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5 reasons why I love being a personal trainer…

why I love being a personal trainer

I’ve been a personal trainer for years now! I set up my own business LEP Fitness nearly 7 years ago.

Being a PT is a fantastic career and here are 5 reasons why I love being a personal trainer…

1) You make an immediate difference to people lives

In just 45-60 minutes you can improve the health of a person. You get their heart racing quicker, improve circulation, warm up joints, help them reduce stress and increase feel good hormones in their body, things like dopamine and serotonin – which make you feel better. 

2) Learn lots about people

I can honestly say I’ve learnt something from every single person I’ve worked with. I love working with different people, I love learning about their careers, and I love hearing people’s stories. I’ve learned so much thanks to my clients. 

I’ve also realised that everyone has their own personal struggles, strengths and weaknessss. Everyone is just trying to find their own way in life. I can relate to this myself and connect with people far better than I did before becoming a PT. 

3) You get to see people blossom

I’m not just talking about physical changes but mental changes too. To me there’s much more to PT than getting a 12 week transformation. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics are a just a small snapshot. 

To me it’s about empowering people, letting them know that they can achieve their goals, and supporting them with a kind and caring approach. When a client becomes empowered their transformation unfolds and their life changes enormously – not just looks and health wise but confidence, career, personal relationships, etc. 

I’d say out of the clients I’ve worked with the 3 biggest transformations haven’t been before and after pics but…

  1. a lady recovering from cancer who had zero confidence in herself but when she left our sessions had bundles of energy and a new lease of life. I got a text from here before Xmas saying she was still working out 4x per week.
  2. A lady who couldn’t conceive and tried and failed with 3 IVF treatments but who managed to lose 3 stone and now has a child. I believe it was down to improving her health and mindset over a 6 month period. No IVF was used. 
  3. A doctor who trained with me for 3 years and loved fitness so much that he became a qualified PT and is now starting his own business.

These are the stories I treasure!

4) You get to listen to music all day 

I love music, there’s nothing like it for changing your emotions and mood! Not many jobs allow you to listen to music all day! 

5) You learn lots about yourself

Its not just clients that need to improve, its YOU the coach, you have to practice what you preach and keep fit, and work on your own self development. 

I’ve learned so much about myself and have improved my skills and knowledge every single year since starting LEP Fitness.

Thanks for reading, and thanks also to current clients and previous clients too. You’ve enriched my life in ways you’ll never know, and id like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to do a job which means the world to me.

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Nick 🙂