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4 Sports That Will Improve Your Health and Sharpen Your Mind…

4 Sports That Will Improve Your Health and Sharpen Your Mind

Apart from the physical benefits, doing sports inevitably has several advantages concerning mental and emotional health. Several sports incorporate both physical and psychological enhancement, which are both crucial for healthy living and wellness.

Here are four fantastic sports which will improve your longevity and boost your brain….

Mountain Biking

Adrenaline boosting activities like mountain biking are perfect for adventurers, seeking constant challenges and excitement. Although dangerous to take up on your own, it’s a great way of exploring nature whilst at the same time getting an intensive workout. Biking engages the entire body, especially the leg muscles. The core and arms also get a great workout.

What’s fantastic about mountain biking is the endless possibility for growth and improvement. Every trail is a different set of turns, bends, and dips, and it brings an entirely new set of challenges. Every ride is a story of its own, which is excellent for boosting spirit and motivation.

Traversing winding trails at top speeds with some friends can be a great way of socialising and getting rid of anxiety, stress, and restlessness.

If you’re new to mountain biking and want to build up your confidence before venturing out, I’d recommend checking out these 10 tips for beginners. The article goes in to depth about how to ride efficiently, how to properly wear your helmet, and what you need in your emergency bag.


Although relaxing and not so demanding at first glance, golf requires a lot of energy and involves some essential physical exercise. This moderate intensity physical activity is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and is proven by research to decrease the risk of coronary heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory problems, high levels of cholesterol and more.

Also, all of it is done outside, on a large field of green grass in beautiful nature and fresh air, which is a mental health booster on its own.

Golf may not be strategically demanding or hard to figure out, but the simplicity of it means focusing on the subtle movements of hands, precise positioning of arms, legs, and body, and most importantly, full attention and concentration.

For making the most of golf, it’s essential to be informed about the best equipment required, to prevent injury or any discomfort. Uncomfortable shoes or wrong clubs can make a big difference and ruin the fun. Resources like Wired Golfers are great for finding appropriate golfing gear and understanding what suits your needs to play at your very best.

Furthermore, golfers can experience an almost meditative, spiritual experience of relaxation and serenity, since the conditions for playing are perfect for simply enjoying a beautiful day out in the sun, with some friends, entertaining yourselves with a game of golf. What more could one ask for?


Crossfit has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It combines a variety of different physical activities which makes it a great exercise, engaging all the muscles and the entire body. With elements of high-intensity training, gymnastics, weightlifting and more, your body experiences a complete workout, strengthening every muscle.

Not to mention the positive effect on calorie burning and weight loss. Crossfit is a fun way of keeping a healthy weight and regularly exercising, without feeling smothered by the same old exercises and repetition.

Crossfit is great for working on different areas of physical attributes, like strength, flexibility, and agility, as well as on mental abilities, such as balance, coordination, and focus.

The socialising factor is also significant since it is a prime motivation for beginners and those who are easy quitters. The communal atmosphere of working out together is a great way to stay focused and determined in achieving set goals.


Recreationally jogging or preparing for a marathon, you will feel the amazing benefits of running. It’s probably the most undemanding exercise (apart from walking), not requiring any specific skills or athletic requirements – it’s in your nature. Slow pace running like jogging is ideal for preserving the cardio-respiratory system. It also pumps feel good hormones likes endorphins around your body, thus boosting your mood.

Whether you enjoy running on a treadmill in the comfort of your gym, or whether you prefer running outside, it’s up to you! In any case, frequent running can result in weight loss, better overall health, reduced mood swings and improved mental health and wellness.

Doing sports will always be an essential part of health preservation. Combining exercises and activities that are both useful for the physical as well as the mental state seems to be a formula for success. Having that in mind, sports that embody both of these factors should be more considered when selecting a suitable physical activity.

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