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20 Powerful Foods You Need to Chuck in Your Shopping Basket (Quick 60s video!)


Power Ranger Food…

Here’s a short video, in 60s I manage to share 20 powerful foods, that taste good, and are packed full of essential nutrients!

I promise these foods won’t leave you feeling miserable (there’s even ice cream in there!). Oh yesssss!

Shopping Basket:

LEP Fitness shopping basket - foods that taste great
  1. tuna
  2. eggs
  3. mince meat
  4. chicken
  5. vegetables
  6. salmon
  7. walnuts
  8. steak
  9. rice
  10. sweet potato
  11. dairy free ice cream
  12. almond butter
  13. greek yoghurt
  14. blueberries
  15. raspberries
  16. almond milk
  17. butter
  18. brazil nuts
  19. bacon
  20. cucumber

Stay tuned because in the forthcoming weeks and months ill be using these ingredients to formulate even more recipes. You can find my current recipe’s by clicking here

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👱💪 Nick


P.S. I’d love you to share your own recipes, if they are healthy and look good ill even share them on my blog! Leave your comments below or Send me a message



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