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20 Highly Effective Exercises You Can Do with A Sandbag…



20 Highly Effective Exercises You Can Do with A Sandbag

Last month I purchased an RDX Sandbag and it’s been one of the best pieces of equipment I’ve bought to date (and i’ve bought a bunch of gym equipment over the last 10 years!) 

Being a personal trainer and using all sorts of weird an wacky devices (weighted vests, squat ramps, foam rollers, etc) it was time for me to try something new and that’s why I opted for the sandbag. 

In this post i’m going to explain the benefits and advantages of using a sandbag over other standard pieces of gym equipment (dumbbells, barbells, machines, etc). I’ve also put together a video showing you how to do 20 highly effective exercises with a sandbag 

5 Benefits of Sandbag Training…  

5 Benefits of Sandbag Training

#1 Cheap 

For a gym membership you are likely looking at at least £120 per year (and that’s for a budget gym). To train at a place like Virgin Active you could be looking at £600 + per year! You can pick up a 25kg sandbag for just £52.99!

#2 Good Fun

If you are like me, very much into working out and have spent most of your workouts doing standard dumbbell and barbell exercises then you’ll know that after a while it can get a little boring! Picking up a sandbag is a great way to spice up your workouts and make them more enjoyable. 

#3 Little Space Needed

The RDX sandbag I purchased is about half a meter in length and very easy to store at home. You don’t need much space to workout whilst using it and you can do a full body sandbag workout in the comfort of your home. 

#4 Functional Training 

Due to the sands movement whilst working out it makes you engage lots of additional muscle groups, especially the core muscles and smaller muscle groups which are often neglected during a standard weight training program. If used correctly the sandbag will help you improve performance, coordination and overall athleticism. 

#5 Improve strength  

There are plenty of highly effective compound lifts that you can do using a sandbag. I have included a bunch of them in the video below. Exercises like the squat, lunges, deadlifts and bench press all have the power to help you recruit large muscle groups – leading to an improvement in overall body strength.

20 Highly Effective Exercises You Can Do with A Sandbag…

More Free Workouts…

There are plenty of free workouts available on my site. Over the next couple of months I also plan to do a video for the following…

  • Resistance band only workout  
  • Bodyweight only workout
  • Dumbbells only workout
  • Weighted vest only workout 
  • Barbell only workout 

That way you can pick up some basic equipment and have plenty of free workouts to try either at the gym or in the comfort of your own home.

Thanks for visiting my site, see you soon! 

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Nick 🙂