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4 Ways To Boost Your Content For Your Personal Training Business

4 Ways To Boost Your Content For Your Personal Training Business

You’ve probably heard of the saying “CONTENT IS KING.”

Well, I’d like to slightly modify this statement and state that…


In this day and age, pretty much every business needs to use social media. BUT merely being on social media isn’t enough; you need to create compelling content that builds trust with your audience, encourages engagement, and grows your customer/client base. 

Small Tweaks Have A BIG Impact 

The good news is that with a few small tweaks and strategies in place, you can make a significant improvement on your content. Here are…

4 Ways To Boost Your Content For Your Personal Training Business 

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#1 Grammarly 

One of the first things I’d recommend is signing up for the paid version of Grammarly. You can use the FREE version, which is worthwhile, BUT the paid version is far superior and has more features. 

Poor grammar and English will make you look like an amateur, and people won’t buy, especially if you want to attract a high paying clientele base. 

You need to be professional, with excellent vocabulary, correct spelling, and neatly written content, with short and sharp paragraphs so that it’s easy for your audience to read and digest. 

Grammarly is fantastic because it does a spell check, BUT it also gives you tips on how to write better quality content. 

Grammarly gives you feedback on how engaging your content is, how well you deliver your content, and the clarity (how easy it easy for people to understand). All of these are key when it comes to improving the content for your PT business. 

Grammarly is like having a world-class English teacher on hand whenever you need to write content!

As I said, I would highly recommend purchasing the paid version if you want to write professional and engaging content – both of which will help you grow your fan base and attract more customers. 

#2 Plan 

Another key point, although it is maybe pointing out the obvious…. is to plan your content! 

How many of you are planning your content out each week? 

Every Sunday, I’ll go for a walk (30-60 minutes), and I’ll reflect on my week, what’s been good? What’s been bad? What can I do next week? Etc. 

I’ll also think about my content for the week ahead. I’ll think about what’s working and what’s not, different title ideas, think about the length of content. 

For example, if it’s a blog post, I typically write 500-1000 words. If it’s an Insta or FB post, it’s usually under 300 words – sometimes 20-100 words! 

Then I think about how I can write 1-3 pieces of content for the week ahead. Content that takes my brand forward helps more people, increases followers, and engagement, and leads to more sales. 

There are lots of ways to plan, but here are some KEY pointers:

Have A Journal – keep a journal of all of your content ideas. I often get content ideas in the morning when I first wake up. I’ll then write a note on my phone, or sometimes I’ll record it in my diary. Then at the end of the week, I look over content ideas and plan for the week ahead. 

White Board – another great way to keep focused on your content and free up some headspace is to jot down your content ideas on a whiteboard. 

Plan your content and then think about how you’re going to share the content over multiple platforms. For example, each month, I’ll pick my best blog post, then share it with my email list. I’ll also share the blog on my social media platforms – mainly FB and Instagram. That way, one piece of content goes a long way. 

#3 Walk 

Walk to boost creativity

Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) used to go on regular walks throughout the day to gain clarity on business issues and to boost creativity. 

Walking as I’m sure you’ll already know, does wonders for both the mind and body. It’s a chance to collaborate all of your thoughts and also a great way to boost creativity and come up with new content ideas. 

When our minds are racing all of the time, and we have a constant stream of random and disorganized thoughts, we struggle to be creative. Instead, we need to relax the mind to come up with new ideas – walking does this. 

It helps to take time out from the chaos of running a personal training business and instead take some time to be with yourself and be fully present. You can then focus on some new killer content ideas. 

#4 Keep Learning To Gain Inspiration 

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I get most of my blog and content ideas from a wide array of resources such as podcasts, audiobooks, books, and other online articles. 

I’ll typically listen to 3-5 new podcasts each week, and I always come away with new article ideas. 

For example, I listen to Mark Coles’s podcast every week, and I always come away inspired and with new ideas to help fellow personal trainers. 

The best way to gain new article ideas is to:

1) Go on regular walks – 2-3x per week for 30-60 minutes

2) Listen and read new material that’s relevant to your personal training business – then create your own unique content and put a personal spin on your delivery. 

Over time you’ll get more and more content ideas, and it becomes much easier to keep getting new ideas. One blog post you write often leads to another idea, then another and before you know if you’ve written 100 articles! Or, in my case, 1,000 articles! 

Remember also that creating content is a skill, the more you do it, the better you’ll get. I’d recommend trying to write one new article each week for your personal training website (500-1000 words) and then 2-7 posts per week for your social media channels. Keep doing this for the next year and watch your personal training business explode!  

Thanks for reading,


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