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4 Reasons Why Couples Should Workout…

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I started LEP Fitness around 6 years ago and during that time I’ve completed over 10,000 coaching sessions!

I’ve worked with hundreds of people on a 1-1 basis but also worked with lots of couples too! From friends training with other friends, to father and son, mother and daughter and husband and wife! 

Training together is a great way to get fit and have fun and here are 4 Reasons Why Couples Should Workout…

#1 Spend Quality Time Together

There are so many distractions in todays day and age – phones, TV, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to name but a few!

Exercise will take you away from these distractions and allow you to spend time together, it also improves mood, as your body releases feel good hormones that surge around your body. 

By feeling better you’re going to have better conversations after the workout (providing you’re not too tired!) And feel more confident in your own skin which is going to make your relationship better.

#2 Cheaper

To hire a good personal trainer in the north of England on a 1-1 basis you’d be looking at paying around £40-60 per hour. Most personal trainers will allow couples to train for a similar price – making it more cost effective, for example it may be £50 per session to train as a couple (making it £25 each!). 

#3 Build A Better Relationship

Lots of couples who argue and who’s relationship is breaking down seek relationship counselling – whilst this can be very helpful and is needed in certain scenarios, investing quality time in yourself and making yourself feel good can automatically lift your relationship without the need for couples counselling. 

We’ve already mentioned that by exercising together you’ll be spending more time with one another, but the other benefits include…

  • Weight loss – improving overall health
  • Greater confidence – making you feel more comfortable in your own skin 
  • Better sleep – less arguments with your husband/wife 
  • More energy – to go out and do things, spend quality time together 
  • Increased libido – greater stamina in the bedroom and a stronger urge to bond
  • Increased fertility – increases the likelihood of creating a baby and securing a family unit  

#4 Eat Better 

Lots of our immune system is stored in the gut, when you eat rubbish…you feel rubbish and this is where the saying “you are what you eat” comes from.

Lots of junk foods cause inflammation in the body which can lead to brain fog, depression, mood swings, skin rashes, etc, etc – when you feel rubbish your relationship will inevitably suffer. 

But when you start to workout together as a couple you are far more likely to start eating better too…

For example after a gym workout you could cook a healthy salad, with freshly cooked chicken breasts, lettuce leaves, tomatoes, pine nuts and served with a delicious salad dressing. The better quality food will help lift your mood, and give you the energy and brain power to have good conversation, and lead a better quality of life – which can therefore improve your relationships.