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4 pieces of advice for teenagers wanting to get in shape and improve their life…. 

4 pieces of advice for teenagers wanting to get in shape and improve their life…. 

I’m 30 now! Im getting on, but i remember when I first started getting into exercise at the age of 11, I was obsessed with it, and trained pretty much everyday. 

I would go for a run when I got back from high school, I’d lift weights, do sports specific training (as I was playing ice hockey back then) – basically I worked my butt off to get fit! 

I know what it’s like to be a teenager and to try and get fit, it’s not always easy! I made loads of mistakes back then – I really had no clue what I was doing but my heart was in the right place!

I want to stop youngsters from making the same mistakes I made, and that’s what’s inspired me to write this post….

#1 Don’t Rush The Process 

I remember wanting to get to my end goal as quickly as possible. I wanted to look like Rocky Balboa, with huge arms, and a ripped midsection! 

I remember listening to the Rocky soundtrack and working out in my dads garage. I would spend hours in their, thinking the more I did the better I would get. This worked to a certain point but at the same time I wasn’t training properly. I was doing too many chest exercises, like push ups, which eventually lead to poor posture and inwardly rotated shoulders. As a consequence of this incorrect training, i’ve had to spend many years correcting it in my adult life! 

When trying to get in shape, don’t rush the process, the results will come in time. My advice would be to hire a personal trainer (get your parents to buy you some lessons for Christmas or your BD!).

#2 Work on your body but also on your mind and education 

We’re in an image obsessed culture which can be extremely damaging, especially if we focus too much on it! 

It’s great to take pride in your appearance, look and feel good but there’s MUCH MORE TO LIFE.

As well as your body, work on your mind and education. Spend time learning about the things that interest you, whether that’s health and fitness, fashion, science, history, etc – study and learn about the things that fascinate you and that you really enjoy. 

Also spend time on building a positive relationship with yourself… learn to LOVE YOURSELF – I know this may sound really cheesy, but it’s so important. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one on the planet, your thoughts and how you treat yourself determine how you feel and also shape your future. 

#3 Try not to compare yourself with others

Don’t get me wrong I still do this! although far less than I did when I was a teenager/young adult. 

Throughout my high school years (and even college) I felt very insecure. I didn’t like my face, my body, my skin, despite being 6ft (I wasn’t tall enough!), I wasn’t smart enough, I really gave myself a hard time, constantly comparing myself to other people.

Please don’t do this, or when you do recognise that you’re doing it and STOP it! 

Instead focus on HOW GOOD YOU ARE. 

Focus on all of the areas that you like about yourself, and recognise the good qualities you have as a person. 

And if you don’t like something then REMEMBER…


You can exercise to lose weight.

You can read more to get smarter.

You be more confident by working on yourself. 


We are all so unique and different that we do ourselves a disservice when we compare ourself to others. Nobody is any better than you, we all have strengths and weaknesses.

#4 Don’t Let Anybody Tell You What You Can and Can’t Do

If i’d listened to my teachers opinions…

I would probably be in prison! I was a menace at high school, always messing about, I was in the bottom sets for pretty much every subject (other than PE! lol), I used to get into fights and was a real little SH*T (pardon the French Mrs Rothwell!). 

Despite me having no confidence at high school, feeling insecure, being dumb, etc – I always had this deep down belief that everything would be OK…


I’m not trying to make out like i’m Richard Branson or Elon Musk but i’ve built an awesome life for myself…

  • I bought my first house at 27. 
  • I have a business which helps people get fit and improve both their mental and physical health
  • A beautiful wife
  • Gorgeous little boy (who’s 16 months old!) 
  • I’m fit and healthy 
  • I have great friends and family

BUT most importantly…

I feel happy! 


Thanks for reading,

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Nick 🙂

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