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4 Things You Need To Do When You Wake Up To Have A Healthy Day…


Start as you mean to go on… 

Everyday is an opportunity to make some good sh*t happen! Aiming to start the day positively is absolutely imperative and sets the tone for the rest of it. When I wake up the first thing I do is make my bed, and then I brush my teeth (maybe ‘floss’ if I can be bothered!). I’ll then go down stairs and do 4 small things that make way for a healthy, productive day and they are…

1) High Protein/Fat breakfast  

4 Things You Need To Do When You Wake Up To Have A Healthy Day

Eating starchy carbohydrates (cereal, toast) first thing in the morning is going to lead to a major energy crash later on in the day. What happens when you crash? You reach for the fast acting junk (Haribo, Donuts and all that jazz!). I start my day with a high protein/fat breakfast. The reason being that these foods have a lower impact on blood sugar level (in other words they don’t cause your energy levels to crash!). Protein and fat based foods also help keep you fuller for longer.

High Protein/Fat Breakfast Ideas: sausages, bacon, eggs, steak, protein shake, nuts

2) Take a multivitamin 

multivitamin - lep fitness - sheffield

I’ve been taking multivitamins for years and I swear by them. As soon as I wake up i’ll pretty much down a pint of water and swallow a multivitamin. They provide the body with essential vitamins, helping to promote healthy skin, nails, metabolism, energy, and much more . Remember though that nothing beats a good, healthy, nutritious diet – check out all of my nutritional blogs here

3) 2 Litres of Water

water for hydration

Either pick up 7×2 litre bottles of water (1 for each day of the week) or pick up a 2 litre refillable water bottle. At the start of each day make-sure you’ve got your water at the ready. It’s absolutely essential to keep yourself hydrated and this will ensure you stay on top form throughout the day.

4) Chuck in a Berocca

berocca - dissolvable vitamin tablet for energy

I’ve talked about Berocca’s in multiple posts of mine, they are another one of my favourite morning rituals. When I prepare my 2 litres of water for the day i’ll also chuck in a dissolvable Berocca tablet to ensure i’m constantly sipping on good vitamins/minerals throughout the day.

Getting into the habit…

Some people say it takes 21 days to form a habit, others say it can take upto 90 days. What’s important is to get into a routine where you wake up and make a conscious effort of completing the above 4 steps. I can guarantee that before you know it this healthy system will be fully ingrained into your daily routine and you’ll feel so much better for doing it!

Any questions give me a holla!

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