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4 Tips to Help You Get In Shape For Your Wedding…

4 Tips to Help You Get In Shape For Your Wedding - LEP Fitness - Sheffield personal trainer - get fit for your wedding

Did You Know?

That the average UK wedding costs £22,000! (venues, dresses, suits, honeymoons, food for others, and cake!).

But what’s the most important investment?

An investment in yourself! How you look and feel on the most special day of your life. You want to look and feel confident in your pictures, after all they’ll be on the mantel piece for life!

If your wedding day is looming in the near future it will improve your confidence on the day if you’ve taken some steps to get in shape – however, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that your husband-to-be proposed to you at the size and shape you are now, so you shouldn’t be doing it for him!

Instead make this change to better yourself, to feel confident about having your photo taken on the day or wearing a grand dress and the sparkling diamond ring your partner picked up here. With that in mind, if you’ve been considering how to get into shape ready for the big day, here’s some tips:

1) You Don’t Need To Sign Up For The Gym

People believe that the only way to get in shape is to sign up for a costly gym membership and drag themselves to it every day – this is not the case! Try out a few exercise plans you can do in your living room as well as dusting off the bike and your running shoes. There are so many YouTube videos now featuring full workouts that you can try on for size; Carly Rowena is a great fitness vlogger and has put together a series of videos featuring easy to tackle home workouts that focus on certain areas of the body.

2) Plan Your Workouts

This is so important. If you know when you’re going to be exercising and have planned it around work and everything else you need to do for the wedding, then you’ll be more inclined to grab your gear and start moving. Grab a diary and jot down what you intend to do on what dates for the next four weeks, see how you’ve got on at the end of this period of time and then check if it needs tweaking at all (you’ll soon realise that perhaps a 6am gym session working on your legs, after a 2 mile run the night before, isn’t the best way to do things.)

3) Don’t Shy Away From The Weights 

Many of us believe that the only way to get in shape is to take on a grueling cardio programme that we end up hating after a week (people who like cardio are not to be trusted!). That’s why it’s important to mix things up a bit and don’t shy away from the weight area in the gym. Sure, it might be filled with sweaty guys but if you have put together a good training programme and know what you’re doing wading in between the grunting and muscles shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re wondering how to put together a programme this is a great article that walks you through the process, depending on what you want to achieve. Also, don’t believe that weights will make you look ‘manly’, it’s physically impossible for women to gain huge bulging muscles without the help of steroids– something we don’t imagine you’ll be taking!

4) Start Around Six Months Before The Wedding   

You’ll be surprised just how quickly your body can change if you commit to a workout and healthy eating routine, so there’s no need to start two years before the big day – six months is plenty of time if you’ve got a good plan worked out. Starting any earlier could lead to boredom with your diet and plan and inevitably giving up early and not meeting your goals.

Remember, getting in shape does require a lifestyle change and you should be taking on such a thing for yourself not for anyone else. You can do this!

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This post was written by Patrick Vernon