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4 Activities That Will Improve Your Mental And Physical Health…

4 Activities That Will Improve Your Mental And Physical Health

We all know that exercise is important, however, not everybody likes training in a gym environment. There are tons of machines, which look like something out of a Transformers movie, and lots of sweaty people! 

Gyms aren’t for everybody and that’s fine, just because you don’t workout at a gym doesn’t mean there aren’t many other amazing ways to get fit. For example, playing sports or doing different activities can be an amazing way to boost health and fitness. In this post we’re going to look at…

4 Activities That Will Improve Your Mental And Physical Health…

#1 Pickleball 


Not everybody will have heard of pickle ball, it’s basically a sport which combines elements of badminton, table tennis, and regular tennis. You can play it with 2-4 people and it’s a great way of improving aerobic fitness and having fun. Other skills are also improved such as balance, agility and coordination. 

In order to play pickle ball, all you need is a racket, court and some comfortable gym attire – shorts, t-shirt, and some shoes, check out the best pickleball shoes before buying, as good footwear is important to prevent injury to the feet and ankles.

#2 Football 

Football or soccer as it’s known in America can be a great way to socialize with friends BUT get fit at the same time. Team sports are a great way to socialse with other humans – which is incredibly important for mental health, we all need friends, and it’s been proven that people with healthy social lives are more likely to live longer. 

Alongside the social aspect of football it can also be an intense physical workout, for example, you improve the aerobic system thanks to running around the pitch. You also burn lots of calories, which is good for burning fat. Finally the muscles in the legs get a great workout. 

#3 Swimming 

For those of you with knee issues or joint pain, swimming can be a great low impact sport to participate in. High impact training like running can leave joints and muscles feeling damaged and swollen, potentially causing serious injury and long term damage. 

Swimming however is a great alternative, as joints are better supported, but you can still train with a high enough intensity to get an incredible aerobic workout. Alongside the benefits it has to improving the strength and conditioning of the heart, it’s also a great way to strengthen muscles in the entire body, for example you work your arms, core, back and legs when doing the breaststroke or front crawl. 

#4 Walking 

There’s nothing better than walking to clear the mind of stress. Walking in the countryside does wonders for both the mind and body. Not only does walking burn a bunch of calories (great for preventing weight gain) but it also allows you to reset mentally. If you get stressed a lot, then taking a 30-60 minute walk each day can be a great way to recharge and put things back into perspective. 

You could do walking by yourself, or you could join a local walking club. It’s entirely up to you, either way, walking is a great activity to do in order to build your stamina, release stress, and even spark creativity – Founder of Apple Steve Jobs – used to walk regularly to ignite creativity and encourage a state a ‘flow’ – a relaxed state ideal for coming up with new ideas and problem solving.