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4 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Junk Food…

4 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Junk Food - LEP Fitness

I want you to eat lots of junk food.

Why ?

Well . . .

Eating Junk makes us happy! It tastes blooming delicious!


Eating healthily sucks doesn’t it?

It’s boring!


I mean . . .

Why go to Butlins when you could go to Dubai? (no offence to Butlins!)

After all . . .

Who want’s to eat a dry piece of chicken planted on top of some soggy caesar salad?

When you could have a square (or bar!) of divine, deliciously scrumptious Galaxy milky chocolate that melts in your mouth, and makes your taste buds explode like Mount Vesuvius!

After all junk food hits the same part of the brain as an A Class drug.

We feel euphoric.

Thats why we eat it right?

4 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Junk Food…

1) Junk Food is your BEST Friend

When you come home from a long, arduous day at work, your husbands still at work, your friends busy . . .

You always have that one friend who wont let you down . . .

Goes by the name of . . .

“Bond…James Bond!”

OOpps I mean . . .

Comfort food!

A friend you can always count on. No matter what.

Always by your side through thick and thin!

2) Helps With Emotions 


Alone, behind 4 walls, away from the world, no one can see you . . .

You can always count on a good Indian or Chinese take-away to pick you up.

When your feeling overwhelmed at work, inferior because your boss has just highlighted in front of your colleagues your inability to complete a task, or when a passer by makes a hurtful comment about your squishy tummy role.

When your finding emotions tough to deal with. . .

Food is your friend. It covers Sh*t up, it helps!

So keep eating it?

Eating junk food helps us deal with our emotions.

We eat when we are sad, lonely, happy, bored, you name it . . .

There’s always an excuse to eat junk, it’s soooo easy for us : Ive had a tough week at work! I’ve been to the gym 3x this week I deserve a treat (cough cough a whole cheescake!)

3) Eating Junk Saves Time!

Eating well take toooo much time and effort!

After all . . .

Who wants to prepare 3 meals a day; dicing slimy, raw chicken?

Who wants to . . .

Spend time chopping vegetables and onions that make your wrist ache and your eyes sting like you have just watched the Titanic?

After spending 30 minutes in the kitchen all your left with is dry hands from the washing up liquid and a load of food packed into plastic tupperware boxes! + you’ve now lost 30 minutes of your life!

Who needs that?

Especially when theres Mcdonalds!

You order a processed BIG Mac meal that comes in a flimsy box and paper bag.

It arrives quicker than you can say . . .

Roberts your fathers brother!

That’s some good sh*t!

It takes too much time to be healthy, too much effort.

Sack that for a  barrel of laughs!

After all the dog needs to be walked, the car needs to be washed, your childs pack lunch needs to be packed, the house needs to dusted . . .

Oh . . . .

And you need to catch up on X Factor!

We just don’t have enough time. Arghhh!

4) Eating Junk is Cheap As Chips! 


There’s just not enough funds in the account at the end of the month, you have bills to pay, car insurance, a mortgage, etc, etc x 1,000,000,000

But what about the pair of high heels you bought from Topshop last week, or the 5 pints of Guinness you sank at the pub, or the Tai takeaway you bought for your family whilst you watched Ant and Decs Saturday night take-away?

When you pop down to the local supermarket you are swamped with temptation, swarmed with treats and luxurious feel-good foods . . .

4 Mars Bars for 50p! wow I gotta get that! In fact I will get 2 packets for that price.


The Odds Are Against Us!

Thanks to the likes of Tesco . . .

Packets of sweets are strategically planted straight in front of our vision. Everywhere you turn there’s something yummy right there: boxes of Thorntons in the magazine section, cherry bake wells by the loo roll (that’s a joke but wouldn’t surprise me!)

When I leave a supermarket nowadays . . .

I leave with a scar, a visual imprint of a bag of Haribo tangtastics every time I blink! Like one of those images, where you stare at a dot for 30s, blink, look at a blank wall and the Monalisa appears!


There everywhere. Strategically placed to get you to buy, waiting for that week moment when you have had a sh*tty day.

It would be like holding an alcoholics anonymous meeting in your local boozer!

You have no chance!

Your constantly being drawn in  . . .

We also have the influence of our friends and pressure to fit into our social environment.

After all you can’t turn down a free buffet at work! It’s rude not to devour 8 sandwiches and a backet of McVities Rich tea bickysssss! especially when there free!

Come on!

As Blazin Squad said it’s time to Flip Reverse It!

Otherwise . . .

Nothing is EVER going to change!

Mood Swings And Brain Fog

Do you ever have days when you drive to work feeling tired and sluggish, you are unable to concentrate, think clearly, you have energy slumps throughout the day, struggling with the stresses of everyday life, little things like sitting straight on your office chair even become an effort?


Most of our neuro transmitters (signals to the brain) are held in the gut. 95% of serotonin (helps to maintain mood balance) is stored in the digestive system! Thoughts, moods and feelings are all affected by the foods we put into our bodies.

It’s pretty simple…

Eat crap = Feel Crap

We then eat crap again to make us feel good!

January 2016 Is To Late! It’s time to make sh*t happen NOW!


I mean after all you may only have a couple of years before your doctor tells you that you have diabetes.

Hey if your lucky you may even have a few more.

Especially if you do a strict diet and hammer the treadmill once a year for 4 weeks in January!

Then you can go back to the Junk!

The other 11 months don’t matter really do they.

At least thats 1 month in the back pocket! GET IN!


382 million people on our planet suffer from diabetes (1 in 20 people)

Diabetes costs the NHS 9.8bn each year!

Enough Is Enough! A Few Home Truths 


You are where you are in your life right now because of the decisions you have made up to this point.

That is a fact.

That goes for everything, physical, financial, relationships, mindset, the list goes on. . .

You don’t get fat of a piece of cheesecake, a bottle of wine, or a full english breakky with all the trimmings!

You didn’t put on 2 stone from Uni because your metabolism slowed down with age. You put on 2 stone because the ratio of your decision over the years leaned towards weight gain.

It’s the small decision/choices we face each day that count.

It’s not one decision but your decisions made over time.

Not 1 take-away, or a few pints over Christmas.

Are you with me Hombre?

Action Plan : Moving forwards 

1) Consistency

Consistency is zaaaa blooomingggg KEY!

I promise you from the bottom of my beating heart!

I must have said the word consistency more than 50 billion times in my life time.

I know the word that well i can spell it backwards . . .

YCNATSISNOC! (that took me less than 3s! promise!)

Are you eating healthy options 80% of the time? if not why? what excuse do you have?

Excuses don’t allow you to change. They keep you from moving forwards.

If your unsure of what foods to eat and when then check out some of my other blogs after reading this post:

If your still struggling by yourself you may want to look into an LEP custom meal plan or Personal training sessions

2) Be accountable


Take accountability for your actions.

You are 100% responsible!

There are many things in life that we have 0 control.

1 thing we can control and nurture . . .

How we use our bodies, and what we put into them!

3) Hire a coach 

I have had more coaches/mentors than Chelsea Football Club has had managers!

Seriously I must have hired well over 15 coaches in my life time, who specialise in different areas.


You will jump the queue and progress quicker.

Your learning from somebody who has gone through the tough times just like you, but has come through them with the wisdom, experience and knowledge which you also need to leap over the many obstacles that lay in your way.

Hiring a coach is an investment, but look at what that investments brings.

If it means you progress 4x faster, confidence goes through the roof, you have a fabulous social life, are sharper at work and look 10x better . . .

Then the investment suddenly feels pretty cheap?

4) It’s You Vs You

the Rock - LEP Fitness - personal trainers sheffield - personal trainer sheffield - fat loss coach sheffield

Forget comparing yourself to skinny celebs and movie hunks! For most people on our planet that is a million miles away. The only competition you face everyday is YOU!

Its easy to get down when you compare yourself to others . . .

There is always somebody who is . . .

Smarter, Wealthier, Better looking, Faster, Stronger, More Talented . . .

You are special and unique and there is nobody out there on the planet like you.

Be proud of who you are and always work on self development.


I Believe In You . . .

Don’t wait until the Doctor tells you it’s to late, or your kids laugh at you for being out of breath kicking a ball around a park. Don’t wait until next year to make a change. There’s never the right time, the time starts now. Tune into the pain of not changing, what happens in 5 years from now if you continue down this path?


Take small steps everyday, hire a coach, look at ways to improve, monitor effectiveness and most of all . . .

Quit with the BS!

Take the wheel.

I believe in you!