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20 things I’m Extremely Grateful for… Can you relate???


Appreciating the ‘Heck’ out of Life…

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For a while now i’ve tried my best (although not always!) to appreciate all that’s good in my life.

To be honest this hasn’t come naturally. I owe it all to the books i’ve read, and to the podcasts and audio books i’ve been fortunate enough to come across – see Nicks 5 Favourite Books List  

Every morning when I wake up, whether in the shower or on my walk to the gym I consciously think about all the positive things in my life.

Here’s 20 things I’m extremely grateful for… Can you relate to any of these in your own life?

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1) I’m grateful to be alive – to experience what it’s like to live on Earth

2) I’m grateful to see the world through a pair of fully functioning eyes – to see flowers,  trees, squirrels, colours, and people.

3) I’m grateful for my ears, I can hear people speak, the sound of rain, the gush of wind

4) I’m grateful for having a roof over my head – to protect me from the outside storms. A shelter that allows me to gather my own thoughts in private

5) I’m grateful for having a pair of legs that allow me to walk – downstairs, upstairs, to the shops, around the Peak District

6) Im grateful for having a wonderful family – who are there for me no matter what, through thick and thin. Unconditional love (priceless)

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7) I’m grateful for the food I have in my cupboards – food that gives me energy to do the things I love. Food that nourishes my body and satisfies my stomach

8) I’m grateful for having a business that allows me to do what I love doing every single day

9) Im grateful to have friends who have my back and laugh at my jokes (even when there not funny!)

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10) I’m grateful for having an I pod, with music that penetrates my ears and makes me feel a little better (even when life sucks)

11) I’m grateful for having been taught by some amazing teachers: mum, dad, grandparents, aunties, uncles, school teachers, lecturers, personal trainers, and business coaches

12) I’m grateful for the book shelf that stands behind me. Thousands if not millions of pages worth of knowledge, insights and life experience

13) I’m grateful for having a full head of hair – which I can put hair gel through in the mornings

14) I’m grateful for the having the opportunity to reach people through my blogs and social media

15) I’m grateful for the soft pillow that allows me to rest my head at night and the duvet that keeps me warm during winter months

16) I’m grateful for the loving hug I got this morning from my beautiful girlfriend


17) I’m grateful for the tap which supplies me with water. A life line.

18) I’m grateful for the clothes in my wardrobe – some keep me warm, others allow me to move freely in the gym (blessed)

19) I’m grateful for my phone which allows me to connect with people from all over the world

20) I’m grateful to have access to a functioning brain and a bunch of happy memories

Throwing Down The Gauntlet…

I’m setting you a challenge this week.

1) Using either a pen and paper (old school!) or your phone (modern day hipster!) write down 5-10 things that your grateful for in your own life. If your struggling for ideas feel free to pinch some of mine (i’m sure there’s a handful you can relate to in the above post).

2) Read over your ‘Grateful List’ every morning until you can remember it of by heart.

3) Remind yourself everyday ‘how lucky you really are’…

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What’s one thing you are grateful for? please leave your comment below i’d love to hear it…

👱💪 Nick




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