. I will spend time, especially at the beginning (first 4-8 weeks) breaking down exercises and coaching proper form. 

#2 Installing Healthier Beliefs and Thought Patterns – lots of people lack self confidence. They don’t believe they can do it alone, and that’s one of the reasons for hiring a personal trainer in the first place. One thing I try to do is build up a clients confidence by patting them on the back and acknowledging all the good things they are doing. Over time they start to realise that they can do it. Once the belief ‘I can do it’ is ingrained they will be able to maintain results alone. 

#3 Educate – I want clients to understand why they are doing what they are doing. For example why they need to track calories to lose weight, the different types of training (HIIT, LISS, weight training, etc). Alongside the physical bits, techniques, etc I also want to educate them more on the mind, habits, and behaviours that are holding them back and what they need to do to help them positively re-build their mindset and lifestyle. They need to be aware that mind affects body and body affects mind. One without the other rarely works. I’ll often share books, podcasts and provide extra support on such topics. 

#4 Bespoke Plan – the science behind muscle building and weight loss is pretty simple. To lose weight you have to create a calorie deficit and to gain weight… the opposite. That said everybody is different and needs a tailored plan of action to suit fitness level, mobility, lifestyle, etc. 

#5 Progress Tracking – i’m a big fan of taking weight, before and after pictures, and taking measurements from the waist, legs, arms, and chest. I also like to do fitness tests and keep a record of where each client is at. Both you and the client can then see what progress has been made and what needs to be improved. 

#6 Push Boundaries – most of the limitations we set ourselves are a load of BS! We create our own comfort zone based on past experiences and what we believe about ourselves to be true. I like to push clients and get them to do more reps then they think they can do. For example I’ll often say half way through a set “how many more reps do you think you have in you?” they may something like “5!” I’ll then get them to do 7 reps! lol It’s things like this that build character and confidence. 

#7 Ongoing Support – I want clients to know that I have their back and am willing to help them as much as possible. I encourage clients to contact me outside of sessions with any questions they have. Whether it’s asking me what to eat at a restaurant or whether it’s sending me a gym selfie, after a fitness class – it doesn’t matter! I like clients to keep in contact with me because it shows that they are investing thought, effort and time into their personal endeavour. 

#8 Remove Negative Self Talk – If your high school PE teacher said something that dented your confidence when you were younger, then it may still affect you today. You may have created a negative belief about yourself and told yourself ‘i’m not good enough’ or something along those lines. You then talk to yourself in this manor and become your own worst enemy. One thing I try to do is get clients to think to remove negative self talk in and out our sessions, reminding them that negative self talk gets you nowhere.

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