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20 Minute ‘Fat Furnace’ Workout Using Dumbbells & Bodyweight Exercises…


Welcome to the Fat Furnace…

fat furnace

A place where body fat get’s blitzed and tummy roles disappear. The furnace that leaves your heart beating faster than a Keith Moon drumroll. If you complete the Fat Furnace workout 3x per week, your body will say “bye bye to fat!” and “hello” to a sculpted body!  You’ll also get a fitness upgrade!

No Time To Train…

Working long hrs?

Finding it hard to find the time?

Slightly depressed with these dark, cold winter days?

Me too! I can totally empathise with you.

I’ve been swept of my feet this week, worked approximately 70hrs (yep, that’s about 20hrs more than usual!) I’ve had to edit/transfer 118 blogs over to the new site (lost the will to live), move house, complete 43 sessions and that’s not the half of it! I’ve literally had 0 time to go to the gym and it really annoyed me! I did however come up with a ‘gem’ of a fat burning workout and the good news is that…

  • Only takes 20 minutes
  • Sculpts muscles
  • Leaves you pouring with hard earned sweat equity and a deep muscle burn!
  • Sends a surge of ‘feel good’ endorphins whooshing around your body!

The Exercises:

Flat DB Floor Press

flat DB press with LEP Fitness - sheffield personal trainer

Lying down with a pair of DB’s bend your arms to 90 degrees so that your triceps are touching the floor. Tense the chest muscles and then press the weights up, focusing on contracting the chest by bringing the DB’s inwards. Once at the top contract the chest, before slowly lowering back down to the starting point.

Jump Squats

Jump squats - LEP Fitness - fitness trainer sheffield

Just like the squat but with a jump! Squat down (90 degrees) and then forcefully explode up into a jump (1-2 inches high) and then go straight back into the next jump.

One Arm DB Row

Oner arm DB row - LEP Fitness trainer - best trainer in Sheffield

Place one hand on a bench or stand. Leaning forward, pick up a dumbbell in the other hand. Start from a stretched position and then squeeze the weight up to the lower stomach using the mid back muscles.


Plank - LEP Fitness - Sheffield PT

Squeeze the stomach and glute muscles throughout. Keep a neutral spine and focus on slow, deep breaths.


DB Romanian Deadlift - LEP Fitness - Sheffield personal trainers

Pick up a pair of DB’s. Stand up straight and freeze your upper body (lock it in place), bend your knees slightly, then lock your legs in place. Hinge back using the hips. Maintain a neutral spine and focus on pushing the hips backwards to gain a hamstring stretch. At the bottom position push hard into the floor and squeeze your hamstrings and gluteus maximus as your return to the starting position

Wide Grip Push Up

Wide grip push ups - LEP Fitness - Nick Screeton

Place hands on the floor (just outside shoulder width). Press down into the floor as hard as you can to create tension in the chest and triceps. Then lower yourself down to the floor, squeeze your chest and push yourself back up to the top. If you struggle to complete a full push up then start building up by keeping your knees on the floor.

The Fat Furnace Workout:

Warm up:

  • Jog on the spot for 1-2 minutes
  • 1-2 minutes of star jumps


P1) Flat DB floor press (15 reps) + Jump Squats (15 reps)

P2) DB RDL (15 reps) + Wide Grip Push Up (15 reps)

P3) One Arm DB Row (10 reps each arm) + Plank (30-60s)

Complete part 1, then go straight into P2, then P3 and then start from the beginning, completing a total of 3 full circuits (18 total sets).

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