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4 Personal Trainers You Need To Follow Outside The Gym

4 Personal Trainers You Need To Follow Outside The Gym

Nothing is more awesome than finding a personal instructor that you zing with. It’s the greatest thing ever. Not only do you feel yourself getting stronger in the gym and feeling fitter on the mill, but you get the sense your life is getting better too.

You’ve got someone to motivate you, someone to make you feel ten-feet tall, and someone to stop you doing things so wrong you’ll end up at Bodyworks Edinburgh getting some kind of physiotherapy for a palm-slaps-forehead moment. PTs are the best.

But as special as it is to be crushing it with a super-smart, energetic and motivating instructor at the gym, it’s even more awesome to keep inspired after you’ve showered and gone home, and that’s what social media is awesome for. Yes, there’s a lot of negativity surrounding it, but look in the right places and you can find yourself getting inspired by people spreading positive messages about fitness, boosting people’s body image, helping with mental health struggles and just changing people’s lives in every which way. That’s what we’re focusing on.

So, without further ado, here are some professional PTs that you really need to be following outside the gym to make you help you make a difference inside it.

Lita Lewis

Lita is a former bodybuilding competitor that almost single-handedly changed the perception around “more masculine” body shapes by creating the social media hashtag #ThickFit. She wants people to know you can be awesome in any size or shape, inspiring women to train like athletes and love their bodies. Go Lita.

Will Lanier

At just 28 years old, Will’s love for fitness (especially CrossFit) took a bit of a knock when he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. At least, it should have taken a knock. But Lanier didn’t let that happen. Instead, he showed that disease who’s boss. That’s what he’s known for: his positive attitude and infectious love for life.

Jessi Kneeland

If you’re struggling with your body image, met your new superhero because this woman knows how to make people feel great about themselves. She’s a trainer, a strength coach, a fitness writer and probably the most optimistic person on the planet. But what makes her so amazing at it is the fact she had a pretty tough time getting to this stage. That’s why she’s on a mission to help other women get their confidence back and find their mojo – through fitness.

Wil Ashley

If you ever find yourself in one of Astley’s classes, you can guarantee one thing: a total butt-kicking. He’s a drill-sergeant of an instructor that doesn’t let up, pushing you to your limits, making you stick to form and will take you to the very brink of hell. But you’ll feel so amazing for it. However, the bike sessions are only part of what makes this guy so epic. He’s also a major charity advocate and has raised – with his team – well over $1,000,000 through Where There’s A Wil. He’s a super good guy (and not just for motivational reasons).