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3 Steps to finding a high-quality CBD oil

3 Steps to finding a high-quality CBD oil

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD for short, has taken the wellness industry by storm across the last 12 months.

People from all walks of life are consuming CBD oil. Fitness professionals, personal trainers, bodybuilders, athletes, people in pain, i.e., suffering from inflammatory diseases, joint aches and pain, IBS, etc.

CBD is arguably the hottest health supplement right now because if you get a good quality brand, it could boost your health, improve your performance in the gym, help you sleep better, and reduce fatigue – there are also plenty more benefits which you can look up online. 

Not All CBD Oil is Equal 

While consumer interest in the compound has increased tenfold, it’s become abundantly clear that not all CBD is equal, and quality can vary significantly from brand to brand and even potentially bottle to bottle.

This is because the CBD industry is not currently directly regulated outside of food and safety law. 

Still, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure any CBD oils purchased in the UK and beyond are safe to use and effective.

Third-Party Testing

CBD sold as a supplement doesn’t (legally) need to undergo a set of rigorous quality control checks.

According to a report commissioned by the UK Centre of Medical Cannabis, 38% of CBD oils contain less than 50% of the advertised CBD content, and almost half (45%) contain traces of THC, making the product illegal.

For consumers, third party tests ensure the products are safe to consume and retail legal. Where CBD products submitted to third party laboratories for assessment are analysed to ensure safety and legal compliance.

These tests should be available on a bands’ website for consumer review. Each test should be available at a batch level, corresponding to a batch reference ID printed on the bottle of CBD oil for traceability and quality control.

In ideal scenarios, you want to purchase from transparent brands such as Nature and Bloom CBD in the UK, especially those who are open to talk about their third-party test results. 

Full or Broad Spectrum 

Often when you are looking to buy a supplement you haven’t tried before, you might assume obtaining the purest version would be the best.

This isn’t necessarily the case with CBD. 

There are a variety of different types of CBD on the market today, which are as follows:

  • CBD Isolate: Pure and white crystalline powder containing 99.5%+ CBD
  • Full Spectrum CBD: Whole plant extract containing CBD, other minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD: The same as a full spectrum product but with any THC completely removed. 

It’s broadly agreed that full or broad-spectrum products are more useful than Isolates as the compounds in hemp have synergistic properties.

As a result, using a product that is a full or broad-spectrum is perceived to yield a more comprehensive set of benefits than an Isolate. 

Traceability and Extraction

Hemp is a bio-accumulator. Meaning it absorbs all the nutrients and anything else there is the soil. If the ground contains heavy metals or other adulterants, these can be found in concentrated forms in CBD products.

Look for brands that outline where their hemp is grown and under what standards. 

By having a thorough understanding of their supply chains, these players are much more likely to develop quality products you can trust. 

Final Word

Take the time to read blog posts and educate yourself on CBD. While there are a growing number of brands doing the right thing, the CBD ‘green rush’ has brought many questionable brands to the market who are not carrying out their due diligence.

But all is not lost. When you find a trustworthy brand with a product that works for you, you’ve done the work and can enjoy the CBD oil without worrying.

Bonus Tips

It’s important also to note that while good quality CBD oil can boost your health, you also need to consider other factors of health such as:

Sleep – ensuring that you try to obtain at least 7 hours of sleep per night (if you can 8 hours is even better). 

Exercise – aim to exercise at least 3-5x per week. Whether that’s weight training, running, cycling, doing a Bootcamp, or fitness class, walking, playing a sport, etc. Exercise will boost your health and go well with CBD oil.

Nutrition – to reap the rewards of a high-quality CBD oil, you should aim to consume a balanced diet, rich in nutrients. For example, single-ingredient foods such as chicken, turkey, steak, eggs, rice, potatoes, all vegetables, and fruit at least 3x per week. 

Stress Management – CBD oil can help reduce stress, but if you combine it with meditation and relaxation, you’ll get an even more significant boost. For stress management, you can exercise, journal, speak with a friend or family member, meditate, read, walk, take a bath and generally try and switch off from the chaos of daily life.