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The 5 Best Places to Workout in South Yorkshire

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South Yorkshire, 599 Square miles, and home to 1.3 million people. It is globally renowned for mining and steel manufacturing,  hosting the World Snooker Championships, cultivating an Olympic Gold medalist (Jessica Ennis), a national park (Peak District), and unfortunately a famous footballing tragedy (Hillsborough), to name but a few of it’s quirks. It’s safe to say it’s is a place rife with character, culture, beauty and appealing resources for those that live here and to attract the many who visit. I for one have fallen in love with the place and now class it as home, even though i have only lived here for 5 years.

For those of you that don’t know me, my life passion is health and fitness, and over the past few years i have been fortunate to live out my passion daily thanks to setting up LEP Fitness. During my time in South Yorkshire I have experienced some of the best workout locations and I want to share them with you. It’s one of the best places to live if you want to explore some of the best workout locations, venues, resources and learn from the best fitness professionals. So without further ado . . . what are The 5 Best Places to Workout in South Yorkshire?

#1 Climbing Works

climbing works

The Climbing Works (Sheffield) opened in December 2006, setting new standards for size and quality as a dedicated UK indoor climbing centre. I wanted to investigate the Climbing Works after hearing so many raving reviews from LEP clients. The Climbing Works is the first dedicated bouldering centre in England and Wales to be designated a National Performance Centre. They welcome all ages and abilities, after opening the Mini Works facility in 2013, which aims to help those new to climbing, children and adults looking for a new hobbie/sport.

The Independent Sheffield says . . . “From the moment you walk in the door, it is a fun experience; the staff are friendly, the coffee (locally sourced from Cafeology) is great, the route setting is world class and there is music to get you in the mood!”

Climbing can burn between 500 and 1,000 calories per hour, it’s a phenomenal exercise which has the potential to strengthen the entire body (upper, lower body and core), burn fat and release a satisfying surge of feel good endorphins to give you, your friends and family a real buzz.

#2 Carbrook Sheffield

The perfect place for fitness adrenalin junkies! A couple of years ago me and my friend visited Carbrook for the first time, we had a blast. I found Carbrook to be a deserted location, full of potential fitness challenges (see video above). There’s an abandoned train track, which we used for sprints (one of the best fat burning exercises) and walking lunges, to strengthen the legs. We utilised the high bridges to perform pull ups, completing wide grip and close grip variations to target the back and bicep muscles. One of the most enjoyable aspects of training at Carbrook apart from the obstacles and challenges, was a sense of being the only kids in the playground. It was remote, we pretty much had a playground to ourselves. It was very quite, i think we saw about 5 people during a day of filming! (all 5 looked at us as if we were perhaps slightly mad!). It was great fun and i would highly recommend to anyone with a good level of bodyweight strength (climbers, crossfitters, gymnasts, etc) seeking a large rush of endorphins.

#3 Dam Flask 


A stunning looking reservoir, with picturesque scenery and an aura of tranquility.  It’s also one of my favourite training locations in South Yorkshire, ideal for enthusiastic walkers and runners. Dam flask is situated about 7 miles outside of Sheffield, see map. It’s a perfect location to take the family out on a relaxing Sunday lunch walk (for a walking route please click here ). If your a passionate runner seeking a liberating running experience or striving to achieve a new personal best on Map My Run i would highly recommend Dam Flask.

#4 Endcliffe Park

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Back in 2010, when i first arrived in Sheffield i completed my first workout at Endcliffe Park, i have done many more workouts since, burning a serious amount of calories and creating some fond memories. The park is well kempt, with a nice atmosphere, cafe and plenty of space to walk, talk and train! Home of Park Run a 5000m (5k) running course, with an outdoor gym the park is a great place to chill out , work out and get fit! The Park Run takes places every Saturday at 9am (further details can be found here). The outdoor gym (located 30 metres from the Cafe) has pull up bars (small, medium and high) for all strengths and sizes, benches, cross trainer, and resistance machines so you can workout in the park.

You could use the park to complete a solo workout, or even stop by with your family after a little walk, to do a mini workout with the kids (they’ll love it!). They will also probably get a little tired and have an afternoon nap!

Try this 15 minute Solo circuit workout for a robust workout to start burning some fat and building some lean muscle

  1. Warm up – light jog around the park
  2. 5 minute stretch (mobility routine)
  3. 10-30 bench dips
  4. Pull ups (As Many Reps As Possible)
  5. 10-30 squats
  6. 10-30 star jumps
  7. 10-30 walking lunges 

#5 Fitness Unlimit 

ponds f

The best value for money health and fitness facilities in South Yorkshire. The Fitness Unlimit memberships boasts an impressive 5 fitness venues, with 1st class facilities including; a full sized Olympic pool, athletic track, gym, spa areas, and a cafe to suit every type of person from fitness fanatics to family fun time. The Fitness Unlimit membership grants you access to 5 facilities. With a current membership offer at 23.20 (British Pounds) per month, it’s by far the best value for money facility in South Yorkshire. The quality of equipment is outstanding suiting a wide variety of needs from; 1st time gym goer to World Class Athlete.

I hope you have enjoyed The 5 Best Places to Workout in South Yorkshire. I would love to hear your feedback and hear about your favourite places to workout in South Yorkshire. Please leave your comments below, and ’Like’ & Share’ with your friends if you feel people could benefit from this information. You can also contact me anytime via e-mail if you have any questions. I would be very happy to help.

Thanks for reading, have a great day and make it count!

Nick Screeton - LEP Fitness - Sheffield Personal Trainer