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3 Types of CBD Oil Available In The Market Today…


Cannabidiol or CBD is a cannabis extract that helps people maintain their well-being without experiencing the after effects of being high. Whether to induce tranquility or sleepiness, or to alleviate symptoms of diabetes, anxiety disorders, or epilepsy, CBD oil products are made available for people with such problems.

To help you decide what CBD oil products to buy, view here and read its types below:

1. CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are salves, balms, creams, and lotions that contain CBD. This product gives a therapeutic effect when absorbed through the skin. CBD topicals’ effects are localized so you can use it for regions of your body that hurt. For instance, if you’re into bodybuilding or weightlifting, you can apply CBD topicals to relieve muscle pains after your workout. Some people have proven it to be effective as a pain reliever.

Moreover, some say that CBD topicals help in mild skin irritations such as burns, bug bites, abrasions, scratches, and even stretch marks. It’s also clinically proven to cure acne or other inflammation-related skin problems. This effect is due to its antioxidants and antibacterial properties, which help people have younger looking skin.

If you have skin problems or want to have flawless skin, here’s how to effectively use CBD topicals:

  • Since CBD topicals are only local, determine where the pain or problem is coming from so you know where to apply it. For instance, when you have a tension headache, use it on your neck to effectively soothe the pain.
  • Before applying topical creams, clean or wash the area using a washcloth.
  • Use a generous amount and apply it in multiple layers. Wait for the product to dry after massaging the affected area before applying another layer.
  • After application, thoroughly wash your hands so that the active components such as mint, citrus, and capsaicin won’t irritate your eyes, genitals or nose when you come in contact with those body parts.

2. CBD Oil Capsules

CBD Capsules are one of the easiest forms of CBD oil products you can take. Capsules generally contain 20-25 mg of CBD, and higher doses give 50-75 mg, thereby making it easy to monitor the dosage you’re taking. CBD capsules look like any other vitamin or supplement, so it’s a discreet way of using CBD oil.

CBD oil capsules can be used as daily supplements. Since these capsules have a precise measurement, its results are predictable and more stable. However, reactions or side effects vary depending on the individual. Therefore, consider these things before purchasing CBD oil capsules:

  • Start small and slow to let your body adjust while finding the suitable dose.
  • Check its full ingredients as some may contain coconut or vegetable oil, or other ingredients that you may be allergic with.
  • Consider the spectrum of its extract. Most CBD oil capsules contain a full spectrum extract, but others may have additional ingredients. A CBD oil product with a full spectrum is considered more effective since it contains most of the natural compounds present in the raw products.

3. CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates have the highest dose of CBD amongst the CBD oil products. Its effects are faster and stronger because it contains pure CBD. Also, it doesn’t need a lot of preparation or tools, and all you need are a few seconds to take it. Because of its convenience, it’s ideal for people with a hectic lifestyle or busy schedules.

Moreover, here are some types of concentrates you can use according to what suits you:

  • CBD Wax, Budder, Shatter – best used in dabbing by inhaling the vapor after superheating the product. This allows you to take in a massive amount of CBD without risk of inhaling tar and smoke.
  • CBD Oil – the simplest form of CBD Concentrate.  It’s best extracted using a CO2 extraction that can produce pure oil.
  • CBD Hash – concentrate from compressing CBD kief. It can both be eaten and smoked but needs an hour of heating in a 110-116°C temperature.
  • CBD Isolate – white crystals in form, which is the most concentrated and purest form of CBD since it only contains CBD. This CBD concentrate is suited for people who regularly need a high amount of CBD, such as people who are in chronic joint or arthritis pain.


However you may want to use it, CBD oil comes in various products that can be used through application, inhalation, or just taken as a simple vitamin. Not only is it beneficial but its various forms provide a range of choices for everyone who wants to purchase CBD oil products that will suit their lifestyles.