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5 reasons why you need to fire your personal trainer…

5 reasons why you need to fire your personal trainer.

Hiring a personal trainer isn’t cheap! If you’re spending your hard-earned cash, then you want to make sure that you’re getting the best return on your investment, don’t you? 

The trouble is that there are lots of terrible personal trainers out there who are stealing money from clients. What I mean by ‘stealing’ is that they are providing a terrible or extremely mediocre service that’s not worth the money!

Of course, nobody in the right mind pays money to a terrible personal trainer, BUT the trouble is that not everyone knows what a good personal trainer looks like! 

After all, how do you know? 

Low Standard Of Personal Training

The overall standard of personal training in the UK is abysmal!

It’s easy to become a personal trainer – you can complete the course in 3 months! Imagine your doctor/GP said they’d only been studying medicine for three months! Would you let them operate on you? Lol. Probably not! 

What’s even scarier is the fact that there are personal trainers out there who aren’t qualified! They just put on their Instagram profile that they’re a personal trainer, and people believe them! 

Do you want to put your trust into the hands of someone like this?

I want to stop you from wasting your money, so without further ado here are:

5 reasons why you need to fire your personal trainer

5 reasons why you need to fire your personal trainer by LEP Fitness

#1 Lack Of Results

Have you been training with your trainer, BUT failing to see results? 

Of course, head-turning results take time, BUT you should be noticing small improvements throughout your PT journey. Of course, that’s providing you are doing the work your coach sets you and training hard? If not, the onus is on you! 

#2 Zero Proffesionilsm

If your coach is:

  • Turning up late
  • Late to get back to your message (24 hours or more – unless it’s the weekend)
  • Dressed like a chav (sorry to offend BUT your coach should look smart!) 
  • Speaking to you like a mate instead of being a professional.

Then you should consider hiring a better personal trainer!

You don’t want some Del Boy who’s charging £15 per hour and doing a bit of PT on the side for extra beer money! No, you want somebody who’s going to treat you like a valued customer and who’s on a mission to get your results. 

#3 No Workout Program – Makes Stuff Up! 

Does your personal trainer have a plan of action for each session? I’m talking about a printed out plan on a notepad? Or is your coach just making things up on the spot? 

A professional coach will have a plan of action that he or she follows every session. There may be the odd session where your coach has to adapt, maybe because of an injury, or to try something new before your next program. BUT most of the time, your trainer should have a custom plan for your workouts. 

#4 Lacking In Passion

Can you tell your personal trainer doesn’t want to be training you? Do they lack passion and enthusiasm? Do you feel that they’re coaching you solely for the money? 

If so, fire their butt! You want a coach who truly cares about you and your results. You want a coach who’s always learning and growing, attending courses, and loves what they do! 

#5 Huge Ego!

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Does your coach walk around the gym in a tank top, tanned up, and posing like some underwear model? 

Well, to me, this is god damn awful! If your trainer is strutting about, absolutely loving themselves, then fire their ass!

Do you want to invest your money into somebody like this? You’re effectively paying for their next sunbed session or latest tattoo! Lol. Your coach should be confident and professional, BUT not arrogant.

Thanks for reading,