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5 Benefits of Promoting Your Personal Training Business Using Social Media…

5 Benefits of Promoting Your Personal Training Business Using Social Media

Social networks have become a fairly familiar tool for promoting business online. And this is true for almost all segments – from B2B to personal business and brand.

In this article, we have compiled the main advantages of promoting your personal training business with the help of social media. So, if for now for some reason you are not using their capabilities, look through this article and make sure that it is necessary, and most importantly, effectively.

This Is a Tool to Reveal Yourself as a Person

Modern users want to see the face of the business and brand they work with. It’s not enough to use the site alone, even if it is made in the best traditions of web design. And social networks are just the best way to show your face and reveal yourself as a person. For those who promote a personal brand in social networks (and this is just your case), this is especially true.

When you interact with the target audience through social networks, you show them who you are, not only from a professional but also from a human point of view. People tend to trust people, so social media is the first step towards building trust between you and your potential clients.

The Most Targeted Ad Ever

Facebook has surpassed Google Ads by several times regarding the ability to customize the most targeted advertisements. No platform in the world provides such flexible, reasonable and convenient settings for the segmentation of the target audience as Facebook.

For you, this means the most targeted advertising campaigns at a lower cost and with greater efficiency. And by the way, everything that you set up on Facebook is easily transferred and works on Instagram, the users of which are just crazy about the possibilities to get a beautiful figure and publish the corresponding photos.

What is more, it is also possible to target users from other countries. True, for this, you will have to translate your advertising message, but it is very simple to do this using a special translation service, for example, The Word Point.

And even if you provide your services in only one city, no one restricts your ability to attract users with interesting content and increase the number of subscribers. Thus, social networks for personal training businesses are becoming a tool for building a reputation and developing a personal brand.

Endless Possibilities to Interact with Users

As soon as you attracted users to your pages using targeted advertising, you immediately get several effective opportunities to work with them, turning visitors into leads and leads into potential customers. Here are four main ways to continue working with the target audience, which can be ideally adapted to promote the services of a personal fitness trainer.

Expert Content

The Internet is full of tips on how to lose weight, how to eat, and what exercises to perform to reduce the waist, for example. However, it is completely unclear who can be trusted when some “experts” recommend taking diet pills or starving “wisely” until you lose weight.

For you, this means a chance to create truly expert content, citing scientific research and relying on your experience. Here, as in medical practice, the main principle is not to harm.


This is a great way to expand your target audience, which is well suited to many niches. Invite subscribers to win a free workout with you and ask to tag a friend. The number of subscribers will begin to grow, and you will also get the opportunity to turn one of the random subscribers into a potential client.

Programs, Marathons, Challenges

Users love not only to receive something for free, but also to prove that they are no worse than other people. In this sense, a marathon or challenge is a great opportunity to start close work with the target audience, get user-generated content, and finally push those who still cannot decide to take action.

The Ability to Receive Strong Social Evidence and Feedback

Social networks are social precisely because here people interact with people. And since, as we have already said, people tend to trust just people, then for you this is a chance to get real feedback after working with a particular client. This feedback will be strong social proof that you can be trusted, your services are professional, you deliver value and strive for results. Here are two ways how does it work.


It can be comments under your posts from your customers or screenshots of your personal correspondence. Just ask the client who wrote a grateful review before posting fragments from your correspondence.

Before and After Photos

This is the best proof of the professionalism of a fitness trainer. When a new visitor to your page sees the result that others have achieved, and can compare it with the original physical parameters, it is both a proof of your effectiveness and a motivator to take action.

A Chance to Stay in Trend and Help Others Do the Same

Let’s be honest – a healthy lifestyle is now in the wake of popularity, and that’s great. Many users want to show everyone else how healthy, beautiful and successful they are. And you, as a personal trainer, is the first example of such a person. By developing your business on social networks, you show by your own example how to stay healthy and beautiful, and what is more, offer help in achieving this goal. This is an exceptional win-win option when you can give people what they really want.

Brief Conclusion

Thus, personal fitness coaching business and social networks were almost created for each other. This is in every sense the perfect combination. In addition to the fact that each social platform provides cool opportunities for self-promotion, a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, sports, and fitness are also one of the most popular, trending and discussed topics. All that remains for you is to go into this social abyss, find a way to stand out from competitors, and then the trend itself will carry you along the waves.