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3 Things I Wish I Would Have Done When I Started Working Out…


Dont Make The Same Mistakes As Me!

3 Things I Wish I Would Have Done When I Started Working Out…

I’ve been working out now for around 15 years (crazy!) I started training when I was 13 and i’m now 28.

At the start, I was playing Ice Hockey for Blackburn and all of my training was focused on improving performance in sport. I’d run around the block, do push ups, play hockey with a golf ball and blast out Rocky music – all in the hope of being the next Wayne Gretzky!

As time progressed I stopped playing Ice Hockey and I started to lift weights instead. The main aim was to build an impressive ‘action hero like’ physique with a 6 pack and a barrel chest!

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I’ve been lifting weights and developing my fitness for years now! During this time i’ve learned a hell of a lot about the body and what works and what doesn’t. I’ve spent the last 10 or so years studying my craft and i’d like to share some wisdom, to prevent people making the same mistakes I did…

#Mistake 1 : Not Hiring a Coach 

One of my biggest regrets is not hiring a coach sooner. Ok, granted I didn’t have any money when I started working out all those years ago, but I wish I would have asked for coaching lessons for Christmas instead of a Playstation!

In recent years, the biggest lessons i’ve learned have come from coaches who i’ve paid for their time and knowledge. I’ve invested in lots of coaching, hiring some of the best personal trainers, business and lifestyle coaches in the UK. All of this has been amazing and subsequently life has improved dramatically.

For years I’d try and do everything myself. Although I learned a lot from trial and error, and from reading magazines and books, on reflection I could have gotten to this point much sooner had I invested in private tuition.

#Mistake 2 : Comparing Myself To Others

For years and years I’d always be comparing myself to people who were better than me. I’d follow fitness models on Instagram and watch hrs and hrs of videos on Youtube trying to copy them.

Although this upped my game, and I improved, I was never happy and I would obsesses over performance and perfectionism, often making myself miserable in the process.

The reason I gave up Ice Hockey was because, despite me being a good player, I never truly felt good enough. No matter what I did or how well I played there was always someone out there better than me.

We are all on different journeys and whilst I encourage people to learn from others, try not to compare yourself to them. You do your thing, focus on getting better, and keep learning. Your journey is completely different from anyone else’s, embrace it and most importantly enjoy it – otherwise what’s the point?

#Mistake 3 : Over Training

At the start, and for many years after, I’d train for hrs and hrs everyday. Looking back it was fun, I was incredibly enthusiastic and all I wanted to do was improve. The trouble was I was overdoing the training. Although my body and performance were improving I unfortunately also picked up lots of injuries.

I’d run everyday and I developed bad knee pain, which still haunts me to this day, especially if I do high impact stuff. I also did the typically guy thing for many years – where I would just train chest, back and abs (all the mirror muscles!) but neglect the other muscles (back, legs, etc). I developed chicken legs, and poor posture – which has taken a while to correct.

When it comes to training people often think… ‘more is better’… however like with most things there is a tipping point of diminishing returns if you over do it. To improve your fitness, strength and performance you don’t need any longer than 30-45 minutes 3-5x per week to make BIG improvements.

Well there you have it…3 Things I Wish I Would Have Done When I Started Working Out…Try not to make the same mistakes I did.

If you benefited from reading this post please leave your comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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