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5 Cool Pieces Of Sports Clothing That Make You Look Stylish In The Gym…

5 Cool Pieces Of Sports Clothing That Make You Look Stylish In The Gym...

If you’re into the gym and like to look stylish… then this post is definitely for you. 

I don’t know about you but if i’m wearing old, baggy clothing I just don’t feel confident in the gym? 

Whereas when I’m wearing new, trendy and slim fitted gym gear I feel much happier and end up having a better workout! 

IMPORTANT: Just before we dive in i’d like to point out that i’m not being paid by the brands I recommend – I wish I was though! like Kylie Jenner who reportedly get $1 million dollars per Instagram post!

NO, instead…I’m recommend the following items because i’ve used them and rate them very highly. 

Here are 5 Really Cool Pieces of Gym Clothing That You Need To Pick Up…

#1 Gym Bag

 Marlin Holdall by Consigned

Sometimes when I go to gym I take loads of stuff, for example a weights belt, squat shoes, foam roller, lifting straps, chalk, water bottle… and that’s just scratching the surface! I feel like sometimes I should just take my suitcase! 

For me a normal backpack doesn’t fit in all of my stuff, I need a proper holdall bag, the trouble is that I think the common sports brands like Nike and Adidas can look a bit too mainstream (everyone has them!). 

I really like the Marlin Holdall by Consigned because it’s more edgy, and has plenty of storage space to carry all of your gym gear.

#2 Squat Shoes 

adidas squat shoes

If you’re into heavy lifting, performing compound lifts like squats and deadlifts then you need to buy some squat shoes. The problem is that some of them are just damn right ugly! lol! They look clunky – as though you’ve gone and bought some bowling shoes (not cool!). 

There are quite a few squat shoes that i’d recommend but the ones I use are Adidas PowerLift

#3 Warm Coat 

coats from Gym King

With the summer well and truly over the temperatures have started to drop and it’s getting chilly! I walk to the gym 4x per week because I like listening to an audiobook and also because for me it’s an extra 40 minutes worth of cardio (approx 200 calories!). On my last few trips i’ve been blooming freezing, and there’s nothing worse than going into a gym feeling cold, it also increases the likelihood of injury too!

There are lots of nice gym coats on the market, however some of the ones i’ve purchased in the past haven’t lasted me very long. In fact I bought a coat last year, which only lasted me 4 months! 

I really like the coats from Gym King because they look good, are comfy, keep you warm and are made of excellent quality. You may have to spend a little more but if it lasts you 2-3 years then it’s a good return on your investment.

#4 Fitted T-shirt

How To Look Cool In The Gym : Comfy, Stylish & Affordable Gym Clothing…

Once you’re in the gym, are warmed up and have done a couple of sets to pump up your muscles you’ll likely want to take off your hoodie and show off that physique you’ve been working hard to build.

I like t-shirts from Gym Shark, and Gym King but one brand i’ve recently come across which are now my favourite is… BADR. Their t-shirts are fantastic and fit an athletic looking physique really well. 

#5 Joggers 

Personally I prefer to wear shorts in the gym, I feel more comfortable and can move more freely, however the gym where I train is frickin freezing! so joggers are the best option. Whether you’re working out in the gym or chilling at home joggers can be extremely comfortable and a good pair can last you a long time. 

Now i must admit in the past i’ve tried to cut corners by spending less (especially when I was a broke student!) but now I spend more money on better quality gear, that looks better but also lasts longer. 

In terms of joggers I like Nike because of the fit, but again i’m going to have to side with Gym King as my favourite. 

Thanks for reading,

Nick 🙂