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3 Simple Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight And What To Do About It…

3 Simple Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight And What To Do About It | LEP Fitness

If losing weight, improving your body shape, and feeling better about yourself is important to you…

BUT you are struggling to achieve it.

Don’t worry.

I’ve written this post to help you.

I’m going to clearly point out why things aren’t working out, BUT more importantly I’m going to tell you what to do instead.

I can 100% guarantee that if you listen, and follow what I’m about to say, that you will see amazing results over the next 1-8 weeks. 

Guarantee: I’m that confident that you will lose a bunch of weight, that I’ll even place a £50 bet on it! No joke 

Let’s jump in…

3 Simple Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight And What To Do About It…

lose weight with these 3 tips

#1 Binging At The Weekend 

One thing I’ve witnessed a lot… is people being good on their diet Monday-Friday. People are often more disciplined during the week, because they’re in a good routine, and distracted by work. 

BUT then at the weekend… it’s a FREE FOR ALL. Eating anything and eventing in site, and often in too higher quantities! This either leads to weight gain, or it ruins all of the hard work (calorie deficit) which you achieved throughout the week, which therefore means your weight is EXACTLY the same again… come Monday. 

For example… you may lose 1-2lbs during the week, BUT then you gain it all back after the weekend binge. It’s like ‘Groundhog Week’ – and you fail to progress.

Solution to Food Binging

solution to food binging | LEP Fitness

Instead, binging MUST STOP. It’s not good for your mind, body, or spirit, it signals a loss of control and makes you feel rubbish in everyway.

Instead of binging, have a treat BUT know when to stop. Have a piece of cake, BUT not the whole cake. Have a glass of wine, BUT not a bottle.

If you are used to binging, it will be hard to STOP, especially to begin with. BUT after a week of not binging, you’ll start to develop more strength, and then after 2 weeks even more, and the longer you do this for, the more of a habit it will become. 

Accept that it’s going to be hard to begin with, BUT go through the tough phase to reap the future rewards. This will lift you psychologically – you’ll start to regain that inner confidence, control and peace of mind… you’ll start to believe that you can do it, and you become empowered, which rubs off in every area of your life. 


#2 Lack Of Self Belief 

Lack Of Self Belief and weight gain

Here’s another HUGE reason why people stay the same, or even worse…keep gaining weight. 




Maybe you’ve tried lots of diets in the past, you’ve gotten results e.g. you lost 2 stone following the Weight Watchers diet… BUT you’re now reading this post, and all that weight has come back on? Maybe even more? 

If you go through this cycle enough times, you develop a condition, which psychologists call… LEARNED HELPLESSNESS… this means that if you do something enough times, it becomes so powerful/automatic that it becomes a belief, which is deeply embedded into your subconscious mind (the most powerful part of your brain) – when this happens it’s very difficult to change. 

There’s a story I’d like to share with you…

The Elephant And The Twig…

The Elephant And The Twig story

In India they attach baby elephants to a large tree, one which is too heavy/sturdy to move. The elephant tries to get away BUT can’t. It keeps trying, BUT then eventually gives up. It realises IT CANT…SO THEREFORE STOPS TRYING. 

Eventually the elephant grows up, and despite it’s enormous size and strength… it could be attached to a twig… and it still doesn’t try to move. It’s because it has an association…that once it’s tied… it cant move… when in reality… it could easily pull a TWIG! INSTEAD… It’s developed what’s called ‘learned helplessness’. 

The same can be said for those of you who yo-yo diet… you always end up back at square one. Or you give up trying, because you’ve never managed to sustain your efforts. What’s the point in trying?… if you always revert back!

This is BS (pardon the French!) YOU CAN DO IT. 

Solution to lack of self belief

Solution to lack of self belief LEP Fitness

My advice, and what works for my one to one coaching clients is to spend time working on both your body and mind. 

Working on the body through weight training and fitness sessions, will help change your hormonal chemistry, it will increase serotonin, dopamine and endorphins – all of which make you feel good, improve memory and greatly empower you. 

Alongside the exercise, and this is a BIG tip, so take note…Work on your mind. Spend 20-30 mins EVERY DAY reading a self development book. If you don’t like books, then listen to an audiobook, or watch videos on Youtube. The most important part… is to learn about the mind and how it works. 

Here are 6 books I recommend reading to all of my one to one clients…

  • Mindset – Carol Dweck 
  • Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life – Wayne Dyer 
  • Chimp Paradox – Steve Peters 
  • The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle 
  • Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill 
  • The Secret – Rhonda Byrne 

#3 The Wrong Type Of Training

The final part I’d like to discuss… is that you’re likely doing the wrong type of exercise. 

Now, first of all, I’d like to point out, that any exercise is better than no exercise. Walking, running, cycling, football, golf, basketball, tennis, fitness classes, etc, etc all help burn calories and do wonders for the mind and body. 

That said… not all exercise is equal when it comes to weight loss, and there’s one type of exercise that will give you the greatest results when it comes to losing weight and building a leaner, more toned body…

Weight Training

Weight Training for weight loss | LEP Fitness

If done correctly, weight training will improve muscle tone, burn a shed load of calories, and make you feel good, both on the inside and outside. The more lean muscle you can build… the more toned you will be, and listen to this…

The More Calories You Will Burn Each Day.

People with more muscle can consume more calories, it’s like having a buffer account, with extra savings. You can rely on muscle to use the excess calories to keep your muscles strong. For every pound of muscle you develop, you also develop the ability to be able to handle more calories.

Proof with LEP Fitness Members…

For example, I’ve had quite a few female clients this last year, who all came to me on low calorie diets… 1,000 cals or less. They were drained, and had ran their metabolism into the ground… meaning weight loss had stalled, and life was miserable because of the lack of energy, and progress. 

What I’ve done with these members is slowly increase their calories, adding 50 cals a day for week one (1,050), then another 50 cals for week 2 (1,100), and then doing this over a 10 week period. So by the end of the 10 weeks they’re consuming 500 calories more (1,500 cals per day). 

What’s happened? 

They’re training intensity has gone up, meaning more muscle, their body shape has improved, quality of life and energy has gone up, and as for the weight…

Guess what?

It’s either gone down – because of the higher intensity of training, thanks to more energy. 

Or it’s stayed the same, BUT they’ve built muscle and their body shape has drastically improved. 

Either way it’s a great RESULT. 

The moral of point 3, is LIFT WEIGHTS.

Get strong and stick to compound lifts, exercises such as deadlifts, pull ups, bench press, shoulder press, row, lunges, etc. I would highly recommend hiring a personal trainer for the next 3-6 months and investing all of your energy into mastering techniques, and build up your strength, muscle and metabolism. 

Before you know it, you’ll turn into a ‘lean, mean, fat burning machine’ 

I Want To Help You…

the best personal trainer in Sheffield as voted on google | LEP Fitness

If you want help, I can teach you how to implement the above 3 tips into your life. 

I will educate, motivate and inspire you to take action, and hold you accountable every step of the way. 

I will take you through weights workouts, coaching, and pushing you every session.

I’ll create a custom diet and workout plan – that suits you perfectly.

I’ll give you over 180 tasty recipes – smoothies, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners and desserts. One’s which give you energy, help you lose fat, and boost your brain power.

I’ll also be contacting you outside of sessions most days, to make-sure you’re doing your home work too.

I’ll be recommending books, sending articles and pushing you out of your comfort zone. I’ll give you everything I’ve got.

I can 100% guarantee that you will get results, and most importantly…

I will help you build a ‘bullet proof mindset’ that means you keep the results for ever more. 

How much would that mean to you?

Well it can happen. I’ll bet everything I own on it. 

Warning: I’m not interested in working with everyone and anybody. Just because somebody is willing to pay me, doesn’t mean I’ll work with them.

A couple of things…

I work with fat loss and muscle building clients (they’re the 2 things I’m an expert in) 

There are 3 qualities I look for in clients…

  1. Attitude – you must have the right attitude, turn up on time and be 100% focused.
  2. Listen – you listen to what I say and follow the exact plan of action which I create for you.
  3. Work Hard – you do your homework, check in, and give 100% every week 

Everything else… I can teach you along the way. 

I have high standards because I’m only interested in two things…



If you are 100% serious and want to totally transform your mind, body and spirit then get in touch today

Let’s kick some serious butt and build that amazing body that you are truly capable of. 

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