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5 Outdoor Workout Ideas for Spring 2020

5 Outdoor Workout Ideas for Spring 2020

The rain is slowing down, and the spring season is on the horizon. For the typical gym enthusiast, it’s a breath of fresh air (literally!) to get some outdoor workouts away from the sweaty confines of the local gym club. Also, due to the Coronavirus, lots of gyms will be shut anyway – so you’ll need an alternative. It can be challenging to find outdoor activities depending on the area that you live in. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Join a Sports Meetup Group

The warmer season is an excellent time of the year to join a sports league and expand your social network. You will be able to play games you probably have not played since you were a child. Ultimate frisbee, cricket, tennis, flag football, and rugby are great alternatives to the treadmill. There’s a variety of leagues for different skill levels and interests. Since everyone is on a team, it will be easier to socialise with others. Who knows, you may even meet your next significant other at the next get together!

Bust out the Bicycle

Biking is not only one of the most efficient means of travel, but it’s also an awesome calorie burner. With more sunlight, you can take advantage of the various parks and nature trails in your community. It’s also not a bad idea to consider biking to work. Cooperating weather, a manageable distance, and a safe commute can make a ride to work enticing and enjoyable. Think about the extra money you will save on petrol and car maintenance.

Check out your Local Park

Most parks have a lot of great options for a different outdoor workout. Bars for chin-ups and dips, exercise stations, and walking trails a welcome change from the usual spinning class. You can play like a kid and get a great circuit training workout at the playground. You can purchase some inexpensive adjustable straps to hang from tree limbs or bars for tons of different exercises. You can build a lot of muscle using only your bodyweight. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the foul smells or grunting from juiced up powerlifters. You can bring supplements like power life high impact protein to fuel your outdoor workout. You could also take a post-workout protein shake to help repair your muscles after some circuit training. 


Walking past a group of people doing the downward dog pose in the park is a strange and entertaining experience. While yoga may be foreign to you, it provides you with the flexibility to get a workout done almost anywhere. Beaches, parks, or even your front yard can be a spot to plop down a yoga mat. Yoga is also great for stimulating all five of your senses and alleviating stress. Some of the moves can be challenging to execute, but a group setting can make it less embarrassing and also fun. You won’t have to worry about finding a spot in a crowded yoga class next to someone that had Taco Tuesday last night.


If you spend the majority of your working hours in a cubicle, walking is a great beginner’s step for outdoor workouts. Walking is simple, and it has some great benefits for your overall health. You can set a step or mileage goal and gradually increase it each week. Supplements like power life high impact protein will give you a boost as you walk.

Outdoor Spring workouts can revitalise and refocus the body. There’s no need to sit in a dank and depressing gym to get an effective workout. As the weather starts to break, challenge yourself to get outdoors more often. Most workouts can be done with little to no equipment, and you will have the peace and serenity of nature behind you.