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3 Natural Products to Help You Recover After a Workout

3 Natural Products to Help You Recover After a Workout

Working out is really good for you, but recovery can make you feel the opposite! Sure, you have the awareness deep down that your muscles are aching because ripping them is exactly what you were after, but don’t you wish there was a way to make the whole process a little easier? 

Resting well and cooling down properly can help your muscles heal so that they are ready for the next workout You do not want to overdo it and hurt yourself. Injuries can cause you to completely burnout, but also cause long-term harm that you may never be able to recover from! 

Well, just in the same way you can take supplements to help you throughout your workout, you can also do the same after your workout to help you and your body through recovery. Best of all, you can do so with completely natural products.

#1 – Bone Broth

This one isn’t suitable for veggies or vegans, but bone broth is exceedingly good for your recovery. It’s also super tasty! The broth is created by simmering bones, marrow, tendons and ligaments for about a day, which is time-consuming, but you don’t particularly need to pay much attention to it. The long-simmering process breaks down some of the cells and causes the bones to release a large amount of collagen and amino acids. 

Collagen can help your body repair connective tissue and amino acids help you to build muscle mass. Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend 24 hours cooking, you can just replicate the benefits by buying collagen and amino acid supplementation from somewhere like healthmonthly.co.uk.

#2 – Extracted Plant Protein

Plants have a tremendous amount of good stuff in them and tend to be full of minerals and antioxidants. Take advantage of that for your workout and take some protein powders created from plants like peas. If you take pea protein as an example, it stabilises blood sugar (useful if you’ve taken artificial workout supplements that contain sugar) and doesn’t create some of the problems that other protein powders are known for. 

The nature of these extracts means you can digest them easily, which typically results in you being able to reap more benefits than with synthetic protein creations. Protein digestibility is quite important, as you can easily be misled by a product that boasts a very high protein percentage, but the protein is one that your body can’t digest fully. 

#3 – Anything with Vitamin B

There are several different types of vitamin B, present in all different kinds of foods. Meats, dairy, and eggs are high in vitamin B (or you could just pop a multivitamin pill), which helps your body convert nutrients, produce the molecule it uses to transfer energy (ATP), as well as general cell repair. 

Vitamin B aids muscle repair because it breaks down proteins and carbs more easily; it aids cell development and reduces muscle cramps and aches. 

All of these are crucial for workout recovery, but many people find it difficult to get enough vitamin B if they are highly active. If you have long recovery periods that leave you extra fatigued, feeling extra weak and potentially with painful joints, you might have a vitamin B deficiency and should get as much of it as possible. 

With just these three completely natural products, you can speed up your recovery and keep your body in better shape. The name of the game is giving yourself what your body needs to cope with the relative physical stress of a workout, so make sure you’re fully stocked with these natural goodies.