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3 fitness clothing items you need in your wardrobe this Winter…

3 fitness clothing items you need in your wardrobe this Winter...

With early sunsets drawing in and the weather getting colder it’s easy to feel demotivated when it comes to fitness. Often all you want to do is snuggle up at home with a warm blanket. However, as any gym bunny knows, when you skip a work-out you feel sluggish and low energy.

Without the energising sunshine of Summer, it’s absolutely vital to keep up your fitness regime during the Winter months. Whether you’re exercising to lose weight or as part of an effort to reduce your cholesterol levels, it’s important to continue right through ‘til spring.

One thing that can often help when it comes to exercising on cold, dark days is having the appropriate gear. No one wants to exercise when they are freezing! To help keep you warm and safe while exercising during winter here are three must-have items for any exercise enthusiast’s wardrobe.

Fingerless gloves

For exercise outdoors during the winter months, fingerless gloves are a must. Gloves will keep your hands nice and warm, however fingerless versions will mean you still have the dexterity to exercise as you would without them. These are particularly useful when cycling or using an outdoor gym as you really need good hand-based agility, but even runners swear by fingerless gloves to get them through the cold.

A lightweight beany hat

It may be an old wives’ tale that you lose the most heat from your head, but no one can deny that wearing a hat during cold weather helps keep you warm. For anyone exercising outside, or even walking to the gym, it’s important to cover up the top most part of you with a warm hat. Go for lightweight versions that won’t get in the way, but will make sure you feel toasty whatever the weather.

High-visibility jacket

High visibility jackets are not the sexiest item of clothing to wear when you’re exercising, but they can be the most vital. If you’re out on unlit country roads at night or heading to places with traffic it’s really important that you can be seen. Invest in a good quality high vis jacket to protect your safety. Look for styles that aren’t too baggy so won’t get in the way of your movement.

Invest in these three items and you’ll be set up for some energising exercise sessions whatever the weather. If you’re trying to get in shape, improve health markers like cholesterol or blood sugar levels or simply want to feel a bit more energised, exercise is really important. Don’t let the cold, dark days put you off. With the right sportswear you’ll be prepared for anything this season.