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5 Guilty Pleasures You Can Eat Whilst Dieting…


Bye Bye Rabbit Food…

The truth is dieting doesn’t have to be boring (unless you want to become a professional bodybuilder – which most of us don’t!) there are plenty of tasty choices which satisfy cravings, and which can be conducive towards your weight loss goals.

It’s no use living of Rabbit food and being miserable is it?

Here’s 5 Guilty Pleasures You Can Eat Whilst Dieting

1) Protein Pizza

Protein Pizza - LEP Fitness - sheffield personal trainer - sheffield nutritionist

It’s easy to consume in excess of 1,000 calories when devouring a pizza.  For the majority of us this is pretty much half of our daily calories in just one meal! Most pizza’s also come with a whoppingly high number of carbohydrates.

But pizza is buff right? (it tastes great!) so a great way to include this in your diet is to pick a pizza more conducive towards your goals (lower in calories and carbs).

Check out Muscle Food’s range – their Mighty Meaty Pizza contains 658 calories and just 30g of carbohydrate.

Bonus Tip: instead of calling Dominoes or Pizza Hut on a Friday night pick up a protein pizza.

2) Carb Killa Bar

carb killa - team grenade - lep fitness - sheffield personal trainer - fitness blog - diet blog

Grenade recently brought out a new low carb chocolate bar called Carb Killa, they taste amazing and contain just 1.4g of sugar per bar! Compared to a Mars Bar (30g of sugar), Snickers (24g of sugar) and Kitkat (26g sugar) that’s pretty good!

I picked up the ‘Caramel Choas’ flavour the other day and they tasted great! I’ve also heard the ‘Fudge Brownie’ ones are pretty damn good too!

Bonus Tip: melt your carb killa bar in the microwave for 30s for a gooey chocolate sensation.

3) Crunchy Protein Crisps

protein crisps - lep fitness - online personal trainer - fitness blogger - sheffield pt - sheffield fitness trainer

There’s something about the crunch of a salty crisp dissolving in your mouth don’t you agree? The trouble is they are loaded with fat and provide very little benefit to the body!

Oh…. but then protein crips were invented (ohhhhh sh……*t!)

A pack of ready salted walkers crisps contains 171 calories and 10g of fat! a pack of Roast Chicken high protein crisps contain 100 calories, and less than 1g of fat! They are also packed with protein to help keep you fuller for longer.

protein crisp compared to walkers - lep fitness - sheffield personal trainer - nick screeton - fitness blogger

Bonus Tip: Instead of packing regular crisps for lunch pick up some protein crisps instead!

4) Buffed Up Protein Milk Shake


OMG! I love these and the taste is of the richter scale! They are also incredibly quick and easy to make.

How to make (chuck all ingredients into a blender for 20-30s):

You can also add in a handful of fruit (I like to use strawberries and bananas – depending on what flavour my protein is)

Nutritional Facts:  320 Calories, 36g Protein, 14g Carbs, 7g Fat

Bonus tip: consume your buffed up milkshake straight after working out to help you replenish tired muscles.

5) Protein Popcorn Heaven 

protein popcorn - LEP Fitness - personal trainer sheffield - personal training sheffield - fitness blogger - nick screeton

Who doesn’t love movie day?

We often associate certain foods with special occasions for example at Christmas; turkey, pigs in blankets, mince pies, christmas cake! Or in Summer; ice cream, and fruit!

When we go to the cinema it’s rude not to pick up a box of popcorn right? (as long as your not one of those munchers who makes more noise than a Bose sound system!).

I’m a big fan of protein popcorn, especially on Sundays when i’m watching movies with my partner in crime Sally (my GF! and love of my life). I’d highly recommend the cinnamon flavour

Bonus tip: put your popcorn in a small bowl – your more likely to eat less.

How To Kick Ass…

Consuming natural foods such as meat, fish a vegetables is the most effective way of providing your body with the essential nutrients needed to function optimally, there’s absolutely no doubt about that.

Whilst I would strongly recommend consuming these foods 70-90% of the time, it’s equally important to enjoy your life and make-sure that what you are doing is sustainable and works for you.

Can you stick to your plan in 6 months time from now? if the answer is no then i’d strongly recommend you to re-asses.

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