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3 of the most effective fitness challenges…


Fitness challenges are a great way to overcome a plateau, regain motivation or just test your ability. Here are 3 of the most effective fitness challenges to push you out of your comfort zone.

30-day fitness challenges

30-day fitness challenges have gained popularity in recent years as these challenges have been increasingly shared on social media. These challenges push you to reach your goal, no matter how big or small. 30-day challenges start simple and build up in intensity with each day.

For example, a 30-day plank challenge might start with a 30-second plank on day 1 with the goal of completing a 2-minute plank by day 30. Throughout the 30 days of a challenge, you’ll complete other exercises – in the case of this plank challenge, core strength moves – to help you succeed.

No matter what the end goal, 30-day fitness challenges prove to be great motivators and provide many health benefits, helping you to become stronger and fitter. What makes them effective fitness challenges is their psychological benefits.

Being successful in your challenge changes your psyche in terms of what you believe is possible, not only physically but mentally, too. Being successful in your challenge proves what you can do and gives you the momentum to maintain new habits and continue with your fitness goals.

Boot camp

Inspired by military training, boot camp programs enable you to achieve weight loss and improve fitness and endurance through using a variety of intense exercises and circuits that work the whole body. Variety is what makes boot camp so effective, providing a total body cardiovascular and strength workout that is time-efficient.

There is a lot to gain from boot camp, with participants receiving good nutrition advice and being taught effective exercises.

Boot camp offers more than just lifelong health benefits. Its group setting provides social benefits, such as the opportunity to make new friendships with like-minded people. The camaraderie that people experience at boot camp helps them to stay engaged and motivated. Professional instructors provide the right amount of support to get you in the mindset to tackle the challenging workouts.

A fitness boot camp might seem daunting, but it is a great challenge to help you regain motivation and re-educate and re-assess your fitness goals. Sign up at Prestige Boot Camp to take on your own challenge at a fitness boot camp.

Half marathons

A half marathon is a great fitness challenge for anyone looking to take their running to the next level. The half marathon is the fastest growing race distance and gaining popularity all over the globe. Though challenging, a half marathon is still manageable, which is what makes it effective.

Though the length of required training varies between runners, 12 weeks can prepare you to run a half marathon. Challenging yourself to a half marathon means you’ll develop a training schedule that requires commitment and can be used to track progress.

Training for a half marathon offers a whole range of health benefits other than weight loss or maintenance. Running strengthens the heart, ensures the efficient flow of blood and oxygen through the body and improves the immune system. Completing a half marathon will give you a great sense of achievement and bragging rights.