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4 bits of fitness equipment that make an awesome home workout…

4 bits of fitness equipment that make an awesome home workout…

I love going to the gym, at the moment I train there 3x per week. To be honest though… I can’t always be bothered! It takes me 30 minutes to get there, and by the time i’m back it’s a 2 hour round trip! 

One day a week I like to train at home, I like the fact that I don’t have to travel to the gym and I also like to mix up my training using different bits of equipment. 

If you are looking for a great home workout, and want some awesome pieces of equipment, and one’s that don’t cost an absolute fortune then here are the four that i’d recommend…

#1 Sandbag (£52.99)

The RDX sandbag is one of my favourite pieces of kit, because it’s so versatile. I’d recommend picking up a 25kg sandbag, don’t worry if that’s too heavy you can always reduce the weight. You can squat, deadlift, press, curl and even use the bag to support your feet whilst doing sit ups. 

For some excellent exercises check out my video below…

#2 Weighted Vest (£26.99)

weighted vest

I love going to the park with my weighted vest and training outdoors. I’ve got a 20kg one, which is pretty heavy to be honest. If you are very fit then i’d recommend the 20kg, if however you are pretty new to fitness then a 10kg one will be perfect. 

A weighted vest is great for adding weight onto bodyweight exercises, for example: push ups, squats, alternating lunges, squat jumps, etc. It’s also great to use when sprinting as the weight slows you down, forcing you to work harder and burn more energy (hello fat loss!) 

#3 Resistance Bands (£9.99)

If i had one pound (£1!) for every time i’ve blogged about these, or mentioned them to clients… then i’d be richer than Vladimir Putin! lol!

I love them, mainly because you can train your full body but also because they take up very little storage space. They are great for taking away whilst traveling and don’t weigh very much. Whenever I go on holiday I always take them with me. 

For some great exercises you can do with a resistance band check out my video below (sorry there’s no music! Youtube removed it!)…

#4 Medicine ball (£22.99) 

For functional/athletic fitness you can’t beat a medicine ball for a great workout. I like to use the medicine ball, particularly for the stomach. My 4 favourite core exercises are:

  • Medicine ball sit up
  • Russian side twists
  • Oblique ball throw
  • Ball Slam

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Nick 🙂