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4 Ways to Increase Your Revenue As A Personal Trainer…


There are lots of ways to make a lucrative career as a personal trainer…


Most coaches just focus on 1-1 personal training, and although this can lead to a successful living, the trouble is that once you hit maximum capacity (30-35 sessions per week) you start to hit a glass ceiling – where you have very little spare time and your salary is capped (unless you raise your prices!)

This can lead to feeling burnt out – 35 hours on your feet, coaching clients is exhausting! and that’s not including all of the hours spent planning sessions, writing nutritional plans, responding to e-mails, travelling, etc, etc.

I remember when my business started to take off and I was working 70-80 hours per week. I ran myself into the ground, had no social life, and felt fatigued 24/7…

So I started delving into ways to increase my revenue without always being on the gym floor. In this post I’m going to share with you 4 Ways to Increase Your Revenue As A Personal Trainer…

#1 E-Books

One of the best things I did a couple of years ago was design the ’28 Day Keto Challenge’ – basically a short term diet plan and fitness regime which was put into a 25 page e-book. I now sell the e-book for £19.99.

The good thing about an e-book is that once you have put in the man hours designing the product you are ready to sell. It can be a great way to generate passive income.

Thanks to implementing this strategy I’ve been able to generate thousands of extra pounds for my personal training business.

To find out more about designing and selling an e-book online check out this post I wrote.

#2 Group Personal Training

Another great way to increase your revenue is to work with more people in each session. For example instead of doing 1-1 personal training sessions, you could train 2 or even 4 people all at once.

This way instead of charging £60 per session for 1-1 coaching you could charge £100 to train 4 people. Therefore your hourly rate increases and the price for your customers goes down from £60 per session to £25! Everybody wins.

#3 Skype Consulting 

With millions of people willing to spend their money on improving their image, health and fitness – one of the things you can do as a  personal trainer is offer Skype Calls. This is a great way to help those who are unable to reach you face-to-face, for example people who live in another city or country!

#4 Online Personal Training 

Online personal training is becoming more and more popular. Some coaches even base their entire business model on this concept, which allows them to either work from home or travel around the world with a laptop!

Although it can take some time to build up an online personal training business it can be a great way to add revenue to your PT model.

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